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Interview with Valdrin (USA) and review to album "Beyond the Forest"

Tonight, Lachryma Christi wants to share with you an interview with a very special band from USA called Valdrin. For those who don't know, Valdrin formed in 2010 and released an album last year called Beyond the Forest (of which you may find a review in the bottom of the page just after the intereview). And why are these guys special? Because they are so good. It is not easy to find such good Black Metal bands nowadays. Let's now read the very interesting words of Carter Hicks.

What does Valdrin mean?

When we came up with the name Valdrin, we were simply trying to create a name for the main character in our story. His full name is Valdrin Ausadjur. Ausadjur is a made up word that means "mediating force" or "god of balance." We thought we made up the name Valdrin as well, but it turns out its an Albanian name that can be used for a male/female and it means a "wave" I believe.

When was the band formed? Can you tell a bit of the story?

The band was formed in late 2010, before that we were playing the same music under the name Dawn of Wolves but we decided to change the name due to us having a completely different line up than the original Dawn of Wolves. The name Valdrin was a natural choice as it is the name of the protagonist in our story. 

What are your lyrics about? Where do you get the inspiration for them?

The lyrics are conceptual and they deal with what we call the "Wolf Ausadjur Mythos." There is a manifesto on our FB page that introduces the concept and laws that govern the "Wolf Ausadjur Mythos" and sets up the listener/reader for the events that follow in the album "Beyond The Forest." It would take a long time to go into full detail about the events of the story. But in a very, very short summarization: it begins with the soul of Valdrin entering the underworld known as "The Orcus" (Latin:Underworld) after his earthly suicide. The events that follow involve Valdrin traversing the Orcus landscape and eventually finding a divine spiritual reason for his arrival in the Orcus realm. Its filled with many twists, turns and revelations that give the story a great flow, with a lot of action as well as mystery and suspense. The perfect way to begin what will eventually become a very lengthy chronology with many volumes (albums/novels)

(photo can be found on the band's facebook page)

How does the composing process works for you? What comes first, next…?

From my end, I compose songs by myself and record them. Usually, i'll program some basic drum parts based on my ideas of how the song should flow. After the music is recorded, I sit back and listen to it for a few days and let the music paint a picture in my mind. Words start to appear in my mind over certain parts and I just let the song tell me the story, if that makes sense. Concerning "Beyond The Forest," I really just wrote short stories about a character experiencing many trials and tribulations in a dark, foreboding underworld. Once I knew the album was done, I assembled the songs into a certain magical order and a story was formed. All the songs aligned together and I was able to see connections that I never knew were there. That was the moment when I knew that I must write a book to really get the full story out there. 

Nowadays I write music in a similar fashion but due to having Ryan on drums now, i'm able to write a lot with the band as we rehearse. Our new material is done in a much more collaborative way and the story has taken us into much darker realms as people will see in the music/lyrics of the next album.

Are you happy with the results and reaction of the public to your album Beyond the Forest?

Definitely, the reviews have been great, Blast Head Records has done good with getting it distributed well. Im very pleased that the album has reached out to so many people. It was an album forged in isolation and worked at for many years by the lineup at the time. So far, the reaction to the material live has been very positive. We've played a lot around the Ohio/Kentucky area, we are just building up our connections and getting ready to do a proper tour. I cant guarantee how soon this will be but its most definitely in the works.
What are your favourite artists? 

Well....to name some important artists that have influenced me: Bathory, Pink Floyd, Nobuo Uematsu, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Sarcofago, Sabbat (JAP), Destruction, Sodom, Windir, Dissection, Xasthur, Peste Noire, The Chasm, Order From Chaos, Voivod, Inquisition, Jeehun Hwang, Endless Dismal Moan, Sigh, Immortal, Blut Aus Nord, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Venom.....many more of course but those are certainly bands that have influenced me tremendously as an artist and as a person. These bands continue to inspire me to be unique and to defy the limitations that this trendy world creates.

