Friday, March 29, 2013

News: Cadaveria

Italian Black/Horror Metal Cadaveria just announced the release of the video for the song DeathVision, from the band's latest album Horror Metal, released last year through Bakerteam Records. The video will be available on the 15th of April 2013.
The band will be playing at Maratona Rock, a charity/rememberance festival that will take place in Santhià –Italy, from the 26th to the 28th of April. 
Cadaveria have also been confirmed to play at Belgian Metal Female Voices Fest, in next October.

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News: Enthroned

Belgium's Black Metal band Enthroned will be playing for first time in Poland. The band will be touring in support of their latest album called Obsidium, released in March 2012 through Agonia Records.
You can listen to a song of it in here:

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Review: Odradek Room latest album "Bardo. Relative Reality."

Ukranian band Odradek Room just released a new album called Bardo. Relative Reality. through Hypnotic Dirge Records. It is not Black Metal, they are actually labeled as Progressive Melodic Death/Doom Metal, but they are actually very Post-Metalish and good, that's why Lachryma Christi decided to include them on the reviews. This is a very busy time, but this record is so good that couldn't just be ignored.
So, basically this is a very slow, relaxed, doomish album with Black Metal influences, even if some of you probably won't agree. This is Lachryma Christi's honest opinion, this review couldn't just be random!
So this album has seven tracks and all of them are very intense, very melodic, only the voice is a bit different from anything else and it is still hard to make a comment on it, the only word that comes to mind is "monstrous" at times but very emotive and sensational and even suffered at other times, reminding a bit of My Dying Bride on those times.
There are a lot of atmospheric elements in almost all songs, they are all very pleasant and dreamy, if it can be put this way. If you just sit and close your eyes and listen to all songs carefully, you will have such a pleasant journey in front of you, it is really very beautiful and emotional. Very strong and reliable. 
This is the debut album of the band which formed in 2008 under another name, before they changed to Odradek Room in 2010. Hopefully they will keep bringing us good songs and albums in the future, so stay tuned.

News: Aosoth

You can now stream a new song from upcoming album of Aosoth IV:Arrow In Heart. The song is called Temple Of Knowledge and you can listen to it in here:

The album will be released through Agonia Records and you can pre-order it here:

IV:Arrow In Heart tracklist:

01. An Arrow in Heart

02. One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies
03. Temple of Knowledge
04. Under The Nails and Fingertips
05. Broken Dialogue 1
05. Broken Dialogue 2
06. Ritual Marks of Penitence

Future live appearances of the band will include:

May 9th: France, Paris - La Boule Noire
May 25th: Maryland Death Fest (USA)

November 17th/18th, Helsinki, Finland: Black Flames of Blasphemy

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News: Demonic Slaughter

Polish Black Metal band Demonic Slaughter will be releasing on the 10th of April a new album called Downfall through Pagan Records.
The track Lightbringer – The Architect is already available to be listened here:

Downfall tracklist:

01. Ordeal
02. Labyrinth Of Lost
03. Dark Matter Constelation
04. Lightbringer - The Architect
05. Martwa Cisza
06. Darkness
07. Planet Of Doom
08. Cold And Haunted

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Review: Wardruna recent album "Yggdrasil"

Wardruna, Norwegian band released recently a new album called Yggdrasil, through Indie Recordings. As you know, they don't play Black Metal, but as Wardruna has in their members someone so controversial and definitely remarkable in Black Metal music (yes, this person is Gaahl, from God Seed and ex-Gorgoroth), Lachryma Christi decided to include them in the reviews. It is always good to see what Black Metal musicians are doing apart from their Black Metal stuff, plus Wardruna are a very popular band for Black Metal (and not only) followers.
So Yggdrasil, it is very atmospheric, very nature oriented. In this album the lyrics are written in Norwegian, Old Norse and Proto-Norse tongue, and sounds like trees, rocks, water and torches are also used. it is very relaxing and never disturbing, very introspective, but you really have to be in the mood for it, or you will find it rather boring. It may be described as folk, but it is not just folk really, you really need to hear it all, the whispering (and intimidating) voices, and all the ambience they create, so you can really understand what it is about.
The album has 11 tracks, all similar in their composition, and it's a very calm, really hard to describe in words, so if this is your kind of thing, go for it, and come to your own conclusions.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

Playlist for the week!

Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Enslaved - RIITIIR
Imperium Dekadenz - Meadows of Nostalgia
Tomorrowillbeworse - Down the Road of Nothing
Abgott - Godfather in Black
Covenant - In Times Before the Light
Fen - Epoch
Vreid - Welcome Farewell
Endezzma - Erotik Nekrosis
Dark Funeral - The Secrets of the Black Arts

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review to Tomorrowillbeworse's latest album "Down the Road of Nothing "

Recently some post-Black Metal album from a british band just was dropped in Lachryma Christi's inbox. The band is called Tomorrowillbeworse and the album is called Down the Road of Nothing. It came out last month through Depressive Illusions Records.
Seems like the post rock and post Black Metal scenes are developing and growing quite a lot. This album is not that obvious though, it still carries many influences and elements of Black Metal, not being that much post after all.
Down the Road of Nothing has nice tracks, all of them very Black Metalish whether this was the purpose of the band or not. 
You can expect the normal blastbeats so characteristic of Black Metal and extreme music in general. You can also expect the throaty dragged and furious voice, and you can expect cavernous guitar riffs. The biggest difference between this and a normal Black Metal work is that this one is much more bassy, more melodic, and with many acoustic elements mixed and well blended. It is good, calm, relaxed, doomish at times, easy to get into, the kind of thing you listen to at any time and in any situation and when the CD is over you play it again. There is an intro, short one, with ambient/noise sounds you never figure out what they are, but it suits as introduction for the album itself. 
It is very chilled out besides the fast Black Metal rhythms that come frequently, it's pleasant, also groovy at times, good for the mind and for the soul.

Review: Imperium Dekadenz's recent album "Meadows of Nostalgia"

German Black Metal band Imperium Dekadenz released a new album last week called Meadows of Nostalgia, through Season of Mist.
So, to start it well (a review to an album like this could only start well anyway!), this is one of the best albums that ever reached Lachryma Christi. It's amazingly heavy, melodic, emotional, strong, genuine, beautiful, atmospheric, majestic.
It is very hard not to like this album. It has nine tracks, being the 5th track instrumental and acoustic.
It's amazing how these two men can work it out so perfectly, this is a good example of how skilled and professional they are. This is so far one of the best albums for 2013 for Lachryma Christi, even though we are only in March.
Songs are all very rhythmic and melodic, voice is just perfect and utterance is very good, understandable.
There is a calm and a pace, so hard to not follow, everything falls well in time and place, no misunderstandings. Very Black Metalish, but very catchy and full of interesting details and melodies, a bit melancholic at times, which translates well the title of the album Meadows of Nostalgia.
Guitars are very well aligned, there is a huge dose of coherency in all the songs, everything blends naturally, it is really well planned and shaped, result!
Everyone into Black Metal should definitely go for this album, it is very good, deserves to be shared as much as possible, so go for it and you will not regret!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

So here we go, another playlist!

Old Forest - Tales of the Sussex Weald
Riul Doamnei - A Christmas Carol
Mayhem - Live in Leipzig
Enslaved  - RITTIIR
Ghost - Opus Eponymous
God Seed - I Begin
Episode 13 - Death Reclaims the Earth
Wrong - Memories of Sorrow
Opeth - My Arms Your Hearse
Beherit - Engram

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Old Forest's latest album "Tales of the Sussex Weald"

For those who don't know, Old Forest are a British Black Metal band formed in 1998. After releasing their first album they disappeared for seven years. Then they decided to reform, and to release something which was supposed to be a trilogy of 3 EPs, but in the meanwhile it became a full-length of 13 tracks, called Tales of the Sussex Weald, which explores the stories and legends of Sussex region. It was released through British label Death to Music Productions.
Artwork cover shows us something like a mask of a mythical character and the background is all in red. It's a very catchy image, and it has a 8 page bootleg. All the look of it is very interesting. You can have a look at the cover on the image below.
If it already looks promising, wait until you hear it. It is a very good album, very rich with majestic compositions and additional amazing elements.
Tales of the Sussex Weald sounds a lot like old stuff from the 90's that rarely appear nowadays, sadly. Everything is very full, pleasant, with a very strong presence, reminding us of Emperor and even old Bathory at times.
It is mainly Black Metal, but also has sort of rock passages, and a very Burzumish guitar line in all the album. Keyboards are also present and also very varied but atmospheric at the same time.
The all album  is very motivating and inspiring, very expressive, very emotional and profound, everyone should give a go to this guys and listen to them carefully as they have a lot to offer.
You can download the album on the link below, but Lachryma Christi suggests you to buy it.

