Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Acrimonious' new album "Sunyata"

Sunyata is the name of the new album of the Black Metalers Acrimonious, from Greece, just released through Agonia Records.
Artwork is colorful, very symbolic and sort of ritualistic, from Kyle Fite and Vampress Imperium.
It's an ok album. Doesn't bring a lot of new things, sounds very typical. Maybe they could benefit from less blast beats.
The album starts with a dark and even sad intro. A very good one, really. But then when the album starts properly, it doesn't follow the same line. As if the intro was out of place (or the opposite, hard to say). 
It is a master's work: was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sitra Ahra and Unreal Studios with the assistance of Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Adorior, Ondskapt, Destroyer 666). Still, it's not an album to get stuck to, nor an album with many memorable tracks. The second track called Lycaria Hecate is much more melodic and varied than the rest of the album. It has some keyboards works that definitely change everything but that follow the line of the introduction and not of the rest of the album. And it's a bit sad not to listen to more of this interludes in the album, because that would have probably made all the difference.
Sunyata is aggressive as all Black Metal is and should be, but a bit repetitive. Has a mix of progressiveness at some points, which is a good idea, but quickly gets back to the same line and hardly gets out of it again. 
Production is amazing, very good quality, every little sound is easy to understand, so nothing bad to point out here.
A bit more of variety, melody, atmosphere would do the trick!

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