(photo can be found on the band's facebook page)

Certainly people are waiting for some other release coming out at some point soon. Is there something on the way?

Yes indeed, we have begun recording a mini-album entitled "Two Carrion Talismans" it should be finished somewhere in mid 2015. We will see. We are constantly writing but unfortunately recording albums does take a lot of money. We won't let these things stop us though, we are very driven to record this hateful new sound we have. 

Cliché question now.  Bands don’t like to answer to this, but it is important and sometimes very interesting to know the opinion of some bands. How do you see the Black Metal scene nowadays?

By the sheer amount of people into this music, id say it only gets bigger every year. But as far as the amount of great bands, its simply nothing compared to what it used to be. Im just speaking from my perspective, being born in 92'. When I look back at all the innovation and ground breaking stuff that took place in extreme metal from the years 1981-1994 its just mind blowing. The amount of amazing bands putting out milestone records each year was just insane. In 1985 you could hear Hell Awaits, Seven Churches, The Return...., To Mega Therion, Infernal Overkill, Endless Pain, Power From Hell....all in the same year. Nowadays we wait 3-4 years for the new Inquisition, Portal, Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord...ect. Yes there are great albums that come out in between that and I cant say I know everything because I mostly stick to 80s/early 90s metal. However, I still feel that the bands I just named are some of the few that continue to innovate. Being innovative is the key, and maybe things will get better. There is definitely some cool bestial black/death stuff going on right now like Prosanctus Inferi and Perdition Temple, and there are more people into black/death metal then ever i'm sure. So its not all bad, we will see what the future holds!

Anything else you would like to add to this interview? Any message you would like to leave to everyone who is reading you, anything you would like to advertise?

Hails to our supporters worldwide! Hails to our fellow warriors in the Wolven Brotherhood! And thank you for the interview!

(photo can be found on the band's facebook page)

Line up:

Carter Hicks: Guitar/Synth Guitar/Vocals
James Lewis: Bass
Ryan Maurmeier: Drums

Review: Beyond the Forest (2013)

So here are a few words to share what Beyond The Forest means to Lachryma Christi. Let's not stand for the preconceived idea that good Black Metal can only come from Europe, more specifically from North Europe. It might have had roots there and so on, and obviously there are really good bands there, pioneers, masters!, but Lachryma Christi has been taken by surprise for a few American bands a few times already, and Valdrin is one of the best examples of that. Everything is good in there, they are great musicians, play their songs and instruments with so much dedication that you can even feel that sentiment when you listen to them. There are a few death metal influences in there, you can notice that by certain details, but is not very serious thing and sounds really cool in the whole thing. The voice is awesome too, full of power and emotion and keeps company to everything else in perfection. So much virtue, quality, pleasure in this record. Production is at the same level.

You can find more music and information of Valdrin here:


News: Pagan Records announces the reissue of SACRILEGIUM “Wicher”

The reissue of Wicher is coming out on the 10th of December. This new edition includes a remastered version of the original tracks plus one bonus track - almost 11 minutes opus Tam Gdzie Gasnie Dzien originally released on split Jesienne Szepty in 1996. 
It will be available in jewel-case CD and DIGIPACK both with 16 pages booklet with previously unreleased photos, new artwork and lyrics and double gatefold vinyl version coming in January 2015.

Release dates: 

2LP – JANUARY 20.2015              

Back to the future II: Interview with Hecate Enthroned (UK)

Back to the future: Interview with RooT (CZ)

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Back to the future: Review: Handful of Hate's album "To Perdition"


News: Inquisition

Black Metal band from America just announced they will be reissuing of their cult debut album Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult, which came out originally in 1998. It will be available on the 26th of January, through Season of Mist. Paolo Girardi just designed a brand new artwork for the same. Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult will be available in many formats, including vynil deluxe editions. You can pre-order it here:


Read more in:


Check out Fleshworld!

