Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: Paimonia's debut album "Disease Named Humanity"

For those who don't know, Paimonia are a Black Metal band from Serbia. Recently Lachryma Christi was contacted by Bojan, the founder and mastermind behind the band, to present their work for a possible review. Even though Lachryma Christi is taking a break, it would be impossible to not write a review for Disease Named Humanity, such a masterpiece.
The album has 7 tracks, all of them very special. Why? Because they actually make you feel goosebumps at every chord, every riff, every beat, every word, every growl.
It is very hard to name one best song from the album, because they are all so great. So powerful and full.
There are some influences that you can easily notice, that can change from Mayhem to Shinning. And at times you can even listen to acoustic melodies.
We can say that the album is in general very melodic, very fast, very tuned, very pleasant, very full of good vibes and details. Voice is just perfect for all this combination, and this is for sure one of the best albums for 2014.
Give them a listen, give them a opportunity, you won't regret.