Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News: Arcturus

Arcturus, Norwegian Avant-Garde Black Metal band, announced that they are working on a new album to be released in late 2013. This will be their new album since 2005.
Arcturus split in 2007, but reunited last year.

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News: Paragon Belial

Paragon Belial, Black Metal band from Germany, are releasing a new album called Necrophobic Rituals

Necrophobic Rituals tracklist:

01. Intro 
02. Hatred 
03. Demoniac Christian Holocaust 
04. Curse of Belial 
05. Necrophobic Rituals 
06. Day of Vengeance 
07. Mistress and Disgrace 
08. Nocturnal Hate 

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News: Wedard

German Black Metal band Wedard will soon release a compilation celebrating their 10th anniversary. The album will be called 10 Years Of Wedard and it will include some of their best songs as well as an unreleased instrumental song.

10 Years Of Wedard tracklist:

01. Der letzte Tag (From the 2006 Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit demo) 
02. Einsamer Winterweg (From the 2006 album Einsamer Winterweg) 
03. Der Weg in das Reich der Kälte (From the 2007 EP Eiskrieg) 
04. Black Hole Sagittarius Alpha (From the 2008 album Wo Die Ewigkeit Die Zeit Berührt) 
05. Die roten Nebelberge von Ophräzon (Also from Wo Die Ewigkeit Die Zeit Berührt) 
06. Helion (From the 2009 split album with Nocturnal Depression) 
07. Towards the Lonely Path of Winter (From the 2011 EP Eiskrieg II) 
08. Diminished (Also from Eiskrieg II) 
09. What We Left Behind (From the 2009 split album with Thou Shell Of Death) 
10. Inneres Licht (Bonus Instrumental, previously unreleased) 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News: Vassafor

Black Metal band from New Zealand, Vassafor, just released a compilation album which name is Elegy of the Archeonaut and which includes some of their best songs as well as unreleased songs. The album is released by Dark Descent Records.

You can purchase a copy of the album on the following website:

Elegy of the Archeonaut tracklist: 

01. Craft of Dissolution 
02. Servitude 
03. Son of the Damned (Bathory cover) 
04. Black Winds Victoryant 
05. Dreadnaught 
06. Dorn Meiner Allmacht (Bethlehem cover) 
07. Bloodthorn 
08. Vassafor 
09. Archeonaut's Return 
10. Beast of Damnation 

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News: Ragnarok

Ragnarok, Norwegian Black Metal band released their new album in Europe already. It's their seventh album and it's called Malediction.
You can stream the track Blood of Saints of the same album on the following link:

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News: Von

Black Metal band from USA just released their debut album which is called Satanic Blood, and was recorded at Von Studios, Arizona.
Sources say that Watain gave the name to the band after they heard the song Watain from Von, on their 1992 demo with the same name.
This song was re-recorded and included on the new album, and you can listen to it on the following website:

And you can order a copy of Satanic Blood here:

Satanic Blood tracklist:

01. Jesus Stain
02. Devil Pig
03. Venien
04. Release
05. Veadtuck
06. Vennt
07. Evisc
08. Goat Christ
09. Dissection InHuman
10. Chalice of Blood
11. Blood Von
12. Christfire
13. Backskin
14. Watain
15. Blood Angel
16. Lamb
17. Satanic Blood
18. Satan (*Bonus CD Track)
19. Litanies of Von (*Bonus CD Track)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

News: Svarti Loghin

Swedish Black Metal band Svarti Loghin just released an acoustic album called Luft. This album is available in tape format, limited to 100 copies, through Total Holocaust Records.

You can listen to the song Luft on the link below. The band uploaded it in April, with the artwork originally planned for the CD:

Luft tracklist:

01. Desperation 
02. Luft 
03. Atom 
04. Blod 
05. Regn 
06. Desolation

07. London Conversation / I'm a Drifter 

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News: Abazagorath

Abazagorath, Black Metal band from USA, just signed with Negativity Records and will be releasing a new album in early 2013, called The Satanic Verses.

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News: Appalachian Winter

Epic Black Metal band from USA, Appalachian Winter, just released a new EP called Ghosts Of The Mountains. EP has 4 songs and is available to stream on the following website:

Ghosts Of The Mountains tracklist:

01. Rebellion Within the Young Nation 
02. Patriarchs 
03. Keystone 
04. The Great Battle 

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News: Black Achemoth

Black Metal band from Brazil, Black Achemoth just released their second album called Under The Veil Of Darkness.

