Thursday, January 31, 2013

News: Enthroned announces UK/Ireland tour and two new European dates

Black Metal band from Belgium Enthroned will be playing in UK and Ireland on their Obsidium Campaign 2013 tour, promoting their latest album Obsidium, released through Agonia Records.
You can listen to one song of this album on the following Soundcloud link:

Other confirmed shows:

May 30th - Serbia, Belgrade - Darkness Rising Festival
July 27th - Holland, Steenwijk - Stonehenge Festival

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

News: Satyricon

Norwegian Black Metal band Satyricon will enter studio in February to start recording a new album which is supposed to be released in September.
They will also promote some of the new material at the Inferno Festival, to take place from the 27th to the 30th of March at the Rockefeller, John Dee, Rock In, Blå, Unholy, Victoria and Revolver venues in Oslo, Norway.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

News: Blodarv

Black Metal band from Denmark Blodarv just released a new video for the song A Snowy Night In November from the recently released album Gâst. You can now watch the video on the following youtube link:

Blodarv recently expanded their line up adding Fjorgynn on drums and HUUL on live session bass.
You can now also listen to eight tracks of Blodarv on their Soundcloud page on the link below.

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News: Fen confirmed to support Agalloch on European Tour

Atmospheric Black Metal band from UK, Fen, will be supporting USA's band Agalloch in an European tour for which will last 28 days during April and May. Fen will be promoting their recently released album Dustwalker and Agalloch will be playing a set of around 2 hours which will include a performance of their new EP Faustian Echoes in full for the first time in Europe.

This tour will include 16 countries (Central and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia) as follows:
21.04.2013 DE - Berlin / K17
22.04.2013 BE - Aalter / Kadans
23.04.2013 FR - Nantes / Le Ferrailleur
24.04.2013 ES - Bilbao / Sala Rockstar
25.04.2013 PO - Barroselas / SWR-Fest
26.04.2013 ES - Madrid / Sala Caracol
27.04.2013 ES - Barcelona / Sala Apolo 2
28.04.2013 FR - Luynes / Le Korigan
30.04.2013 DE - Stuttgart / Club Zentral SOLD OUT
01.05.2013 DE - Leipzig / Moritzbastei
02.05.2013 PL - Wroclaw / Asymmetry-Fest (AGALLOCH only)
03.05.2013 LT - Vilnius / New York Club
04.05.2013 EE - Tallinn / Tapper
05.05.2013 FI - Tampere / Klubi
06.05.2013 FI - Helsinki / Korjaamo
07.05.2013 FI - Oulu / Nuclear Nightclub
08.05.2013 SW - Umea / Scharinska Villan
09.05.2013 NO - Trondheim / Familien
10.05.2013 NO - Oslo / Parkteatret
11.05.2013 SW - Göteborg / Sticky Fingers
12.05.2013 NL - Arnhem / Willemeen
13.05.2013 DE - Köln / Werkstatt
14.05.2013 DE - München / Backstage
15.05.2013 SL - Nova Gorica / Mostovna
16.05.2013 IT - Roma / Traffic Club
17.05.2013 IT - Travagliato / Circolo Colony
18.05.2013 AT - Vienna / Viper Room
19.05.2013 CZ - Ostrava / Barrak
You can now listen to five songs of Fen on their soundcloud page on the link below, including the song Consequence from the new album Dustwalker.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

Wishing you all a good week, here is another playlist for the same!

Decline of the I - Inhibition
Vreid - V
Shining - Redefining Darkness
Opera IX - Sacro Culto
Opeth - My Arms Your Hearse
Fen - Dustwalker
Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell
Abgott - Godfather in Black
Cradle of Filth - The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Interview with Decline of the I plus review to their latest album "Inhibition"

To the ones who don't know, Decline of the I is a post Black Metal project of A.K., also known for being in bands like Vorkreist, Merrimack, etc. The French band released their debut album Inhibition in late 2012 through Agonia Records. It is a very especial album, very depressive, but very touching. You will have the chance to read a review about it on the bottom of the page, just after the interview. For now, Lachryma Christi presents you the interview with A.K.

How did Decline of the I started?

I created this project few years ago, as a following of my previews solo project Love Lies Bleeding which was more into Symphonic Black Metal. In the last efforts there were already some experimentations, but I wanted something different, I needed it, actually. So I decided to create Decline of the I (little story : there is already a song called “Decline of the I”, in the last album of Love Lies Bleeding).

Where did you get the inspiration for the name of the project?

