Sunday, July 29, 2012

Interview with Blacklodge (FRA)

This time, Lachryma Christi is proud to present you an interview with Saint Vincent from the French band Blacklodge. Blacklodge, as certainly mostly of you know, are not a traditional Black Metal band. Blacklodge mix Black Metal with industrial and electronic music. Their lyrics reveal much about experiences through drugs, worshipping Satan and enslavement through the machine. 

How did the idea of mixing so much industrial music with black metal rise? What were your big influences when you started the band?

I decided to mix both because when I started the band, back in 1998, I was fed up with all the bands  copying the scandinavian new wave of black metal. There were one good band among hundreds tasteless ones. I needed to do something more audacious. As I was listening to electronic music as well, I had to combine both to make something different. Moreover, SataN is the main topic of black metal. And I was not seeing SataN in forest, dark night landscapes nor cemeteries. I was seeing him in abandoned industries and urban rusting places. This led me more naturally to add electronic samples to my music. Then the band I met in 1996 was Traumatic Voyage from Munich. This band were back then mixing black metal with drug influenced electronic elements, and this was a huge revelation.

What exactly (if there is actually something) do you worship? Satan?

SataN, the most powerful force in the human life, the one who is accessing the most incredible amount of power nowadays, the tornado who is leading the humanity to global enslavement through technology, applied cybernetics. Science above the flesh. We are hailing the Great Beast and the rising New Babylon as we can see nowadays its triumph is coming. The signs are here, just look around to the arrogance and cruelty of the modern world. I would quote Deathspell Omega : «Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice» !

How has the reaction of public been to the new album of Blacklodge and to Blacklodge signing to Season of Mist?

The new album is pretty new, as it has been released the 21st of June. We still need more time to have a real feedback. Though, the first reaction of the Blacklodge fans are extremely enthusiastic !

Supposedly, Blacklodge attract a more varied kind of followers, since the band plays a very peculiar style. Do you agree?

We mainly attract people from the black metal scene, as we started from there and we have been signed by End All Life for couple of years, which is a cult black metal label. Now, it is true we met more and more varied fans from different scene, but the majority are black metal fans. This is due I guess to the satanic message of the band. Before «SolarKult» we were about to meet a very famous hardcore DJ to work with him(I won’t say his name). Though he freaked out when he understood the satanic spirit of the band. I guess people from other scenes are not ready for this, but it would be a great honor to pollute their mind and spread the worlds of SataN !

What does your logo represent?

The name Blacklodge combined with a downside pentacle made of syringes, symbolizing the black magic of injecting chemicals in the human body. Technological rape of feeble human flesh by the metal of the needle, piercing the human skin to cum the dirtiest alchemy of chemical poisons. The bridge between SataN spiritual principal and the human soul, a bridge symbolized by the needle.

When you compose, what comes first? Industrial samples or black metal? How does it work?

This is our secret recipe. Made to stay secret. Let’s just say the most important thing is to have a Vision. A Vision about a dying post industrial world. Then writing music gets spontaneous and the mix between industrial samples and black metal natural.

What are your lyrics about?

The lyrics are very important in the band and brings the message of the spiritual Black Lodge through a path of initiation. Every album is an initiation step towards the understand and the mastering of the Black Lodge. The lyrics are dealing with experiencing through chemicals the revelations of the New Age to come through the Apocalypse, and the veneration of the ultimate satanic Empire who is taking shape right now through mass control and human enslavement to the benefit of the Antichrist soon arrival. The altered states visions permit to see the demonic nature of the post industrial world, the reality of the new sabbath in which humanity is feasting, and the triumph of matter and technology above the sacred and the traditional humanity. Humans are no longer the center of the universe as a creature of God, it is now a cogwheel in His Machine.

Does the name Blacklodge really come from Twin Peaks serie by David Lynch?

