Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Eïs' new album "Wetterkreuz"

As many of you certainly know, German band Eïs just suffered a change on the lineup and on the name as well (they used to be called Geïst). Their new album recently released and called Wetterkreuz is like the result of the mentioned changes. 
Wetterkreuz is all about nature, ice, ravines, solitude, all in a very atmospheric way. Here we are "face to face" with a proper atmospheric Black Metal album, influenced by the Northern Black Metal, with deep melodies and very sentimental riffs. It's as fast as expected, as sharp as expected, as aggressive as expected, not more, not less, just very good. 
The cover of the album shows us a very greyish colored image of snow falling over some icy ravines, and in the middle we can see an enormous weather-cross. It's an awesome artwork, even majestic.
As for the album, first track called Mann aus Stein (meaning something like "man made of stone") starts with the wind, creepy wind, gelid and strong wind. Wind followed by words, and suddenly the music just rips the atmosphere leading us to a very introspective experience through the ravines and cliffs and even the sky. 
All five tracks seem to be linked to each other, with perfect short windy intros always reminding us of the frosty and wintry place we are in. 
All said, if even after all the conceptual and dramatic and even romantic description you want to hear the obvious blast beats, spooky keyboards, powerful voice, and maybe feel some goosebumps, go for Wetterkreuz, it's a masterpiece that will certainly be among the albums that will make the 10 best Black Metal albums of 2012 for Lachryma Christi.
To finish, production is amazingly good, everything sounds very clear and all the rawness is there. This album is a good example of how a clear and limpid sound doesn't have to interfere on any crudity or aggressiveness in a song or even in an entire album. 

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