Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Gig OTARGOS + VEHEMENT + PREMATURE BIRTH + VATIGAL SURRD 21st February @ The Black Heart, London

Lachryma Christi apologizes for the delay, but here is the review to this nice gig.
So for those who don't know, all the bands play Black Metal, some with some death metalish influences, but basically all of them play Black Metal.
First band, Vatigal Surrd. It was the second time Lachryma Christi saw them live. This one was better, apart from the fire (or smoke, not sure) alarm ringing during all their performance. And why? Because they had loads of incense and even a torch (or something similar to one) on. So the venue was full of smoke since they started playing and the alarm wouldn't stop ringing. Eventually, just before the last song finished, the alarm stopped, and after their performance the room was evacuated for a few minutes so staff could get rid of the smoke. It smelled good though. Now about their performance. It was better than when they played with Shining. They sounded more inspired and comfortable. The set was short, but was good. This time the members had corpse paint and blood on them, which made it look darker and more aggressive and also matched more all the atmosphere they had created. Was a good show, too bad it was so short. Just a bit too loud. Not noisy, only loud. Hopefully there will be more chances of seeing them soon.
Premature Birth was also a good surprise. They also had played with Shining, and on that day the impression they caused on LC wasn't the best. This time it was actually OK. They seemed more united, more prepared, not confusing at all. Voice was also more coordinated with the rest, but again, was a bit too loud. If you were outside the room you could understand all the details and guitar riffs and keyboard melodies, but once inside the room, it was so loud, hard to get some details that sometimes make all the difference.
Vehement, first time Lachryma Christi saw them. The expectations were high, and the band corresponded to them. Nice gig, very professional, very together, also interactive, songs choice was good as well, not loud, not noisy, just actually very good. Very cohesive, knowing what they were doing. Public in general  was also pleased. Definitely a band to see again in the future.
Headliners Otargos. It was also the first the time LC was seeing them. They sound as if they have been around forever. Very professional, very good, very sober, serious, full of atmosphere. This is a band you can tell that have a lot of experience, that know how to do their stuff. They are not boring, not annoying, but really pleasant. Sound was good, Black Heart doesn't have the best acoustics, but surprisingly it worked for Otargos.
So in general it was a good night. Good bands, good fun, good music.
Lachryma Christi has no pics for this. If you have some, and if you wish to share them, you can always leave a comment with a link, or if you want to see them posted together with this article (they will be credited of course), you can e-mail

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Mayhem's upcoming vinyl single "Psywar"

As you all know, Norwegian band Mayhem have been around for a long time, more precisely since 1984 (with a short pause around 1993-1995). After all the controversy, all the line-up changes and the drama that obviously that has caused along the years, they are still alive and kicking thankfully.
Even though there are seven years since last time they released a full-length (Ordo ad Chao), they are now back. For now with Psywar, a single to be released on the 25th of April through Season of Mist.
So Psywar is a vinyl single. A-Side Psywar has a different mastering than the album version, and B-Side is a rare track taken from the Budapest Recording Sessions that everyone is curious about. It is called From Beyond the Event Horizon.
So what to say about this release? Absolutely marvelous. It is 100% Mayhem. No doubts. It is incredible how after such a long time, after so many years and so many musicians, they still keep their flame alive and still are so characteristic. As soon as you hear Psywar you recognize Mayhem right away, the riffs, the compositions, the voice, everything is there. Teloch has been doing an amazing job. 
After you hear both tracks, it is hard to not listen the two tracks over and over again, because they are so cold, raw, strong, majestic as sometimes only Mayhem can be. So much good stuff in only two tracks, so much greatness and richness. 
Production is impressively good as well.
Honestly, a release to make you teary and to make you ask for more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Tyrants Blood new compilation "Coven"

Canadian band Tyrants Blood just released a compilation. It is called Coven and it was released through Tridroid Records. Coven has 12 tracks which are the best songs of the band, handpicked by guitarist Marco Banco (Ex-Blasphemy). It is the very first time their songs are available in digital format.
In case you are not familiar with the band, they have been around 2006 and already released three albums, two splits and one EP. 
Tyrants Blood play a Black/Death/Thrash Metal. It is very professional, very cohesive, very united and with a lot of complicity between every instrument. Every passage and detail are very intelligent.
They play a very fast music, but very heavy at the same time. All of them are very good experienced musicians, very ingenious and skillful and the album ends up being entertaining and somewhat catchy.
Go for it, you will certainly enjoy it, it is pleasant, easy to listen and easy to remember.

