Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review to Saille's new album "Ritu"

Belgian Symphonic Black Metal Saille will be releasing a new album through Code666, on the 18th of January of 2013 and it will be called Ritu.
This album could be described in one word only: Fantastic.
But let's get into some more detailed description:
Artwork cover is done by Michal Karcz, Polish digital landscape artist, and it is all in green tones, showing a semi secret building embedded in a rock, over a large extension of sand as in a beach. There are dark clouds covering the rock, but in the horizon it is still possible to see some lurking light.
Ritu is a conceptual album, inspired by ancient death rites. It is very melodic, dramatic, strong, emotional, dark, atmospheric, it's hard to find the right words as it is so good!
It is made of nine tracks, all very powerful and fast and properly Black Metal sounding, giving no space for doubts, if you ever had any. The keyboards are very prominent, making it all sound a bit ghostly and even more engaging.
The guitars are always very well aligned and in perfect harmony with the keyboards and the usual throaty voice of Mr. Dennie Grondelaers. There is the female voice in tracks like Runaljod, which helps this all sounding a bit ritualistic itself and also a bit cliche, as (whether you like it or not) is always implicit in good Black Metal stuff! The cliche, that is.
There are also acoustic parts, leading us to somewhere else, almost like a pagan place and time.
Can't help mentioning the instrumental track, A Titan's Sacrifice. Thrilling, obscure, shadowy, whisperous, perfect.
It's still a while until the album comes out, but it's worth waiting!

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