Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News: Nidingr

Norwegian Black Metal band Nidingr will release their third album, called Greatest of Deceivers, on the 20th of November through Norwegian label Indie Recordings. 

A couple of days ago, they made the song Vim Patior available for streaming online at their official YouTube channel as below.

They had previously made the title track available, you can listen to it on the following website:


You can pre-order the album through Amazon:


Greatest Of Deceivers tracklist: 

01. Greatest of Deceivers 
02. All Crowns Fall 
03. O Thou Empty God 
04. The Balances 
05. Vim Patior 
06. Rags upon a Beggar 
07. The Worm Is Crowned 
08. Pure Pale Gold 
09. Mother of Abominations 
10. Dweller in the Abyss 

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