News: A2aThoT website

A2aThoT has now a new website called Music Encyclopedia. For those who don't know, A2aThoT is a Doom band from Italy. It is not Black Metal no, but this is not only the official website for the band, but also a website dedicated to music, instruments, effects for guitars and bass etc, setups used by other musicians and much more.
It is still kinda new, but soon it will have reviews, interviews and other interesting stuff.

Give it a go here:

News: Enthroned

Enthroned just released a second track from the upcoming album which will be called Sovereigns, and which is scheduled to come out on the 15th of April through Agonia Records. The track is called Of Shrines and Sovereigns and you can listen to it through Noisey here:

You can still hear the first released song here:

And you can read an interview with the band here:

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Review: The Black Moriah's latest album "Casket Prospects"

A long while ago American Black/Thrash Metal band Black Moriah released an album called Casket Prospects. However only recently Lachryma Christi acknowledged the same when the band sent a message with a demo.
It is an oldish album that's true, but is a good one anyway, so everyone should give a listen to it.
It is motivating, inspiring, very thrashy, quite interesting indeed. Good team, everything matching and everything sounding really good and full. 
Good rhythms, good guitars, voice is not as Black Metalish, more thrashy again, but is very good anyway.
The band is active since 2009 and sadly only one album came out yet.
Hopefully something else will come up at some point soon, these guys deserve to be known and to have loads of people listening to their music, because it is actually very good.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Sguaguarahchristis' latest demo "The Anti Human Black Metal"

So yeah, today has been a day of reviewing already kinda old stuff. Why? Because it wasn't possible to be done earlier, and is still worth to be done now.
Sguaguarahchristis have already released a new album recently this year, but before that, they released this promo, called The Anti Human Black Metal, which is quite a good work.
For those who don't know, Sguaguarahchristis are a band from Italy. Since 2011 they already released two albums, a split, a EP and a demo.
About The Anti Human Black Metal, it is quite raw, high pitched, aggressive, fast, and cold. Don't expect any melodic melancholic tunes here, you won't find them. Instead, you will find a very angry vocals full of hate and also full of energy. Guitar riffs are furious, really fast and strong matching all the rhythm of each track.
Have a listen to it, if you are a fan of old school cold Black Metal you will certainly enjoy it. Mind you, the demo has three songs, and one of them is a cover of Mayhem's Freezing Moon. Good cover, one of the best Lachryma Christi have heard so far.

Review: Mord'A'Stigmata's latest album "Ansia"

Mord'A'Stigmata messaged Lachryma Christi a while ago and is one of those bands that LC regrets not reviewing earlier, but again, due to personal reasons hasn't been possible. Lachryma Christi is now back in full though, so it is never late to share with you some ideas about Ansia, the latest album of Mord'A'Stigmata.
It is good. No, it is very good. Very professional. Very rich.
The album has five tracks and was released by Pagan Records. Good stuff. Everything making sense, everything so together, so majestic. Every instrument, every detail of the voice, everything is tuned and so strong, so perfect and big, really difficult to describe. One of those albums that would make anyone teary and with goosebumps. So full of sentiment and power.
Production is quite good as well, no noise, no distractions, all good and understandable.
Please, don't miss Ansia, it is one of those albums you just want to listen to over and over again. Addictive. Great.

Review: The End's latest album "You Made the Rain Disappear..."

The End is a one man band from India, in fact the same man from Krayl (Lachryma Christi reviewed their demo recently too), Svartblood, who is no doubt a very talented musician.
In 2013 The End released an album called You Made the Rain Disappear..., which is a masterpiece. Very melancholic, full of emotions, of pain, of sadness, raw though, beautiful indeed. Everyone should give a listen to it, as it is so special, so musical, so full and impressive. It is hard to explain in words the emotions this album provoke, it is just amazing. It certainly touches the experimental and there is a result there. It really works so good, it's incredible.
There are guest vocals in the album, some screams and voices and angry words, really nice and blended and awesome.
Four songs full of perfection.
The cover is quite suggestive and "pretty" if we can put things that way.