Post metal band from Poland. Good stuff, check out their bandcamp:


Loits - Internats (Estonian punk legend J.M.K.E. cover song)

Review: Askrinn's upcoming album "Hjørleifsljóð"

For those who don't know, Askrinn is a Pagan Black Metal band. They are releasing on the 14th of November a new album as a physical 60-copies limited CD edition. The album will be called Hjørleifsljóð.
Hjørleifsljóð is an adaptation of four chapters of an Icelandic saga written in the 14th century, called The Saga of Half or Hálfssaga, and the lyrics are in Old Norse. It also has cover of Bornholm.
With so much work, it is difficult for Lachryma Christi to go after new albums and bands, so it is good that bands like Askrinn make a first contact (here is hoping that the suggestion fits other bands) and share their stuff.
So Hjørleifsljóð. It is good, pleasant to hear. Without much artifacts and fashionable details, the songs are what they are. They are good. They are melodic, agressive, full of power and majesty. There is nothing very new there, but this is not the random ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta blast beat thing. It is much better, so much better than that. It sounds so suffered and deep, there is so much soul in it. Give it a go, you will be happy that you did.
It is also important to say that the artwork cover is fabulous too.

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News: Saille post videos of the making of "Eldritch"

As you know, Saille are releasing their new album on the 10th of November. You can actually find a review for the same here:

Below, there are the videos that the band posted, offering a insight into the recording process:

Drum Recordings

Piano Recordings

Guitar Recordings

Classical Instruments Recordings

Vocal Recordings

Read more in:


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News: Mayhem

Black Metal band from Norway Mayhem just announced their plans for US tour. Revenge and Watain will be joining them as you can check on the flyer below:

Read more in:

News: Inquisition and Shining to accompany Marduk

Inquisition and Shining were chosen to accompany Marduk on one leg of the band's tour in Australia and Japan. Please see flyer for information regarding dates and venues.

Read more in:


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Interview with Manimalism and review of their debut album

Tonight, Lachryma Christi has the pleasure to introduce you a very special band from Norway, called Manimalism. Who are Manimalism? Manimalism were found by Kim Sølve and three other members in 1992, but under a different name: Taarenes Vaar. By then they recorded two demos, and that was it. Now, 22 years later, they are back under the name Manimalism, to show the world how exceptional they are. Manimalism are releasing a new album in the next month, through Adversum. It is a self titled album. It is built from the demo tracks plus two other tracks, all written between 1993 and 1999. Lachryma Christi had the pleasure to interview Kim Sølve and ask a few questions about the rebirth of the band and about the album and the whole thing.
You will also find on the bottom of the page, a review for the album.

How did Taarenes Vaar turn into Manimalism. Why did that happen?

It is exactly the same band, just under a new name. When naming the band Taarenes Vaar early on I was writing the lyrics in Norwegian. I wanted to write lyrics in English and sought out a name that fitted more to my visions. The hunt for perfection is a never-ending one.
There were loads of changes, such as line up changes, would you like to tell us a bit of the story?
Manimalism was formed under the name Taarenes Vaar in 1992. We quickly evolved from crude Black Metal into something a little bit different, building more upon the musical heritage of Thorns than the melodic Metal that flourished at the time. We released one cassette demo in 1996 and one in 1997, both as Taarenes Vaar. We entered a studio to record our debut album but the recording was abandoned. Then followed years of chaos. Because of my total lack of will to compromise there have been members passing through the band and today I am the only one left from the four that founded it originally. The line-up is Petter ‘Plenum’ Berntsen (Virus, Audiopain) on bass, Bjeima (Yurei, Alfa Obscura) on drums, Joachim Svebo on vocals, Member 01 (The Konsortium) on vocals, and me on guitars. Since back then I have been dead set on releasing the album no matter what, and now the time has finally come. The album features the same tracks which appeared on the two demo cassettes along with two tracks written during the same period. So although the recording took place during the last 12 years, this is the very same album I wrote between 1993 and 1999.