Definitely. I have been very impressed by the serie back in 1991 when it was programmed on French tv. I discovered a twisted vision of reality with a secret mystical feeling, that was very close to my own vision of life. Hallucinations that are more real than reality, connection, synchronicity, hidden places in which you are without knowing it...real places in which you are actually not...I actually decided back then that the band I will create will be named «Blacklodge» and I tattooed «Fire Walk With Me» on my arm. Though, the band never refers directly to the serie, just couples of winks are there and there for the attentive eyes.

Can you tell the name of a band you would really love to tour with?

Definitely Mysticum ! Would be the most perfect bill ever for me.

Is there any additional message you would like to leave to your fans?

Understand the satanic nature of our times and praise the MachinatioN !

Saint Vincent - vocals, guitar, machines
AcidJess - Bass
Narcotic - Guitar

Latest release:

MachinatioN (2012)

You can find more information and music of Blacklodge on:

Special thanks to Gunnar Sauermann and to Season of Mist

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview with Aeternum (UK)

There isn’t much history when it comes to us, we only started around May or June last year. Elliot and I recorded the early demos together and he managed to sort out the rest of the line up through his contacts. As for the name, it just means eternity, coming from the Latin phrase “In Aeternum”.

Being such a recent band, have you played many gigs so far?

Not as many as we want but being fairly new on the circuit it’s not been so bad. I think we’ve played around 15 gigs now, give or take.

How did your gig and release of EP "Through Death We Ascend" go on the 12th July in Stockwell?

It was a good show, the line up was strong, the crowd was ecstatic and there was lots of energy. The release of the EP went well too, it has been held back a bit. We had the recordings ready in February, but seeing as it is a self-released title we had to make sure everything was properly done without rushing into things. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

What is the message you want to leave to your followers with this EP?


What are your expectations about EP? Lachryma Christi already wishes you all the luck!

I cannot speak on behalf of Aeternum for this one, they may have different expectations or not. I feel that is a strong starting point, but personally I see it as a foundation for us that we will keep transcending beyond. 

How does composing process happens in Aeternum? What comes first?

In the past when it was just me and Elliot, I wrote the songs and he wrote the lyrics. We are very individual when it comes to song writing. What comes first I guess is something that sounds fucking evil, then we just keep weaving it until it becomes a finished abomination.

What are your main influences?

As a band musically our influences obviously come from the masters, Dissection, Bathory, Mayhem, Necrophobic and some of the later bands, such as Behemoth and Watain. Everything else is from the Darkness.

Some of Aeternum members also play in Phyrexia, can you tell a bit about that? what about the other members, do they also have side projects?

Yes, Elliot is also vocalist of Phyrexia, they have their debut full-length coming out soon, so it should be a good year for them. I’m working on a death metal project, expect things from that this fall. As for the other members they have no side projects.

You say you play black/death metal. How do you see the black and the death metal scenes in London?

I think there is a fairly strong following. There are bands like Grave Miasma and De Profundis who are doing extremely well.

What can we expect from Aeternum in a near future? More gigs, hopefully?

We are planning the recording process of our next EP, expect crushing music from that one. We are also planning on doing more gigs outside of London hopefully in the coming months. Our next gig is on the 19th of July at the Boston Arms with Carpathia and De Profundis so you can catch us there.

Elliot Beaver - Vocals
Adam Grima - Guitar
Jesel Gohil - Drums
James Patterson - Bass
(Currently seeking second guitarist)


Through Death We Ascend (EP 2012)

You can find more information about Aeternum on the following websites:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview with Tsjuder (NOR)

Lachryma Christi is very pleased to present you a short (unfortunatelly short) interview to the great Norwegian band Tsjuder! It is imperative to include Tsjuder in this blog, and certainly you will enjoy...

To start with, where did the name Tsjuder come from? Was it from the Russian Tribe?

Tsjuder was a tribe from the North. I’m not 100% sure where they originated, but somewhere in South of Russia I believe, and they moved up North. They then stayed in Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. They were a brutal people, thieves and robbers. They slaughtered and robbed everything in their path. It’s a fitting name for a brutal band.