You may listen to the track Satanic Desires from the same album on the following website:

 Under The Veil Of Darkness tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Darkness 
03. Black Devotion
04. In His Field Of Shadows
05. Hatred... 
06. Born to Refuse The Light
07. Satanic Desires 
08. Human Initiative (...Litigation Against The Heavenly Beings...) 

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News: Ofermod

Ofermod, Black Metal band from Sweden just released their new album. The album is called Thaumiel.

Thaumiel tracklist:

01. Sisters of Rapture and Pestilence 
02. Black Gate 
03. Calling of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity 
04. Undead Moon 
05. Prayers Unto Warped Eternities 
06. Chôshekh Ên Sôf 
07. Chained to Redemption 
08. Via Noctis: Veil of Gargophias 

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News: Shining

Black Metal band from Sweden, Shining, just released their new album today, 29th October 2012. It's the eighth album from the band and the name is Redefining Darkness.

Redefining Darkness tracklist:

01. Du, Mitt Konstverk 
02. The Ghastly Silence 
03. Han Som Hatar Människan 
04. Hail Darkness Hail 
05. Det Stora Grå 
06. For the God Below 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Interview: Mysticum (NOR)

Sixteen years after releasing their album, In The Streams of Inferno, Mysticum are back! Yes, the band from Norway who inspired so many bands we all listen nowadays, the band who released the Black Magic Mushrooms song is currently working on a new album. Lachryma Christi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Prime. Keep reading, if you want to know what he has to say!

Why the name Mysticum?

At a point in time in the early nineties where our experimenting and use of different substances were at it’s high we had many good and bad experiences which got us thinking about who we were etc. The name Mysticum came to us from beyond and suited us perfectly. It also have an universal code wich is incredible strong.
Mysticum already have around 20 years (you started in 1991 right?) of existence. What can you tell about all these years? How have things been for the band?
Yes I think that was the time. We went different ways with our lives and really met into trouble managing to synch up for rehearsals, members got jobs, families etc. The last thing we did as you all know was releasing one song ‘Black Magic Mushrooms’ for the split “7 single with the Norwegian thrash metal band Audiopain. We even had problems getting synched in Sverre’s studio (Fiasco Studio) where we recorded the song. After this things slowly turned away but not totally gone because we knew that some point of time we had to release at least one album, Planet Satan.
What bands have inspired you the most?
Actually we are not inspired by any band at all, but we listened to a lot of different genres like Punk, Hardcore, Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Grind Core, Death Metal and of corpse our favorite genre Black Metal at that time.

Some sources say that Hellhammer joined you for half an year but that he left because human drummer didn't work out. Other sources say that he could actually do it. What's true in here?
It is true that we rehearsed with Hellhammer for about a half year more or less. It was hard for coming to Oslo each time we needed to rehearse and usally ended up drinking so it was not a good choice. We thought that drum machining was cooler because we had ideas that was to hard to do with live drums and decided to go back and start using drum machine again and play in a rehearsal studio we got offered in Asker. Yes, Hellhammer managed to play our songs the way they where programmed.
What is your relationship with drugs when you are composing?
We did not use drugs while composing except THC and that may have slowed things down a bit, hehehe..
So you say that "66,6% of Mysticum is hanging out and making drums for new songs." How is it going? When can we expect some new album coming out? Anything else you want to tell to your followers?
I see this interview should have been done a LONG time ago and we are sorry about that. This you got from a Facebook statement a couple of months or more back, hehe. But we are nearly done with three new songs which are totally awesome and they are in the true old Mysticum vein stick to the core. If you liked our lates song you will guaranteed like the new ones just as much.                                                                                                            It's now 16 soon 17 years since we made our album and in 2002 we released another song on a split single with Audiopain, since that time our lifes has changed a whole lot because we went different ways and met each other again sixteen years later with pretty much the same idea for composing. The music is still the same when we’re composing but as we have said before it’s now up to date with today’s technology. If we want to do some things in a different way we can’t think about that we need to please any following cult. Mysticum is not following anybody. First of all we create what We like the best and when we create music we create hell. Mysticum is about making energy in form of dark music and visuals we make music to please our self.

Welcome to Hell!

Cerastes / General
Prime Evil / Ravn
Dr. Best / Mean Malmberg

Latest releases:

In The Streams of Inferno (Full-Length 1996)

Black Magic Mushrooms / The Habit of Fear (Split with Audiopain 2003)

Lost Masters of the Universe (Compilation 2004)

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News: Helrunar and Árstíðir Lífsins

Helrunar, Pagan/Black Metal band from Germany, and Black/Folk Metal band Árstíðir Lífsins, originally from Iceland, are planning to release a split-CD which will be called Fragments of Europe.