We live in a world that comes to an end. An early end. And it’s obvious that the vision of what the self is, is one of the reason of our end. Unable to feel any real empathy, we are just preoccupied by who we can get more and more pleasure, faster and faster. It’s just fucking sad… So here is one signification of this decline of the I. But, in another perspective, it can be seen more optimistic. One of the few soteriological issues would be to accept a solubility of the self to espace from individuality. I’m not talking about hippy things, like connecting with the love of Earth or shit like that. Just to feel the link to a greater energy, to Life, as Nietzsche describes it. What go through us, all this wave we have to accept. Amor fati, in other words… Everyone has to find his own way to find this. What is inside and outside can be seen as the same thing. And music is just a relfection of that. You have to forget what you are, what you want, what you have when you want to experience true life. Or music. Quite the same for me.

Decline of the I is mostly seen as Post Black Metal music. How do you see it?

First, I see it as a way of not shooting myself. Then, we can talk about music, but it’s not what really matter, from my point of view. So, yes, post black metal if you want, as it’s hard for people to read music. So, we have to find some common terms, values. I guess I don’t make typical Black metal, but in the other hand I can’t say that I invented a new shape. So, as postmodern means that we don’t create but invent new ways of put things together, Post Black metal fits to what I’ve done.

Inhibition is such an amazing work, so touching, where do you get the inspiration for the music?

I started the project as I was in a complicated situation in my life. We can say that I was in a state of inhibition. So I had to express this feeling in a way or another, otherwise all this negative energy would have stayed inside of me...

What are the lyrics about?

Depression, Neurasthenia.... All what happens to you when you are trapped in a situation of aggression from where you can’t escape.

Do you usually read? If yes, what are you reading at the moment?

I read a lot, yes. Mostly philosophy, essays. But nowadays, I’m starting to read novels again. The “classic”. I’m really into Stendhal, for exemple, these days.

How have been the reactions of the public to Inhibition? Are you pleased with them?

I’ve already released a dozen of albums since I’ve begin my career, and I can say that this is the one who has the best reactions. I’m pleased yes. I would be even more if people would actually buy the album instead of downloading it, but ok, these are the new rules...

What are you planning to do next? Can we expect a next work as beautifully strong and deep as Inhibition (or perhaps even better)?

Ahaha nope, I was thinking of making a new album boring, weak and ugly... The next album will be unleashed in a not very distant future. I almost finished to compose it. It will be about the 2nd reaction to an aggression : rebellion. So it will be more brutal, even if I’m not planning to change of style, completely. But this time, there will be blastbeats, for example...

What is the message (if there is a message) you desire to leave to your followers through your music?

I’m not dogmatic at all. So there is no precise message. But it doesn’t mean at all, that this album doesn’t mean anything. The impressions, the feelings can lead the listener to find it.

Anything else you would like to say to readers?

Hate us on facebook :

Line up:

A.K. - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
N - Drums
G - Vocals
S - Vocals

Latest Release:

Inhibition (2012)

Inhibition is a strange work, full of emotions. One of the best albums of 2012 which sadly only reached Lachryma Christi in 2013 already. The artwork cover and all the promotional photos are in black and white (please see pictures posted along with interview) which gives a more depressing look and impression about the album.
The album is made of 8 tracks. All of them very seductive and very melancholic, so touching, it's hard to remain indifferent to the album. First track called Ou Se Trouve La mort? is maybe one of the most dragged and engaging songs in Inhibition. Melody is necessarily sad with a disturbing piano in the beginning, accompanied by some guitar and lately followed by a male voice saying words in French. It's a perfect introduction as you have the chance to understand the essence of it. Doesn't mean it is predictable, it's not. Second track called The End of a Sub-Elitist Addiction is maybe the most aggressive and angry track. Next two tracks follow the same line and then Mother and Whore is more introspective, with female voice speaking in French in a suffered tone. There are still three tracks for you to discover, so go for it. It is an exceptional release, very enticing, very emotional, beautifully constructed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview with Acrimonious (GR)

Tonight Lachryma Christi has for you an interview with Greek band Acrimonious. For those who do not know, Acrimonious released by the end of 2012 their second album called Sunyata through Agonia Records.
This is a very special band, since there is a great mythic concept behind it.
ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis and Cain Letifer both took part on this interesting interview.

Your facebook page says you play Typhonian Black Metal. What do you mean by that? Is it related to the Typhonian Order?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: The term is obviously foremost drawn from the dragon Typhon mentioned among the ancient Greek myths. It more or less represents the same aspects of the Draconian archetype (the super-cosmic and meta-dimensional source of All) which is scattered throughout the world and history and it symbolically stands for the nameless and boundless Power from which our art is drawn. Concerning  the Typhonian Order, we can simply just say that we have been influenced by the works of authors and magicians that have been connected to this current (such as K. Grant, Nema, L. Falorio and others), in first hand personally and then indirectly also within the art of Acrimonious. But for reasons that are not important to discuss here, we wish not to claim fraternity to any specific order or organisation among our members.

Can you tell a bit about the story of the band? Why Acrimonious as a name?

Cain Letifer: It stands for the Advarsary, meaning that it embodies the flame of Samael within our Minds. It stands for Wisdom, hardship, trial and error, and Victory via going inwards and backwards.

There have been a few changes on the lineup. Can you tell a bit about them?

Cain Letifer: Plenty of them. Now the band consists of me, Ra’ad al-Iblis (that used to be in a band called Morbid Insulter and Matricide, among others), Semjaza 218 from Thy Darkened Shade (among others), Akhkhar that used to play the base for Acherontas, and C.Docre that is the new drummer, who also played the drums on “Sunyata”.

What are your lyrics about? Is there a main concept in the band?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: The lyrics are prayers and chains of holy symbols made to carve the aether with transformative fire. They are formulas of invocations and evocations, mystical prophecy or lisan al-ghaib (The Voice from the Outer World) as the sufi would call it, connecting the above with the below. The main concept of the band is CHAOS.

How has the reaction of the public been to your latest album Sunyata? Are you happy with it?

Cain Letifer: We don’t know and ultimately do not care what others think about our music.

What have been your biggest influences along your career? What are your favourite artists?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Guess we talk about musical influences there. Although we all consume and are inspired by and hold dear many other forms of art and various other genres in the world of music, I can just say that when it comes to metal-music there are too many to mention. The list stretches from swart bowels of Black Sabbath to the twisted hellhole of Sarcófago, from the necrotic brilliance of Mayhem to the epic yet razor sharp force of Judas Priest.

Any artist in particular you would like to work with? Why?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Can’t really think of anyone specific for the moment. But anyone who deeply shares our interests and cause and has something of value to offer Acrimonious is a fitting individual.

Cain Letifer: There are a few individuals that we could potentially work with, because of utmost respect for their work…but this has nothing to do with black metal necessarily, as we respect many artists that I am sure have not even heard of Metal at all. Yet carry that flame within, that connects them to our Art.

As you just released your new album, Sunyata, what is your plan for the next future?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: To once again start to perform live and to spread the thoughtless Word ever further across and beyond this world.

Any last message you would like to leave to your followers?

ar-Ra’ad al-Iblis: Thanks for the interview.

Burn new paths into the realms of the intellect and listen to the voice that speaks without tongue. Die before death and live before life. Become: One and None.

Cain Letifer: Thanks! 

Line up:

Qain Letifer: Scythe of Hecatean Toad-Boans and Black Earth Messenger, Dervishi Madness and Typhonian Sorcery
ar-Ra'ad al-Iblis - Thunder-tongue of Sabbatic Madness & Edomian Prophecy
Semjaza 218: Avatars of Tubal Qayin, Qliphotic Nigromancy, Necronian Tempel of Infernal Blood
Akhkhar- Tablets of Qliphotic Geometry, Black Sun Darkness
C.Docre- Chains of Harybdis, Double-Wands of Power

Last release:

Sunyata (2012)

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News: Seth

Black Metal band from France Seth are back with Season of Mist. The first album of the band Les Blessures de l’Ame from 1998 was one of the first releases by the label and now that they are back to their roster there is already a new (which will be the fifth) album scheduled to be released in June and it will be called The Howling Spirit.

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News: Darkthrone

Norwegian band Darkthrone are releasing a new album called The Underground Resistance in February through Peaceville Records and it will again be so varied as only they can do. They can mix Black Metal with Thrash and even Punk. Darkthrone became one of those bands that you can only love or hate. So if you are part of the ones who love Darkthrone, you are lucky because you can already preorder the album on the link below.

The Underground Resistance was written and recorded between Spring 2010 and Summer 2012 at Necrohell 2 studios by the band themselves and was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, Texas USA. Cover artwork by artist Jim Fitzpatrick. 

The album contains 6 tracks and will be available in CD and vinyl and a patch will be included in every order, while it is still available in stock.

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Review: Situs Magus new album "Le Grande Oeuvre"

French Black Metal band Situs Magus released recently their debut album called Le Grande Oeuvre, through Avantgarde Music.
Le Grande Oeuvre is made of  4 acts , starting with an introduction and also the shortest track in the album with less than two minutes. All the other songs are longer than nine minutes.
All album is very symbolic and complex, from the artwork cover to the compositions. So, if you really want to understand it and even like it, you will have to open your spirit to this. Don't expect a light and simple work, because it is not.
Musically it is very strong, even majestic and requires a lot of your attention. 
If you are a fan or follower of the trendy wave of religious Black Metal that has been around especially by bands from France, you will certainly like this album. It is very introspective and full of details. It is also very captivating.
The influences of Deathspell Omega are very notorious though, but don't take this as a negative point, because they keep their originality anyway. 
This kind of sound is getting more and more popular nowadays but sometimes it is necessary to realize when a band is good or bad, and Situs Magus are good, even if this is their first album.
Keep an eye on them and if you are available to listen to something very heavy, powerful, depressive, dragged (and also dragging!), massive, furious, go for it. 

Review: Manii's latest album "Kollaps"

Norwegian band Manii released very recently an album called Kollaps, through Avantgarde Music. As some of you may know, Manii where not always Manii. They started as Perifa, then they changed to Manes, and recently they became Manii and they are one of the projects of Cernunnos, very influent character in Black Metal "scene".
Manii play some very Obscure Black Metal. This new album Kollaps is a good example of it.
The album has 8 tracks. It has a dark introduction full of synchronized sounds almost like an ambient thing, where a guitar riff takes place after 30 seconds. It's a very doomish track very heavy and hypnotizing. Voice comes just a few seconds later, perfect, very throaty, very angry. It's a very good beginning for the album. However, all tracks have an ambient introduction leading to compositions full of sad and obscure melody pierced by raw guitar riffs and deep growls. 
Maybe for Lachryma Christi the most remarkable song is the 5th track titled Kaldt which starts with an acoustic and very melancholic guitar work, soon accompanied by an angry distorted guitar, making all the song feel very powerful and making you want to expel all your worse feelings from your mind and soul.
Don't expect anything very fast and full of foreseeable, as it is not. It is a very calm album, angry enough, misty enough and strong enough to make you dream and like it more at each track.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

Greetings everyone! 
And because it is Monday, here is another playlist. Enjoy!

FEN - Dustwalker
Forefather - Last of the Line
Graveworm - When Daylight's Gone
Marduk - Opus Nocturne
Covenant - Nexus Polaris
Endezzma - Erotik Nekrosis
Spektr - Cypher
Saille - Ritu
VON - Satanic Blood
Blodarv - Gâst

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interview with Riul Doamnei (ITA)

Riul Doamnei, Symphonic Black Metal band from Italy just released “A Christmas Carol”, a very special  single based on Charles Dickens work, and featuring the singer of Cadaveria, while they are still working on their EP. 
Please, find more information and video about this in here:
Sadly some complicated matters happened recently and the EP didn't come out yet. For now they are focused on finishing it and touring, as you may read below. Lachryma Christi interviewed Federico, Riul Domanei's singer and also guitarist.

Your logo is a bit peculiar. What does it represent?
Our logo combines two different elements, a Triquetra and a Pentacle. The first one is an ancient symbol from pagan and Celtic cultures, which is related to a triple female divinity and represents the three stages of the Goddess: Crone, Mother and Maiden (Wisdom, Creation and Innocence). It’s also connected to the cycles of life (Birth, Death & Reincarnation), to Past, Present and Future as well, and only later was it assimilated and abused by the Christians as a symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The Pentacle is one of the most ancient pagan symbols and appears in secret cults and occult rituals since the Neolithic Era, traversing Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek mythologies. In the modern age it finds many meanings and generally claims the man’s refusal to submit to god, exalting Mother Nature’s power with her five elements. All is closed in a circle, symbol of fertility.
Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns.
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus…” (Rev. 17.3-6).
Who did tell the devil is male?

What does Riul Doamnei mean? It is Romanian, right?

Yes it is! It comes from an oral tradition of Arges region and it’s connected to the escape of Vlad Tepes III (the well known Prince Impaler, later worldwide famous as Dracula) from his castle, during his second reign, and the suicide of his bride. In fact, according to the local tales, she preferred to cast herself from the balcony and drown in the waters of Arges river rather than being captured by the Muslim invaders. That section of the river has been called “Riul Doamnei”, which means “River of the Princess”. The river flows today near Poenari, at the feet of the castle ruins, which still stand on the top of the hill.

Your new website, launched earlier this year is very "mass" related. What is the main concept behind that?

Our website follows the line of the icons and themes featured in our previous release, “Fátima”.
A concept album based on the figure of the Holy Virgin and on many topics of the Marian apparitions; starting from the occurrence in the city of Fátima (Portugal, Oct. 1917), it analyses the process (or conspiracy!) that drove the Catholic Church to absorb and assimilate the rising cult of the Holy Virgin, later using and abusing it to recruit new acolytes for its own army. Each song composes, lyrically but also musically, a piece of the mosaic, and develops a different story like tales from the same gospel. The entire concept is dominated by the character of a female figure with one name but two “souls”, different sides of the same icon: the “white” Holy Virgin of Fátima and the “black” Fourth Daughter, Fatima herself, the “shining one”, the only keeper of the Islam Prophet’s Bloodline, Muhammad. So this album touches Muslim religion taboos too, like the condition of the woman and her submissive role in “society”. From the collective miracles and Church propaganda to women abuse and the cruelty of the holy war, all the factors which have contributed to carving a giant named Fátima.
So coming back to our website, it is all “mass” related with particular intent.

What are your lyrics about? What are your biggest influences?

Our lyrics, their themes, content and form change every time because we choose to express ourselves through concept albums. So it depends on the main subject and it’s strictly chained to the fact that we treat each of our releases as a single case, although you could hook them up one to another.
The input can arrive suddenly and anywhere my attention is captured, all the ideas come from a kind of a personal data processing that elaborates these inputs and translates them into images, which then become names, places and stories. And of course from personal interest and experiences too.
A funny example could be the idea for the song “Of Misery and the Final Hope” (Fatima, 2011), for which a videoclip was released too. I do not often watch TV but, when I rarely do, I like zapping. So at that time I stopped on a program about Christian pilgrimages to the Marian sanctuaries and about how devotees could be used to self-inflicted torture and forced to march on their knees to offer their penitence to the Holy Virgin in order to obtain grace.
There are similar traditions in some of the southern regions of Italy, where you can still attend the processions of the Flagellants, hooded penitents that flagellate their own skin in a triumph of blood.
The music composing process involves the whole band and evolves adapting the atmosphere and music itself to the concept we chase, by inserting ethnic elements and influences from the collective imagery.

Riul Doamnei grew very much and very quickly in the metal scene, what do you have to say about this? Have you accomplished what you have intended to so far?

We did reach lots of goals during these past years, both from the studio and live activity, accumulating amazing experiences and achieving steps we didn’t think as possible, but of course we won’t stop growing, evolving and kickin’ asses. Now all the music business is changed and if you’ve got something to say and the right weapon to do it, everything is possible. As more than one told before: “do it yourself” and be sure of the real results.
We’ve been working now for some years with our own studio project, offering careful services to all those bands that are searching not only for a place to record their stuff, but also for true interest in their cause and experience in metal divisions, ‘cause we still believe in music and support the great underground out there.

You are currently working on a new EP, how is it going? Anything you want to share with Lachryma Christi and your followers?

Yes, we’ve been working for the last eight months on our new EP. Unfortunately, after we finished composing and arranging all songs and right before the recording sessions, I was involved in a serious accident that took me three months to recover. During my bed-forced crucifixion, all band members worked very hard without losing any hope or time, so I was able to record the vocals straight after my resurrection, my biggest thanks to them.
Our EP will soon be available in free digital download, meanwhile you can find the complete lyric video version in streaming on our youtube official channel.
There are many reasons behind this digital release, “A Christmas Carol”.
We’ve always wanted to give something for free to all our followers as a special gift for their support during all these years. We have also stepped on different sound paths and experimental approach, starting from the point that this EP is an orchestral metal opera in eleven movements, a long suite based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel.
Of course we made it in our way, including a sick imagery and a desecrating disgust for Christmas, it isn’t just a ghost tale or a Christmas tale, in fact we wanted to emphasize the human aspect of the story, the solitude of old age, the regret about the loss of love and the failures, man’s terror of dying alone and forgotten, and we chose to do it by painting the most disgraceful images through the quotes of Ch. Dickens himself, using for 90% of the lyrics the original parts from the novel. So the lyrics and music were written, arranged and adapted at the same time in a kind of inverse process.
“A Christmas Carol” is a very dark and atmospheric experience and when you start listening to it you feel like entering a journey, somehow. Similar to a soundtrack or a musical for the blind, it trespasses the borders of many styles to converge in an orchestral suite, mixing all those influences which have been our trademark from the very beginning.
Atmosphere, violence, experimentation and one more touch of old school.
Also the production has been adapted to the concept, colder and rich in natural sound, more like the nineties. This time we decided to work by ourselves on 90% of the production, from the recording sessions to the mixing process.
We had also the honour to have a very special guest, the Italian female metal icon Cadaveria, who’s featured on the fourth movement, “Once upon Loss, Regret and Broken Promise”, with her amazing vocals.
“A Christmas Carol” will soon be available in free digital download on our web channels.
So download it, put on your headphones and enter the journey, but be careful, you may have to confront some of your own Ghosts…

