Sunday, November 11, 2012

News: Blood Red Fog

Black Metal band from Finland, Blood Red Fog, just released a compilation called Death Cult, which contains the material from the two previous EPs.

You can order the compilation from the following website:

Death Cult tracklist:

01. Intro - (Death Cult I EP)
02. Pendulum - (Death Cult I EP)
03. Death Cult - (Death Cult I EP)
04. With Open Arms - (Death Cult I EP)
05. Outro - (Death Cult I EP)
06. Liberator - (Death Cult II EP)
07. The Scythe Remains at Bay - (Death Cult II EP)
08. Pierced by Black Rays - (Death Cult II EP)
09. Malice - (Death Cult II EP)

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