How does it feel to be back after 22 years? Do you notice any difference in terms of public and in terms of what the public nowadays expects?

It is 22 years since the band was formed, and about 16 years since I was done writing the album, but it is still a long time. I have no clue what the public expects, and neither do I care. I want people out there to hear it, but the album is done very much for my own sake.

What does Manimalism mean for you? What is the message you want to share with us?

That is for the listener to figure out, don’t you think? I prefer to listen to music without a user manual. Make of Manimalism what you wish.

Where does your inspiration come from? Your music is quite different, original and special. What do you have in mind when you compose music and also lyrics?

Every creative being need to seek inside to get to know more about whom they are and what they need to do. I found dissonance and darkness inside me, and I felt immense pleasure in consuming abrasive and transgressive art already as a kid. So I wanted, or should I say needed to reflect that in my music. I needed to create, and at the time this album is what came out of it.

Manimalism are now releasing the first album. Anything you would like to say about it? It must be really exciting to put it out after so many years!

It feels good, very good. I am proud and I think the music is great and truly deserves this release. It seems people out there agree.

Any news about playing live?

I would like to play live, but it is not realistic at this point.

Any artists/bands Manimalism would like to share a studio or a stage with? Why that choice?

Perhaps Bryan Ferry. Or David Bowie. The rest are dead.

What else would you like to tell us? Anything you would like to advertise, or any last message to your followers for now?

Manimalism will be out through Adversum november 17. The vinyl is a deluxe product with either black or gold vinyl, gold and black print, and gold gutter print. All in all a very slick release worthy of both your dime and your time.

Line up:

Petter ‘Plenum’ Berntsen (Virus, Audiopain) on bass
Bjeima (Yurei, Alfa Obscura) on drums
Joachim Svebo on vocals, Member 01 (The Konsortium) on vocals
Kim Sølve on guitars

Review: Minimalism self-titled album

Lachryma Christi receives surprisingly good (and sometimes bad, but that's not important right now) music everyday. Minimalism was not only a good surprise, it was a ridiculous combination of strong emotions, these guys are really great! It is a shame to think that it took 22 years for them to record an album. And it is sad to know that Lachryma Christi never heard the demos before either. So what is Minimalism about? It is a very good mix of Black Metal with Doom Metal, if we can put it that way. Oh,and with a clean voice. Don't expect growls and screams, as it won't happen. The album has 7 tracks, all of them following the same line, but all of them very special and extraordinary. Even though the line up is not the original one, they really sound like a pack, like a whole. All is perfect, since the strange tones to the elaborated rhythms, and the voice is just so majestic... Difficult to put everything into words. Everything so together, so perfect, the guitars are very heavy and powerful, combining perfectly with the torrent of sounds and details of every other instrument. Voice reminds a bit of King Diamond at times, or even Papa Emeritus, or even Maniac. See? This is what Lachryma Christi means by being difficult to put into words. It is basically impossible to make comparisons, there is nothing that can be truly and fairly compared. Definitely one of the top ten Black Metal albums of 2014 for Lachryma Christi. Unique. Superb. Perfect.

You can find more music and information of Minimalism here:


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Review: Garden of Grief's upcoming album "Endstation"

Austrian Black Metal band Garden of Grief are planning to release their new album called Endstation next month through Winterblast Halls.
Anyway, for those who don't know, Garden of Grief is a one man band, and has been active since 2008. Endstation is their 5th full-lenght album.
The album has 8 tracks. First one is an intro, second one is the continuation and that when things happen. What things? Amazing things. Endstation is a good example of what good Black Metal is. So passionate, aaaaahhhhh, so good! The train sounds make it quite special as well.
It is a bit depressive, but so melodic and musical, so difficult not to like it. Third track is acoustic, and this is the only negative point of the album. Not because it is a acoustic track, but because the guitar seems to be out of tune almost in the end. There is a string that is not quite right. There are other acoustic things in the album but only on this track it is actually noticeable.
The whole album is an amazing journey though, Lachryma Christi is really pleased to know that some bands still have it on them. Boronian Sturmfels is such a great musician and Endstation is on the top 10 Black Metal albums of 2014 for Lachryma Christi.

Review: FEN's upcoming album "Carrion Skies"

British Progressive Black Metal band FEN are about to release a new album on the 24th of November, through Code666, called Carrion Skies.
Carrion Skies has six tracks. It is not as "post" Black Metal as previous album Dustwalker. It is indeed much heavier and harder and powerful. The Watcher is at his best with the voice. Everything sounds so great, so huge, so majestic, it is really good. Brings many emotions, but not the melancholic and almost sad ones that Dustwalker brought. Carrion Skies has more anger and fury on it. Sounds more epic as well with the background voices and with the acoustic moments, but mostly of the time it is much stronger and intense and more Black Metalish. Which shows that FEN are moving further and very well.
FEN are an amazing band, one of the best in the style, and it is always a pleasure to listen and review their work. But Carrion Skies is definitely one of the best albums of 2014 for Lachryma Christi, so full of good stuff. No doubt the trio is getting more and more professional and so close of perfection, and still has a lot to show us.

News: Hades Almighty

Catching everyone by surprise, Janto, bassist and frontman of Norwegian legendary band Hades Almighty just did a statement announcing that he is leaving the band, after 22 years. There is nothing wrong between the members of the band, the reasons for Janto to leave are personal.
For those who don't know, Hades Almighty formed in 1992 and recently announced that their contract with Dark Essence Records had been renewed. The band says that the fact that Janto is leaving doesn't mean the end of the band though, but a new beginning.

"Janto, The lead singer/bass player of HADES ALMIGHTY, has, after 22 years by our side, decided to leave the band permanently!

There is no bad blood between us, as we still are best of friends, and will continue being friends. This is a decision he made completely by himself.

Janto has been, and still is, a brilliant musician, bass player and composer, both musically and lyrically! It has been 22 years of great times, many, many inspirations in many ways. We salute you our brother in arms! More than two decades of dedication in The Horde of HADES is something to be proud of, and we salute the raven of war and crimes in music and friendship! HAIL!

We will continue working on the new album as planned and it is due to be finished in 2015.  The EP, which was due to be released at the end of 2014 will suffer some delay because of this matter, but nothing significant!

All shows are hereby cancelled, but we will of course return as soon as we have the opportunity!

This means that HADES ALMIGHTY is entering a new era, starting from this day forward! We would like to reach out to our followers, FANS, promoters, record label, booking agencies, and crew, for a  little understanding that our already booked shows, and future plans, will be delayed! We are honestly sorry for that, and we are already in the process of finding a replacement for Janto, but that alone is a long process, and surely not an easy one!!

Best regards from HADES ALMIGHTY
Jørn & Remi"

Regarding his reasons for departure Janto had this to say:

"It has not been an easy decision, but it has been made.

22 years have passed and it has been a bumpy ride,  but... a great one.  I would like to thank all our fans and supporters throughout the years. You have been loyal and fantastic.

I would also like to thank Jørn and Remi for all the good times in the rehearsal  studio, on the road and on stage.  I wish you all the best in your future work with HADES. 

You are my best friends.  My band days are over but our brotherhood remains !

Best wishes:

You can find more information here:

News: Blastfest (NOR)

Blastfest, which happens in Februray in Bergen, Norway, is expanding to 4 days, instead of 3 days only. You will be able to see bands like Gehenna, Hecate Enthroned, Primordial and other amazing bands.
See flyer for more info.

New Aural Music webstore

New Aural Music webstore was officially launched today.
Get ready for a great ammount of awesome music. As you know, the new albums of Fen and Saille are the main news in the label, so go there and have a look and you will find that and much more!


