Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Forgotten Tomb's latest album "...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil"

Italian Depressive Black Metal Forgotten Tomb released recently their latest album called ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil, through Agonia Records. This is their sixth album.
The album consists of seven tracks and it's very close to perfection.
Digipack CD has a bonustrack which is no more no less than a cover of Transmission, originally by Joy Division.
Vinyl version has a bonustrack too, which is a cover of Sore, originally by Buzzov•en.
Starting with the artwork cover, it is a black and white image of a creepy tree from where an apple is hanging. In one of the branches there is a raven staring at a girl who is trying to collect the apple. It's very melancholic and symbolic work, very Autumny, which is just another sign of the "almost perfection" of this album since it just came out in the peak of Autumn. All it seems to resemble the sin and forbiddance in the act of collecting the fruit by what could be a devilish child.
Musically, it is very melodic, very powerful, very intense and emotional. Still depressive. Good depressive if you wish. It has some similarities to the band Shinning though.
There is no redundancy here as sometimes there is in Depressive Black Metal bands, (where you only need to listen to one song to know how the whole album will sound). ... And Don't Deliver Us From Evil is a fine example of how you can pass on some idea without being boring and repetitive.
Here and there, there are acoustic guitar riffs and melodies that will fill your soul, sometimes accompanied by the so suffered growls of Herr Morbid. Not surprisingly but very pleasantly there are some clean voices too, very melodic. Forgotten Tomb is a band that has the power of making us "feel" properly. 
For Lachryma Christi, the most remarkable song may be Love Me Like You'd Love The Death, which makes us want to scream along and rip our hearts off. So very incredibly emotional!
This album has everything to be one of the top 10 albums of 2012 to Lachryma Christi. 

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