Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: Blutmond's new album "Revolution is Dead!"

Swiss band Blutmond is releasing a new album through Code666. Scheduled date is tomorrow, the 19th of November 2012. New album is called Revolution is Dead! and consists of 12 tracks. The artwork by 10XIXt (Farsot) cover represents something like a blindfolded woman made of stone in a leather couch holding a megaphone. Which gives the impression that not only revolution is dead but also everything that causes it and everything that comes from it. 
There are many guest musicians on this album: Anna Murphy (Eluveitie), Markus Baltes (Autumnblaze), Managram (Varg), Schwadorf (The Vision Bleak), Christoph Ziegler (Vinterriket), Fredy Schnyder (Nucleus Torn), Dorian M. Nellen (Amon), Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie), Uli Fuchs and Eugene Wiebe.
First thing that came to mind was: Black Metal? But again, Blutmond left the traditional Black Metal long ago and are now into what we call Avant-garde Black Metal. So don't expect anything traditionally Black Metalish because you will not find any. It sounds a bit more hardcoreish where you can actually and weirdly hear some sort of experimental and unexpected parts, and when you think "I'm totally lost", there comes the most melodic and sweet thing you've ever heard (which may make you feel even more lost).
It's a very provocative and emotional album, musically following the line of Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days but leaving even more the Black Metal influences behind and losing a bit the balance they achieved in that album.
Female voice comes all unexpected in a very baffling way which makes it all even more chaotic, making very present and strong the idea the band has about not staying quiet even if it seems there is no point in revolution anymore. Sounds a bit desperate, ironic, sarcastic, confused and also confusing, out of control. Conceptually they may have made their point though. 
Sometimes the idea of wanting to do something different is a good idea. But wanting is not enough. It worked better on the previous album.

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