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Review: Sguaguarahchristis's latest album "Der Nacht"

Black Metal band Sguaguarahchristis released earlier this year an album called Der Nacht through This Winter Will Last Forever.
The band has formed only a few years ago, but they seem to know very well where they are heading to. They have a very personal style, very heavy.
There is not much melody, but much rawness in all of it. The voice is very aggressive, and sometimes the whole thing reminds a bit of Anaal Nathrakh for the noise and confusion. Good confusion.
When you listen to Der Nacht, you quickly realize that in fact the band has found a path and they are doing it well. Very loyal to their thing, all the album follows the same line. Dirty, raw, fast, heavy, full, powerful, great.
Give it a listen, you won't regret. Be ready for a good dose of adrenaline and a lot of "I want to see these guys live!" feeling.

Review: Morar's EP "Chants of Ossian"

Black Metal band Morar released last year a EP called Chants of Ossian through Nebular Winter Promotions. What to expect from this release? Expect a good dose of proper traditional Black Metal. As fast as it can be, as aggressive as it can be. The voice is high pitched as it should be, the beats are quite fast and furious. There are some very melodic almost acoustic parts that will leave you very surprised, as you are not really expecting it from the beginning. Production is good but raw enough. Chants of Ossian has five tracks. First one is like an introduction, a prologue. Is quite epic, really very good and powerful.
The other tracks follow the line but are more heavy and less "made in forest". 4th track Thy Fame is really great. It is amazing how this band can do both melodic and sad and melancholic things and also very aggressive and tortuous traditional Black Metal.
If it was an album, it would be in the top ten albums on 2014. Still, will be in the playlist for the week. Really really good stuff.

Review: Eternal Storm's EP "From the Ashes"

Last year, spanish band Eternal Storm released their EP called From the Ashes.
The band is not entirely Black Metal, so why review it? Could point a few reasons out, but let's keep to the obvious ones: they have hints of Black Metal on their music, and they are really good, so when the e-mail got in, Lachryma Christi couldn't say "no".
The band has been active since 2006, so it is actually quite strange that only recently they released something, since they sound so professional.
Lachryma Christi must warn you though, that they are more Death Metal. You can listen to many influences of popular bands such as At The Gates or In Flames. It is good, very professional, very commercial. The production is excellent.
From the Ashes has 8 tracks, two of them instrumental. It was indeed a good surprise. Really good stuff, very pleasant, very interesting and inspiring. Good vibes, very united, impressive.

Review: Enthroning Silence's album "Throned upon Ashes of Dusk"

Another Italian Black Metal band showing us their amazing stuff. Throned upon Ashes of Dusk was released last year through Dusktone last year. It is a very strong and sad work. The music is quite aggressive but in a sad way, touching the depression. It is good though, introspective, full of emotions, but dark ones. This album brings the remotest dark bits of your soul up. It is not easy to like it if you are not into this kind of thing. It is not the usual Black Metal music with all the blast beats and stuff. On the opposite it carries a lot of doom in it.
So if you like dragged repetitive guitars, where it is impossible to not get the point or the message, you will like it. Get ready for some anxiety and sense of despair. Throned upon Ashes of Dusk is definitely very very strong, impossible to stay indifferent to it.
It has six tracks, but all of them very complete, very majestic and full of emotions.

Review: Phobonoid's EP "Orbita"

Black Metal band from Italy Phobonoid released last year their first EP through Dusktone, and it is called Orbita.
This is one of the releases that has been in stand by since Lachryma Christi was forced to a break.
This EP is actually quite interesting. It is very doomish and melancholic, but also with it's strange Black Metal bits and influences.
So basically it has as much of Mysticum as it has of My Dying Bride. It has 8 tracks, all of them very heavy, very full of not only music but sounds. If you pay attention, there are loads of details that are worth to check. Don't expect much melody here though as there is not a lot. There are some more melodic riffs and bits, but in general there's more a lot of a experimentation and a very noisy environment. Someone said one day that noise is not necessarily a bad sound. This applies to here in perfection. There is good noise in Orbita. It is really strong, fills you up.
Honestly, if you haven't heard it yet, go for it. Another example of how great the Italian bands can be.