Review: Krayl's demo "Froide et Sombre"

Kinda recently arrived at Lachryma Christi's inbox this demo from this one man band from India. The band is called Kraul and the demo is from September last year. Froide et Sombre was released through Salute Records.
Times have been hectic so it was not possible to review it until now. It is actually sad that it wasn't possible to do it before, because it is very nice.
This demo has four tracks, all of them very atmospheric, very obscure, very full of detail. It is all quite inspiring, a bit Burzum influenced. Quite fast, very tuned, not very melodic, but melodic enough for you to not get bored and enough for you to actually enjoy it. There are some unexpected bits in the middle of the songs, with wolves, with voices, with keyboards. It is really nice if you are looking for some old school influenced Black Metal, with all the details that people usually consider cliche, but that in fact match so well.
Cover is not a bit Burzum influenced, it is very Burzum influenced as you can see below. Matches the songs very well though.

Friday, March 7, 2014

News: Temple of Baal

Temple of Baal will be playing in two festivals in the near future. They will be in March at the Speyer Grey Mass Festival (Germany) and later on at Hellfest, on the 21st of June.
 The band also announced a new booking deal with Eld Events, who will take care of the band's live appearances outside of France and more shows should be announced soon.

Friday 14 March 2014 (Speyer, Germany) - Speyer Grey Mass Festival
Saturday 21 June 2014 (Clisson, France) - Hellfest

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Video: Code

And for those who haven't watched yet, here is a video of British Black Metal band Code, from a song called Glimlight Tourist from the album Augur Nox recently released.

Vídeo: Glorior Belli

For everyone who hasn't watched it yet, here is a video of Glorior Belli that came out in the end of 2013. The song is called Backwoods Bayou and is from their latest album Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls.

News: Graphic Noise

For those who don't know yet, there is this interesting project called Graphic Noise. It is like a art gallery, and there are quite a few artists contributing with their artwork. It works as a bridge between metal and art. Between metal fans and metal artists. They have a website where you can find information about the project, a description of it by the person who had this idea, as well as information about the artists, their artwork, prices and everything.

Check it out:

News (old news in fact...): Draugr

This is not news anymore, but Lachryma Christi hasn't shared it yet, so decided to share now for the ones who don't know about it yet.
Black Metal band Draugr decided to end the project so the members can follow different artistic ways. It was an amicable decision. Sad news though anyway.

“As friends, brothers and the ' legio linteata' we announce our decision today to bring to an end the experience that is Draugr. Having arrived at the threshold of 2014, we decided to bring to a close this chapter in our lives that has been so important to us, in order that we may follow different artistic paths. We thank all those who have taken part in the project over the years, and especially the fans for their support. Our last show will take place on December 22 in Pescara and we will shortly be revealing more details about it”.

"Come amici, fratelli e 'legio linteata' annunciamo oggi la nostra decisione di chiudere l'esperienza con Draugr. Arrivati alle soglie del 2014, scegliamo di mettere fine a questo capitolo tanto significativo per noi, per seguire diversi percorsi artistici. Ringraziamo tutti coloro che negli anni hanno preso parte al progetto e, soprattutto, i fan per il loro supporto.  Il  nostro ultimo show, che avrà luogo il 22 dicembre a Pescara e di cui presto sveleremo ulteriori dettagli”

You can still visit their website:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

News: Enthroned

Enthroned will be releasing a new album called Sovereigns on the 15th of April through Agonia Records.

You can now listen to a song from the same, called Of Feathers And Flames here:

Sovereigns tracklist:

01. Anteloquium
02. Sine Qua Non
03. Of Feathers and Flames
04. Lamp of Invisible Lights
05. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
06. The Edge of Agony
07. Divine Coagulation
08. Baal al-Maut
09. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah 

A review for Sovereigns will come up soon.

You can find an interview with Enthroned here:

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News: Australasia

Post Black Metal band from Italy Australasia just recorded a cover of Angelo Badalamenti's theme for Twin Peaks. The band did this cover not only as a homage to the composer, but also to share a memory of their childhood, since Twin Peaks appeared on Italian TV in 1990, provoking very strong emotions on everyone, as happened in other countries as well, so you all probably know the series and the song. 
This cover is a way of showing where Australasia comes from and where the project is headed.

You can hear this cover on the following website:

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News: Mondvolland

Mondvolland's new album will be called Kwade Vaart and was recorded at the E-Sound Studios by Asher de Vries (Fluisteraars), while mixing and mastering is by Mondvolland bassist/vocalist Mickeal. It will be the third album of the band. A seven track album.
will feature on this international project initiated by Drudukh's Roman Sayenko It will be callef One and All, Together, For Home, and is scheduled to be released through Season of Mist on the 23rd of May in Europe and 27th of May in North America. The split vinyl release will contain exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from ten bands, including Drudkh, Primordial, Kampfar and Winterfylleth amongst others.  
Mondvolland will also be taking part on another project called Elemental Nightmares.
Find more information about the same here: 

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News: Dornenreich and Lantlôs

On May 2014 the new albums of Dornenreich (Freiheit) and Lantlôs (Melting Sun) will be out through Prophecy Productions. 


Available as:
- CD Digipak
- 2CD book edition (hardcover, 48 pages, 18x18cm) incl. commentaries by Eviga, English translations of the lyrics and bonus CD with seven exclusive bonus tracks (2.000 copies)

There are also bundles available with the format of your choice and a Dornenreich shirt: Bundles

01. Im ersten aller Spiele
02. Von Kraft und Wunsch und jungen Federn
03. Des Meeres Atmen
04. Das Licht vertraut der Nacht
05. Aus Mut gewirkt
06. Im Fluß die Flammen
07. Traumestraum
08. Blume der Stille

Bonus CD of the book edition:
01. Jagd (Metal version) 
02. Schlangenheil (exclusive new song)
03. Reime faucht der Märchensarg (acoustic version feat.Thomas Helm/Empyrium)
04. Traumestraum (alternative version feat. Thomas Helm/Empyrium)
05. Federstrich in Grabesnähe (live 2001)
06. Hier weht ein Moment (live 2001)
07. Tanz in Rauch und Rätsel (exclusive instrumental)

You can find a trailer for the same here:


Available as:
- CD in super jewelcase
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (500 copies)
- CD+DVD artbook (large-size hardcover, 48 pages, 28x28 cm) incl. additional exclusive artworks, bonus track "Melting Sun VII" and bonus DVD with studio documentary (700 copies)

There are also bundles available with the format of your choice and a Lantlôs shirt: Bundles

01. Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes
02. Melting Sun II: Cherry Quartz
03. Melting Sun III: Aquamarine Towers
04. Melting Sun IV: Jade Fields
05. Melting Sun V: Oneironaut
06. Melting Sun VI: Golden Mind

Bonus track of the artbook:
07. Melting Sun VII

You can find a trailer for the same here:

Reviews for each will be posted soon.

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News: Foscor

Foscor just released their entire black catalogue today (6th of March) which includes the three first albums of the band (Entrance to the Shadows' Village / The Smile of the Sad Ones / Groans to the Guilty). It will be available for free download for the first month.

Each album includes lyrics and info and you can find them here:

or here:

Foscor recently announced that their style has changed a bit, but frontman Fiar says that it will still be very distinctive and recognisable as Foscor, which can be noticed in their newly completed  fourth album called Those Horrors Wither.

Foscor are currently searching for a label.

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Management & Booking:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News: Imperium Dekadenz on tour!

Black Metal band from Germany Imperium Dekadenz will be playing in some Summer festivals this year, as promotion to their latest album Meadows of Nostalgia. Please find a review for the album here:

The dates for this tour are as follows:

12 Apr 14 Wien (AT) Escape (Black 'n' Thrash Inferno Festival)
24 May 14 Lichtenfels (DE) Stadthalle (Ragnarök Festival)
26 Jul 14 Lörrach (DE) Landschaftspark Grütt (Baden in Blut Metal Open Air)
09 Aug 14 Schlotheim (DE) Party.San Open Air
15 Aug 14 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summer Breeze
13 Sep 14 Barleben (DE) Metal Embrace Festival

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News: Endstille on tour!

German Black Metal band Endstille will be touring through Europe to promote their latest album Kapitulation 2013 (find a review for the album here: ).
The support bands are Koldbrann and Ondskapt.

Find the dates below:

27 Mar 14 Groningen (NL) Vera
28 Mar 14 Oostrozebeke (BE) JH 't Ipperste
29 Mar 14 Paris (FR) Le Divan du Monde
30 Mar 14 Nantes (FR) Le Ferrailleur
01 Apr 14 Toulouse (FR) Saint des Seins
02 Apr 14 Winterthur (CH) Gaswerk
03 Apr 14 Nürnberg (DE) Rockfabrik
04 Apr 14 Alsfeld (DE) Hessenhalle (Kings of Black Metal Warm Up Night)
05 Apr 14 Leipzig (DE) Hellraiser
06 Apr 14 Hamburg (DE) Bambi Galore

You can also find a review for the latest album of Koldbrann called Vertigo here:

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