Review: Riul Doamnei's recently released EP "A Christmas Carol"

This is one of the most special releases Lachryma Christi ever reviewed. Italian Symphonic Black Metal band Riul Doamnei released, after a turbulent period, an EP with one track, called A Christmas Carol.
You can watch the official video for this eleven movements track here:

This track is based on Charles Dickens' classic novel and features singer Cadaveria.  
So if you know the story, its easier for you to get into the whole haunting thing and the Christmas ghosts. Otherwise, you will probably find it a bit harder to understand it, but surely you will get there. And while you don't, you can just appreciate the resplendent and regal work these boys can do!
This is a masterpiece, really very different from anything any band of the kind had done. Very symphonic, atmospheric, touchy, melodious, vivid and deep. You may find it a bit Cradle of Filthish at times, especially in the voice, but there is nothing wrong with that. 
There are many spooky noises in the middle, many dragged voices, many acoustic guitars and sounds, all very perfectly combined, a very good work really. Christmas is long gone but it is never too late to listen to this release!

Review: Aosoth's Upcoming album IV: An Arrow in Heart

Aosoth, French Black Metal band will be releasing a new album on the 16th of April called IV: An Arrow in Heart through Agonia Records. Sadly this album was a proper arrow in the heart, and not in a romantic way. Maybe expectations were just too high, or maybe this album isn't really as good as hoped.
If you are into the normal Black Metal thing with fast drums and constant irksome guitar riffs, you will certainly like this album. Same tones, similar riffs, same rhythms, same voice in all tracks. If you hear one song of the album, you will know how all the others will sound, there's nothing new to offer in here.
Maybe the track Under Nails & Fingertips is the different one as it is almost doomish but still, there is no motivation when listening to it. The track Broken Dialogue 1 has some acoustic elements, which enrich the whole thing a bit but still doesn't add anything to the album.
This has definitely been one of the hardest reviews to do as even after digging the whole album some times, there were no remarkable passages or catchy movements to highlight.
It is coming out in a month, so please listen to it, and draw your own conclusions. Don't ever let yourself be influenced by a review whether it is good or bad. Opinions will always be individual and who knows, perhaps you will find this a good album!

Review: Aeternus' upcoming album "...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth"

Norwegian Band Aeternus are releasing a new album very soon called ...And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth, through Dark Essence Records. It is known that Aeternus are not usually considered as a Black Metal band but a Death Metal and this album shows it well. Aeternus are one of the most acclaimed bands even though they have changed their style. Their fans are still loyal to them and they seem to never be able to disappoint them thankfully.
So their new album has a proper Death Metal cover, a bit gorish as you can see below. It will first be available as a limited edition, which means besides the 10 tracks, it will also include their first EP Dark Sorcery as a bonus.
It is very heavy release, with very bassy tunes even touching Doom style of music at times. It is not speedy or fast but very intense and groovy. Everything from top to bottom is dark, heavy, severe in a good way, serious, sober, replete.
Don't expect any Black Metal thing in here, there is not. This is a totally Death Metal album, and even though the public who usually follows Lachryma Christi are more into Black Metal, this is worth to be checked out.

Review: In Vain's recent album "Ænigma"

Death/Black Metal band from Norway In Vain released a new album called Ænigma in the beginning of the Month through Indie Recordings. This is a very good album indeed, very versatile and varied. It has a bit of Progressive Metal, Death Metal and also Black Metal, very much like à la In Flames at times. Clean voices suit just perfectly and there is a lot of harmony even on the heaviest parts.
This is the kind of band that is hard not to get into. It is so easy to find them catchy and pleasant to listen to. Even if you are reading or doing some other activity, Ænigma is just a perfect soundtrack. 
The cover shows us a lady with a blue cloak and a angry wolf. She is pointing to the skies with her eyes closed. 
The album has 9 tracks, all of them in the same varied but cohesive style. All very strong and melodious and even violent at times, if we can put it that way.
This is In Vain's third album and apparently the best one and also the most diverse one. 
So if you are ready for very powerful songs, with a bit more Death Metal guitar work than properly Black Metal but so full in their presence that you can almost touch them, go for Ænigma, you will not regret it!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interview with Forgotten Tomb (ITA)

Only a few months after Forgotten Tomb had released their latest album ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil (Please find a review for it here: through Agonia Records, which is one of the top 10 Black Metal albums of 2012 for Lachryma Christi, and just before they start their European tour, here is an interview with the band. Forgotten Tomb achieved a very special position in the Black Metal scene not only in Italy but in general, becoming one of the most remarkable and respected bands. Let's read!

What do you mean with Forgotten Tomb as a name? Is it any tomb in special?

No, it came from an old song after the same title. It refers to some kind of eerie graveplace located in a different universe, always shrouded in fog, forgotten by everyone. Might also be interpreted as a dark corner of the mind, like the forgotten tomb of our joy and happiness, the love's burial ground, the place where all smiles end. Something like that I guess.

You are frequently “labelled” as Gothic/Doom/Black Metal. Not wanting to label you again, do you agree with this description?

I read that description a few times in regards to our latest albums and I think the term "Gothic" is completely misleading in regards to FT. We don't have any "Gothic" influences, unless you mean some old Paradise Lost or such. When I think to Gothic I think of female singers, latex dresses, Cradle Of Filth or EBM music, so I think it's even kind of offensive for a band like us. "Suicidal" or "Depressive" Black Metal is the genre we basically gave birth to back in the days, but I don't recognize myself into what other bands who call themselves like that are doing these days. They totally misinterpreted the message and the music. Plus, we evolved a lot since the beginning. I think the good point about FT is that you can't put it in any category, and this means we have a style of our own. Early '90s Black Metal, traditional Doom, southern USA 'Sludge and Post-Punk/Dark Rock of the '80s are our main influences, so I'd rather call our music Black/Doom to keep it easy or Dark Metal or Black Rock, haha. I'm not that much interested in labels, though I hate to see the band labelled in misleading ways like "Gothic" or stuff like that, which does not really fit our sound and concept.

Your earlier albums used to be more raw and aggressive, now the sound has been changing, and it’s deeper, more depressive and maybe more melodic and touching. Why did this change happen?

I wouldn't say our older albums were raw and aggressive, besides the demo-CD "Obscura Arcana Mortis". From "Songs To Leave" and on we more or less always followed the same main lines, meaning our particular mixture of very eerie and suicidal Black Metal, Dark-Wave/Dark-Rock lead guitar melodies and Doom overtones. Then from "Negative Megalomania" to the latest albums we increased the more rocking tempos and groovy parts and the Doom elements became heavier and closer to Sludge. Production and musicianship have increased over the years of course, so the latest albums sound more powerful and refined of course, but that's a natural evolution. We always try to get better on every level and to be ahead of the game.

What are the lyrics in new album … and Don’t Deliver Us From Evil about?

It’s a very personal album lyric-wise. There a couple of songs about love and fucked up relationships, which is something I haven’t talked about in years, for instance. But it doesn’t get too specific, it’s mostly my vision of how I see and live this kind of things nowadays, and it’s incredibly negative stuff. Nothing fancy or “emo” like some people might suspect. It’s completely dark stuff. It’s about things that I experienced myself but it’s also about what I see around me. Then there are other songs dealing with pure despair and self-destruction, stuff about this will to die and disappear that caught my life over the last year and half. Things got incredibly dark at a certain point and I just came up with these lyrics. Generally speaking, it’s an incredibly dark album lyrically-wise, it never got so dark since “Love’s Burial Ground”, but the difference is that now I’m an adult and I have the proper skills to write down this stuff without regretting it afterwards. The main concept behind the album is basically the death of innocence and the conscious will to offer your own life to the dark side of the human nature, there's still the whole glorification of negativity concept which has been the engine behind every FT album.

How has been the reaction of the public to this new album? Are you happy with the way things have been going with it?

Yes, it seems like both people and critics liked it more than its predecessor, and there has been an increasing interest in the band which led us to play a lot more live shows than in the past, so we consider ourselves very satisfied. Also sellings have been pretty good, despite the fact nowadays it's impossible to sell as good as 10 years ago, but this is the same problem for every band in the world.

Do you follow the Black Metal scene in Italy? If yes, what do you think of it?

I don't follow the Black Metal scene in general that much, not only the Italian one. I think there are some good bands and some bad ones, but it has always been like that. It's not that huge of a scene in Italy, more or less it's always the same people going to shows and such. It's something I'm not particularly interested in, to say the least. I actually don't give a fuck, we are the leading Black Metal band in Italy so I don't really care about the rest.

What do you currently listen to? What is/are the band/s on the top of your list at the moment?

Mostly Italian Rap stuff. I also listen to some old favourites of mine like Buzzoven and Eyehategod, stuff like that. I constantly spin the Celtic Frost classics also. In Black Metal I like Solstafir and Spektr and a few others. Mostly all those bands who managed to do something a bit new without compromising too much. Among the latest Metal bands I discovered, Primitive Man came out with a pretty sick album. Kill Devil Hill is also cool.

Is there any concept behind Forgotten Tomb as a band?

Glorifying negativity and evil in men, sticking to the dark side of human nature and pleasing our earthly needs and vices, I guess.

This year you will be playing in London Uk for the very first time. Since you have so many fans in there who are waiting for years to see you live, what are you expecting of this show?

I'm expecting a sold-out hall (which by now it seems is gonna happen) and therefore a good show with a good audience. I'm very much looking forward to that. I also hope I will manage to visit some second-hand stores and buy a shitload of cheap CDs/LPs.

What are your plans for the near future besides touring? What can we expect from Forgotten Tomb?

Besides touring we will release a live DVD + live album in the second half of 2013, then we'll work on the next studio album. We might also release a few reissues of old albums.

Anything else you would like to say to readers?

Go get the latest FT album and fuck up yourself bad! See ya on tour, bring booze and dope.

Line up:

Ferdinando "Herr Morbid" Marchisio - guitar, vocals
Andrea "A." Ponzoni - lead guitar
Alessandro "Algol" Comerio - bass
Kyoo Nam "Asher" Rossi - drums

Latest release:

 ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil (2012)

You can find more information and music of Forgotten Tomb on:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News: Niklas Kvarforth

Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) will be subject of a documentary being produced for release in cinemas. The documentary will chart the story of the band, including interviews with people who have been closely involved with Shining. This documentary is the idea of Martin Strandberg of Black Shadows Film Production (Sweden).
Recently (and finally!), a video teaser with English subtitles have been released (the original video without subtitles one was already posted in Lachryma Christi before), and you can watch it here:

Read more about Shining in: 
Management and PR:

News: Murmur

American Black Metal band Murmur just signed with Season of Mist.
For those who don't know Murmur, they are a band from Chicago formed in 2007 and already released one album in 2010 and a split with Nachtmystium in 2011.

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News: Foscor

Black Metal band from Spain Foscor just started recording their upcoming album which will be called Those Horrors Wither. A label is being sought.
Foscor will be updating regularly their facebook page with news and pictures of this in the following link:

Foscor will be playing on the 21st of May at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona where they will support Godflesh at the Sala Apolo.

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Management and PR

News: Aborym

Industrial Black Metal band from Italy Aborym will be releasing a new album called Dirty. It will be a double album containing ten tracks and will be available in digipak, jewel case and gatefold double LP formats. Dirty is supposed to be released on the 28th of May in Europe and the 11th of June in the USA/North America, through Agonia Records.
The first CD of the album contains new material, and the second CD contains two tracks from previous albums, which have been completely re-arranged and re-recorded such as covers of tracks by Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails, and a previously unreleased track performed by both musicians such as Agonia BV, Tamara Picardo, Samuel Heru Ra Ha MK, Hostis, Ulven, Mike Bizzini, David Cholasta, Tobias Dünnebacke, Jonathan Butcher, Jessy Lavallee, Thomas Hochstetler, Mary J. Rooks, Amanda Neilson and Mark Llewellyn, as well as several fans. The song was written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex-Schizo) and was spliced together from all the different sources. 

Dirty tracklist:

CD 1
Irreversible Crisis
Across the Universe
Raped by Daddy
I don’t Know
The Factory of Death
Helter Skelter Youth
Face the Reptile
The Day the Sun Stopped Shining

Fire Walk With Us (new version originally released on “Fire Walk With Us”)
Roma Divina Urbs  (new version originally released on “Kali Yuga Bizarre”)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
Need for limited loss (new track)

Read more in:

News: Arckanum

Swedish Black metal band Arckanum revealed new details of their upcoming album called Fenris Kindir and which is scheduled to be released on the 10th of May, and on the 14th of May in North America, through Season of Mist.

You can pre-order the exclusive, limited-to-150 red vinyl version of the album here:

Fenris Kindir tracklist:

01. Fenris Kindir Grúa
02. Tungls Tjúgari
03. Dólgrinn
04. Hatarnir
05. Hamrami
06. Fenris Gangr
07. Vargøld
08. Angrboða
09. Úskepna
10. Spell
11. Sólbøls Sigr
12. Lycanthropia [Necromantia cover, bonus track on digital and LP editions]

Read more in:

News: Svartsyn

Svartsyn, Swedish Black Metal band, just revealed details for their upcoming album which will be called Black Testament and which is supposed to be released on the 28th of May in Europe, and on the 11th of June in North America, through Agonia Records.
The album was recorded at Mortsella Studio, Sweden, and contains 7 original tracks. It will be available on CD LP (first 100 copies available on a coloured vinyl) and digital.

You can now pre-order Black Testament here: 

Black Testament tracklist

01. Revelation in the waters
02. Venom of the underworld
03. Demoness with seven names
04. Carving a temple
05. Eyes of the earth
06. Rising beast
07. Black testament

Read more in:

News: Galar

Norwegian Black-Folk Metal band Galar signed with Dark Essence Records for the release of two albums. The third album of the band will be called De Gjenlevende and it will be a concept album entirely written in Norwegian. It will include notes explaining the concept as well as each lyric.
De Gjenlevende will contain six tracks and one of them is instrumental.

Read more in:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

Here is another playlist for a new and freezing week:

Taake - Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner
Vreid - Welcome Farewell
Rotting Christ - Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
I - Between Two Worlds
Windir - Soknardalr
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Ov Hollowness - Diminished
Mayhem - Wolf's Lair Abyss
De Arma - Lost, Alien & Forlorn
Situs Magus - Le Grande Oeuvre


Sunday, March 10, 2013

News: Imperium Dekadenz

Imperium Dekadenz, German Black Metal band, will be releasing a new album called Meadows of Nostalgia on the 15th of March (and on the 19th of March in North America), through Season of Mist. 

You can pre-order the album here:

And you can stream a song from it here:

Review will be available soon!

Meadows of Nostalgia tracklist:

01. Durch das Tor...
02. Brigobannis
03. Aue der Nostalgie
04. Ave Danuvi
05. Memoria
06. Aura Silvae
07. Der Unweg
08. Striga
09. Tränen des Bacchus 

Read more in:

News: Aosoth

French Black Metal band Aosoth will be releasing a new album on the 16th of April through Agonia Records. It will be called IV:Arrow In Heart.
The album can be pre-ordered in here:

And one track of the album can be heard here:

Review will be available soon!

IV:Arrow In Heart tracklist:

01. An Arrow in Heart
02. One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies
03. Temple of Knowledge
04. Under The Nails and Fingertips
05. Broken Dialogue 1
05. Broken Dialogue 2
06. Ritual Marks of Penitence

Read more in:

News: Aeternus

Black Metal band from Norway Aeternus will be releasing a new album on the 22nd of March in Norway and on the 1st April worldwide through Dark Essence Records which will be called ...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth.
It will be a ten track album, and one song was already made available on the website below. Review will be available soon!

...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth tracklist:

01. There Will Be None
02. ...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth

03. Spurcitias
04. Ruin And Resurrect
05. The Confusion Of Tongues

06. Hubris

07. Reap What You Saw

08. Saligia

09. The Hand That Severs The Bonds Of Creation

10. The Spirit Of Illumination

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