Back to the future II: Interview with Abigor (AUT)

Another interview that people have been reading recently:

Interview with Abigor (AUT)

Back to the future: Interview with Endstille (GER)

Interview with Endstille has been number one on the top ten of most viewed articles at Lachryma Christi. In the last few days it has been read many times again, so here it is, for some to remember, and for some to have the chance to have a look for first time.

Interview with Endstille (GER)

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Lachryma Christi's playlist for the week

Saille - Eldritch
Aesta - From Darkness to Light
Fen - Carrion Skies
Vreid - V
Marduk - Serpent Sermon
Bathory - Nordland II
Teasanna Satanna - Incertezas
Falkenbach - Asa
Windir - 1184
1349 - Hellfire

Back to the Future II: Interview with Mysticum (NOR)

And because this interview was also so popular today, here it is again. Enjoy!

Interview with Mysticum

Back to the future: Interview with Blacklodge (FR)

Since for some reason this interview has been so popular today, maybe it is a good idea to share it again, Maybe many more of you will find it interesting:

Interview with Blacklodge

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Mysticum - LSD (Planet Satan 2014 | Peaceville Records | HQ)

Review: Aesta's upcoming album "From Darkness To Light"

Austrian band Aesta are soon releasing a new album called From Darkness To Light. They call their style some sort of post Black Metal. Well, Lachryma Christi has to say that it is more Black Metal than anything else. And it is very good indeed!
So the album has 10 tracks which will provide you with loads of good things. Good vibes, good emotions, everything so powerful, melodic and catchy that it is just impossible to stop listening over and over again.
The voice is less Black Metal but matches it perfectly anyway. Quite strong and full.
Aesta were founded only three years ago and From Darkness To Light is only their first album, but these four men seem to be quite professional and as if they have been playing together since always.
The album has equilibrium, touch, musicality, entertaining and melodic bits, everything very tuned, very together, instrospective, melancholic even. It is difficult to name the best track as they are all so perfect.
So good to find so good kinda new bands (or to be found by them!), so good to see that there is in fact a future.
Very good stuff, they definitely know what they are doing and where they are going. 
Lachryma Christi is hoping they go far, as they are already one of the top ten albums of 2014.

Seth premiere new video for the song "One Ear to the Earth, One Eye on Heaven"

French Black Metal band Seth are now premiering in exclusive their new video for the song One Ear to the Earth, One Eye on Heaven.

You can watch it on one of the following media partners:

VS-Webzine (FR)
Rock Overdose (GR)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Metalitalia (IT)
Terrorizer (UK)

One Ear to the Earth, One Eye on Heaven was taken from the band's fifth full-length The Howling Spirit.
You can find it at Season of Mist shop here:


Or stream here:


Lachryma Christi is back on the radio!

So now that Lachryma Christi is back in full, there will be playlist for the week again, as well as radio show.
Feel free to inbox Lachryma Christi with suggestions for the days and times for the radio show. For now it will be every now and then (in the evening on some week days, until a fixed time is confirmed - London UK time, remember), but you will be informed a few hours before it happens, so keep an eye out!

For now, let's start right now:

Lachryma Christi radio

Remember, it is not a previously saved playlist playing, it is actually someone playing the songs as they come to mind, so you can as well suggest songs.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Dementia Senex's EP "Heartworm"

Dementia Senex are not entirely Lachryma Christi's thing, just so you know. They are from Italy and they released the EP Heartworm last year. Recently the band contacted Lachryma Christi and yeah, even though they are not properly Black Metal, Heartworm is worth a review. Why? