Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Endezzma's new Album "Erotik Nekrosis"

Norwegian Black Metal band Endezzma just released their new album called Erotik Nekrosis through Polish label Agonia Records. As many of you know, this is a very special album, since it was one of the last releases where Trond Bråthen, aka Trondr Nefas (also from Urgehal and so many other bands, in fact his contribution to Black Metal was enourmous) took part before his death. This was one of the causes for the so gossiped delayed release of the album, awaited for so many metalheads all over the world, even though Endezzma is still kind of recent. "Kind" because it actually was born from an old project called Dim Nagel, more precisely from 1993. 
So, starting with the artwork cover, it represents two corpses highly decomposed, one male and one female, weirdly resembling the traditional Death Metal "design" for artwork. It is all black and white, which makes it a little bit darker and obscure, which puts the Death Metal look a bit aside.
Musically it is varied enough, where you can find atmosphere, darkness, melody,very good solos, and all that concerns the traditional Black Metal, but also rock and roll, which makes a very interesting combination. In one word: result! 
First thought after listening to Erotik Nekrosis: wow, this is so easy to get into! (in a good way)
The influences of 90's Black Metal are obvious and justified. Still, you can notice the influence of other different styles. It's not a boring, traditional, "more of the same" Black Metal. It is good, fluid, when it ends you think "already over?", and well, let's hope these guys keep doing more of this good work. Sadly, without Trondr Nefas, to who this album ended up being a fair tribute.

Erotik Nekrosis tracklist:

01. Junkyard Oblivion
02. Enigma of the Sullen
03. Against Them All
04. Swansong of a Giant
05. Hollow
06. Krossing the Rubikon

07. Soulcleansing

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