Is it true that your lyrics are written prior to the music? How does it really work?

Yes they are. How it works is that we write lyrics, then make the music (that was ironic). Well, for us it’s very natural to have the lyrics ready before making the music. The lyrics naturally influences the music, and if the lyrics are aggressive, the music tends to be, and vice versa (not that it’s every “quiet”).

What are your main musical influences? Do you think Norwegian scene influences you, or is it the other way around?

We have been influenced by early thrash, death and black metal through all the years. Bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, Sarcofago, Destruction, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Marduk, Mayhem, Immortal, etc. Yes, we have got great influences, and still are very influenced by the early Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Immortal and Mayhem. I’m not very influenced of new Norwegian Black Metal, and I’m not sure in what grade we influence anyone. If we do, that’s good.

How do you consider the reaction of the public to “Legion Helvete”?

The response has been overall good. It’s being compared a lot to “Desert Northern Hell”, which I guess is to be expected. Some think it’s better, and some think “Desert…” is better. Anyway, I think most reviews have been ranging around 7-9/10, so that’s good. Also people we have talked to really appreciate the album.

What’s in store for Tsjuder? What can your fans except in a near future?

Right now nothing much is happening. We did quite a few concerts between March and May, but decided not to play more shows this year. We are considering to build our own rehearsal place, so that we can have our own equipment and setup, record while we rehearse etc. We aimed for a new album quite soon, but it might change to first record an Ep or something. We’ll see. Nothing is for sure. More concerts will take place in 2013, that’s pretty certain. 

Line Up:
Nag - Bass, Vocals
Draugluin - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anti-Christian - Drums

Latest release:

Legion helvete (2011)

You can find more information and music of Tsjuder on:

Special thanks to Gunnar Sauermann and to Season of Mist


Interview with Tsjuder, Aeternum and Blacklodge coming very soon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review to Aeternum's EP "Through Death We Ascend"

This week arrived at Lachryma Christi’s inbox the debut release of the very recent band Aeternum.
Aeternum are a London based black/death metal band formed around one year ago. This record is an EP, to be released on next Thursday, the 11th July, at their gig in Stockwell (please, see bellow for more information). Unfortunatelly, Lachryma Christi won’t be present at this gig, but you should expect an interview coming up very soon.
Through Death We Ascend is the title of this EP where you will be able to find six awesome and powerful tracks. Even though the band  started playing together as a band only one year ago, they show great experience and they are very cohesive, playing a melodic and fast black metal with very throaty voices which reflect great black metal influences with a touch of death metal. First track is an intro which consists on a melodic and dark keyboard short song that goes very well with the concept of the meaning of the title of the whole work, Through Death We Ascend.
You may also expect a very strong combination of guitars bringing you similarities to what used to be done in the 90’s.
If you want to see Aeternum playing live, they will be playing next Thursday, 11th July 2012, with Void, Virophage and Mørktår at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.
They will be selling copies of their EP on CD format.
Stay tuned for their interview here at Lachryma Christi.

You can find more information about Aeternum on the following website:

You can find more information about the show in Stockwell on the following website:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interview with Saturnian (UK)

Saturnian are a band from UK playing Extreme Symphonic Metal. They don't label themselves as a single style. Still, Lachryma Christi couldn't miss the chance to interview them and learn a bit more about them and their epic and powerful music. Saturnian have been playing together since 2010 and have already had the chance to play in Eindhoven Metal Meeting in the Netherlands, and they will be also at Bloodstock Open Air 2012. They just signed to the norwegian label Indie Recordings Their debut album will come out later this year and it was produced and mixed by the great Russ Russell.
Let's see what else Myk has to tell.

What does the name Saturnian mean for you? What’s the main concept?

The origins of the term 'Saturnian' stem back thousands of years to a form of ancient Roman verse, the origins of which have been lost throughout countless aeons. However for us it is more about being not of this earth, spiritually, from being outside of the norm, as such 'from Saturn'.