What was the band with who you enjoyed the most sharing a stage with? Why?

I think probably Rotting Christ, great band and dear friends.
We’ve shared many different experiences with them in the past 5 years and we’re always very pleased to meet them, they still support and believe in the underground and are very nice people too.
Sakis Tolis was featured on our latest full length “Fatima”.
We have also many friends in the Balkans area, like Krepuskul from Romania, we had some tours together in the past and we’re very close friends.
I enjoy sharing the stage with every band that I like, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them down the stage too, sometimes it happens, for a lot of reasons, lack of time is the main one!

What do you mean when you describe Riul Doamnei as Extreme Symphonic Metal? 

Simply because it best describes most of our tunes, there’s no particular intent to enter this division, we simply play what we like and what we are. We could start a never-ending discussion about the differences between Extreme Symphonic Metal, Orchestral Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal etc. Let us just say that we don’t like to repeat ourselves or stagnate blindly on the same formula. We like to change, evolve and to hazard maybe. To give you a specific example, Fatima was more “extreme sympho”, A Christmas Carol is more “sympho black”, but to us trying to describe our music with a slogan is not so important...

When is a new album supposed to come out?

We will start thinking about a new album straight after we’ve finished pushing more on Fátima and live promotion of the new EP. But I’m sure we will not resist the urge of starting another project as soon as possible.
We have some ideas, I can officially say that the title will include only one word, as by common Riul Doamnei album tradition, and of course it will be a concept one, but I can say no more about it.
By now we’re curious to see the media reaction to the new EP, although we’ve already had great approval from our followers.
Apart from new album project, what's in store for Riul Doamnei?

Beside promoting our new release and taking care of the recording sessions of the next band in our studio project, we’re now focusing on the live activity which will start in February. We’re currently planning some concerts around Italy and an Eastern European tour with our friends and mates in Krepuskul, that should cover the territories from Italy to the Balkans from the second half of April, we’re also working on a special live set that will feature songs from our latest three releases and a new visual concept.
Thanks to all our followers and Lachryma Christi!
And...  Let the haunting begin…

Line up:

Federico D. B. - Voice/Guitar
Giorgio M. - Synthesizers
Maurizio S. - Lead Guitar
Fabrizio T. - Bass
Luca L. - Drums

Latest release:

Fátima (2011)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

News: Taake announced the dates for the upcoming European tour

Norwegian Black Metal band Taake are celebrating 20 years of career and a part of the celebration consists in the European tour. Helheim will be supporting Taake on this tour, as well as Orkan. Taake just announced the dates for the tour:

Thu 21, Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
Fri 22, Iduna, Drachten (NL)
Sat 23, Helvete, Oberhausen (DE)
Sun 24, Magasin 4, Brussels (BE)
Mon 25, Glazart, Paris (FR)
Tue 26, Ferrailleur, Nantes (FR)
Wed 27, CCO, Lyon (FR)
Thur 28, United Club, Turin (IT)
Fri 01, Z7, Pratteln (CH)
Sat 02, Nifflheim Festival (DE) (HELHEIM only)

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Interview with Throne of Malediction

This time, Lachryma Christi had the chance to interview Eric and Jessica from Throne of Malediction, Black Metal band from USA. They had released their debut album in 2010 called Ceremonial Blood, and in 2012 they released a split with Irreverent Soul (side project of Throne of Malediction) called Rites where Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest also participated. They are already planning to release a new album which will be called Out of Darkness, Comes the Light. Let's keep an eye out! 

Why Throne of Malediction? Is there any religious concept behind the name of the band?
Eric Horner(guitars, vocals): It was a name that we and a few ex-bandmates came up with. It has a dark, almost medieval vibe to it that just "clicked" when we heard it. There is no religious concept to it. Also, most importanly, no other band had the name haha... We have some songs with semi-religious subjects, but only as observers of the world. Maybe anti-religious at times I suppose. We focus more on personal, close to home subjects for songs these days.
Your debut album, Ceremonial Blood came out in 2010, are you happy with the results and acceptance of the public?
Eric: I am happy with the songs and the album itself, for a first album. But when it was released, our label (Netherlands based Victory By Fire Records) folded soon after. We really did not get much of a release at all except hasty self promotion via internet. "Ceremonial Blood" is a free download now(on Bandcamp or Mediafire along with "Rites"). The reviews and the small reception we did get has been positive though. I am not sure as to sales, the label owner has all copies somewhere I suppose. With so many new bands out now, its hard to get heard among the pack. We have not really been "accepted" by the public, in my opinion. Throne of Malediction is a band that makes music out of pure compulsion. So will make music as long as we feel like it, regardless of reaction or being "accepted". Though I think we are accepted as a legitimate band by people we respect, in some cases. Being still a very underground band, lack of funds, limited live shows, little promotion and this horrible economy are the main obstacles in our path to progress. Not too mention our personal lives have been quite insane lately. We have plenty of songs in us yet. I just hope the album is appreciated for its art someday, there is a lot to offer on "Ceremonial Blood". With our new album, we hope to gain new fans and get a little more of a reaction. Honestly, it is very hard to approach releasing an album these days. The music industry is in a bit of chaos as far as I'm concerned. I almost think it is redundant to release anymore, but never know, some folks may care to listen. When it comes down to it, we are a simple couple of people doing our thing and trying to survive.
What are your lyrics about? Where do you get your inspiration?
Eric: Sometimes books we read, historical subjects and world events are sources. Mainly we write about more depressive, real life subjects. Very personal lyrics. Artistic inspiration from life experience is our core, not rational thought. Usually we record an instrumental first, then add lyrics and vocals last. So as to match the "feel" of the music better. I personally just feel obsessed with writing songs. I have a love for music and I want to be a part of the artform. It keeps me busy and helps me deal with personal demons at the same time (in a healthy way), I suppose.
Can you tell names of some of your favorite artists, or of artists you think that have a big impact and influence in your work?
Eric: Iron Maiden is my favorite band by far. As for influences and others, Shining, Cradle of Filth, Candlemass, Draconian, Amorphis, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Forgotten Tomb, Six Feet Under, Sepultura, Megadeth, Porcupine Tree and Opeth are main influences I can name offhand. When we write music, we don't really think of what others sound like though.
Jessica Horner(guitars,vocals): Some of my influences are Danzig, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Life Of Agony, Megadeth, Testament and Amon Amarth. All of these bands have inspired me in different ways. Some musically, others by the vocal style alone. I never grow tired of listening to these artists.
What was in your opinion your most remarkable show so far?
Eric: I can name a few, I love playing live. If just to pick one, the show we did in Oak Harbor, Washington(near Seattle)around 2008 or so. It is featured in a Youtube video. That show had a great crowd, great promoter and was all around fun. We also played a big party show for around 300 in the middle of the woods near Troy, Montana once also in 2010. That was a wild one with police tackling people while we played on and flying beer cans galore. We have not played any real large gigs as of yet. I cannot wait to get back to doing live shows again. Especially since we just relocated to California from Montana. A lot of venues to play here and we still get show offers even though we have never played California. I think there is a demand for something "different" in the metal scene here and we may be able to help to some extent. Not much for black and doom metal here.
Jessica: There were at least two shows we did in Troy Montana, USA at a place called the Home Bar. The crowd was very receptive to the music. Theres no better feeling in the world than connecting with the crowd, it's an electric feeling. I hope in the future I can be lucky enough to have that experience again, it's something you'll never forget.

How did the idea of making a cover of Solitude by Candlemass come up?
Eric: It was kind of more of Jessica's idea. She has been a longtime Candlemass fan and got me into their music. We both love that song and it fits our bands vibe too, lyrically. When rehearsing one day in 2010, we just started jamming the song and it just clicked. I think Jessica did an amazing job on the vocals especially. "Solitude" is not an easy song to sing(Let's see some of those American Idol industry douches do that one haha).We played it live a few times too. We have talked to Messiah Marcolin and sent him a copy of the cover too. He gave us props and sent us some signed pics, that was very nice and an honor for us. Candlemass has always been a very under-rated band. We have done a number of covers over the years live. Including a sped up version of "The Death of Love" by Cradle of Filth that used to go over pretty well. Also, we have played songs by Iggy Pop, Danzig, Six Feet Under and Pro-Pain. We are looking into releasing a few covers in the future too. Songs by bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Hecate Enthroned and Six Feet Under are others we have discussed doing. Never know with us.
Jessica: I had tossed the idea around for awhile, but nothing ever came of it until we started jammong on it in rehearsal one day. When I found that I could push my vocals into other registers, we ran with it.
I've been a Candlemass fan since I was young, so I felt incredibly honored to not only chat with Messiah, but
to recieve some signed photos from him. I'd like to do another cover of them sometime in the future.
How would you define your kind of music? Is it OK if we say Doom Black Metal?
Eric: "Music made by poor people who are half insane" haha... I suppose doom black metal is ok and seems to fit. We really never had a genre in mind when we started. Our only "rule" is we want to sound dark, metal and have feeling to anything we write. To be art, not fashion. Just kind of morphed naturally into blackened doom. We would get bored just playing to blastbeats all the time. So much more can be done, more layers and melody in a bit slower pace. We do play really melencholic and odd sounding songs too that defy any genre logic. I think our new guest artists, Tamara Picardo(from Upon Shadows) and Kevin George(from Immolate the Saints/Martriden/Hemlock) have added very awesome elements to the new songs.
Irreverant Soul are your side-project, as we know. Was it easy to make the split Rites? How was it to work with Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest?
Eric: Irreverant Soul is just a side project me and Jessica did in 2009 or so, kind of a spontainious thing. Our split "Rites" was easy to do, we had most of the material around already. Just re-mastered a bit. "Rites" does have a few mixing errors I did not fix before release, but that goes with DIY territory in production. "Rites" is overall just a free download preview of our upcoming album and a retrospective on older, unreleased tracks.
I have talked to Daniel(Vrangsinn)for a while now. He has been a great help and inspiration to us as a friend and musician. Not to mention, I have been a fan of Carpathian Forest for a while now. His criticism and help has improved our production to some extent. The song he did with us turned out excellent and I hope to do maybe more. I wish I was in Norway, where he could help us more with production. And we could hang out, record an album and eat pizza haha. I also think his work with Misantrof Antirecords is great. Misantrof is a great thing for the underground scene.
Do you manage well the two projects at the same time?
Eric: Yeah, Irreverant Soul is not much work and we may not record again for that. Jessica is kind of in charge of Irreverant Soul. If she wants to record for it, we may do so. Throne of Malediction is a full time effort. We are always continually recording something nowadays. I am enjoying doing vocals for a few projects as of now too, including the U.K. based band, Nierty(soon to be announced). Most is home based recording at our own pace.
After participating in so many compilations and others, when can we expect a new album of Throne of Malediction? What's in store for the band?
Eric: Right now, we are about to release a new album called "Out of Darkness, Comes the Light". Just getting production and release details done now. We will release a song; "The Soulforge". A ten minute epic based off of the Dragonlance books as a single first. Look for that soon as a free download. The new album probably will be a free download(with limited print physical copy for sale maybe). I am pondering doing an almost "non-metal" album for Throne soon after our next release as well. We record when inspired, so never know. I do know two main goals are to get better production and get live shows going again. Being in a new place with very limited finances is what is slowing down progress now. Just hope for the best I suppose.
Our ultimate (and lofty) goal, is to travel to Europe and play some festivals. I think we would be much more successful overseas, in reality too. We have no illusions that we are some big "rock star" type band, but I think we could hold our own onstage and play good gigs. We believe in our songs and enjoy playing live. If Throne of Malediction could stay underground and get a few good gigs, it would be fine with me. We are not having illusions of getting a large label behind us or anythying, though maybe it would help.
Any last message you would like to leave to your followers?
Eric: To just help us get our music out more, if possible and to support other underground acts as well. Share our free downbloads and albums. We just want to be heard. Many thanks and respect to the supporters we have gained so far, you do help us get through at times when we want to give up. Stay tuned into our releases and get links at our Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation and Bandcamp pages, or just search us... Cheers!!!
Jessica: Thank you for listening and keep it metal!

Line up:
Eric Horner/vox,guitars
Jessica Horner/vox,guitars,keys

Latest release:
Split album with Irreverent Soul, Rites (2012)

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