Árstíðir Lífsins will contribute with a track called Vindsvalarmál, but the song from Helrunar wasn't announced yet, and the date of release is also unknown so far.

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News: Nine Covens

"Mysterious" Black Metal band from UK, Nine Covens, will release their second album on the 12th of November through Candlelight Records. The album will be called On The Dawning Of Light.

You can watch a vídeo of the song As Fire Consumes from the new album on the following website:

On The Dawning Of Light tracklist:

01. Origin of Light
02. As Fire Consumes
03. At The Ocean’s Strand
04. The Mist of Death
05. The Fog of Deceit
06. To Quench A Raging Flam
07. White Star Acception
08. Over The Ocean’s Way
09. A Burning Ember

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

News: Koldbrann

Koldbrann, Black Metal band from Norway, will be releasing a new album called Vertigo on the 25th January, and on the 22nd January in North America, through Season of Mist.

But before that, the band is also releasing Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott, a 7” single strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, including a song from “Vertigo” and an exclusive B side entitled “Kasjtjeijs Svøpe”, on the 16th of November.

You can pre-order the single on the following website:

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News: Endezzma

Norwegian Black Metal band Endezzma will release their debut album which will be called Erotik Nekrosis,  through Agonia Records on the 27th of  November in Europe and 5th of February in the USA.
Erotik Nekrosis has a very interesting line-up, including musicians like Morten Shax on vocals, the late Trondr Nefas (UrgehalBeastcraftAngst SkvadronVulture Lord) and Mattis Malphas (Beastcraft) on guitars, Sregroth (UrgehalÅsmegin) on bass and Carl Balam (NattefrostAstarothex Infernal) on drums. 

You can pre-order the album on the following website:

The album will be available in digipack CD limited to 1st press, with a 16 pages booklet, limited to 400 copies vinyl with insert and limited to 75 handnumbered copies red vinyl. 

Erotik Nekrosis tracklist:

01. Junkyard Oblivion
02. Enigma of the Sullen
03. Against Them All
04. Swansong of a Giant
05. Hollow
06.Krossing the Rubikon
07. Soulcleansing

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News: Imperium Dekadenz

German Black Metallers Imperium Dekadenz just finished the recordings for the new album and will soon enter Iguana Studios for the final mix.

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News: Ragnarok

Ragnarok, Black Metal band from Norway will release a new album called Malediction in the 30th of October in Europe, and on the 6th of November in North America through Agonia Records, as already posted before by Lachryma Christi (13/09/2012).

This time Lachryma Christi would like to let you know that you can stream a song from this album, called Sword Of Damocles, on the following link:

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News: Lvcifyre

Lvcifyre, Blackened Death Metal band from London (UK), just signed with Dark Descent Records. Their second album which has no title yet is supposed to be released in early 2013.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

News: Control Human Delete

Industrial Black Metal band from Netherlands, Control Human Delete, reveals details and artwork cover for new album, called The Prime Mover.
This will be the second album from Control Human Delete.

The Prime Mover tracklist:

01. New Replicators
02. Transporter
03. Continuous Data, part 1
04. Continuous Data, part 2
05. Shapeshifting
06. Earth-like Behavior
07. Recurrence

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News: Ov Hollowness

Ov Hollowness, Canadian Black Metal one man band, entered studio to start recording a new album which will be called The World Ends.
The album is supposed to come out in the beginning of 2013.

The World Ends tracklist:

01 Abstraction
02 Grey
03 Hoarfrost
04 An End
05 Ov
06 The World Ends
07 Lost Resolve
08 Hollow
09 End In View

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News: Handful of Hate

Handful of Hate, one of the most appreciated Black Metal bands in Italy, are planning to release a new album on 2013, to mark their 20th anniversary. This record will be released through Code666 that is planning to issue a very special edition for the album.

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News: Blutmond

Labeled like Avant-garde Black Metal by many, the Swiss Metallers Blutmond are about to release a new album, called The Revolution is Dead!, through Code666, on late November.

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News: FEN

Progressive Black Metal band from uk, FEN, have just finished working on their third album, which will be called Dustwalker.

Theyhave also renewed their contract with Code666 Records for the release of a further three albums.

FEN played at the three-day Winter is Coming Festival in New LondonConnecticut on the 13th of Octobermarking the bands first appearance in the USA and will be playing at the Aurora Infernalis Festival in ArnhemNetherlands on the 27th of October.

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