Can you tell a brief story about Saturnian? How did it all start?

The origins of Saturnian began several years ago with a band called Traces, playing a similar form of music, but due to several lineup changes, different ideals, and countless other circumstances we decided it would be best to call it a day and start from scratch. The band as it is now has been together since January 2011, but in that small amount of time we have accomplished an incredible amount - mainly due to each member being incredibly driven and dedicated to their craft.

What about the line up? Has it been the same all the time?

As mentioned Traces went through several lineup changes but Saturnian's lineup has remained constant - the core of 5 musicians and 2 additional musicians.

On your facebook page, you say “ Saturnian was formed around one main principle – to create epic and majestic music to enchant fans of all metal genres”. Do you think you have been successful on that?

We try not to limit ourselves to any kind of subgenre which is the main downfall of the majority of new bands - they take influence from only 2 or 3 bands whereas we try our best to stay as open minded as possible.

What are your main influences musically?

We take influence from everything around us, whether it be the standard Black/Death metal fare to classic Heavy Metal, classical/romantic music, film scores, electronic music, indigenous music... we do not wish to conform to any boundaries. 

What was your most remarkable show so far?

Eindhoven Metal Meeting was one of the most enjoyable, it was a great feeling to travel far from home and play to a fantastic, supportive crowd despite having no official release. Bloodstock was by far the most remarkable, having only a couple of low quality demos and to play to hundreds of people from our own country. The organisation is second to none as well.

Being a relatively recent band, how do you explain everything happening so fast, like Bloodstock Open Air and signing with Indie Recordings?

Years of dedication and hard work in our former bands really, plus ensuring that the music we create is simply of a higher calibre than the rest, ignoring any kind of trend in locals scenes.

How is it to work with Russ Russell? Can you tell a bit about this experience?

Russ is perhaps one of the greatest human beings alive on this planet, his knowledge of recording techniques is limitless and as well as that, he can drink more than nearly everyone else I've ever met, whilst remaining totally professional about everything at all times... a very rare skill indeed!

What do you have to say about blackmetal as it is now? New bands, new waves… what is your opinion on that?

We try not to pay too much attention to whatever the black metal scene is, we wouldn't profess to being a black metal band. However personally I am a massive fan of bands such as Watain, Valkyrja, Deathspell Omega, etc... A lot of black metal from the UK seems to about how perfect you can make your corpsepaint and 'trueness' measured in patches on sweaty denim jackets

What do you expect of big upcoming gigs like Bloodstock? What do you think they can bring to your career?

Bloodstock has always been fantastic to us, the crowds are incredible, as well as getting to play to our peers, meet new people and make new fans. Most importantly it is a great opportunity to expand your mind as much as possible, both on a physical and metaphysical level.

How was the reaction to your EP “Reflections of a Forlorn Sun”? Can we expect something musically similar in your album? When is the album supposed to come out?

The response to Reflections was very positive, however I cannot stress enough that Traces and Saturnian are different entities both musically and in the message behind us. We have however rerecorded a track in tribute to both the legions of fans and to the different members who gave  their essence to the band during it's existence. Musically you can expect something vaguely similar, but more technical, more aggressive, more passionate - every element has been taken to its extreme. The album should be released in a few months, which is a great relief after so much hard work!

Any shows you want to advertise on here?

Currently the only shows we have booked are Wacken and Bloodstock, however we're hard at work booking tours in support of the album when it arrives upon an unsuspecting metal scene!

Any additional message you want to leave to Lachryma Christi readers?

Thanks for your interest, keep checking back for updates and come see us at a show near you! Bring us your most extravagant alcoholic concoctions!

Wilson - Visions & Voices
Myk - Guitars & Voices
Martin - Guitars & Voices
Scrivener - Bass & Voices
James - Synth
Sam - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Lydia - Soprano Vocals


Reflections of a Forlorn Sun (EP 2009, under the name Traces)

(All photos are courtesy of Saturnian)

You can find more information about Saturnian on the following websites: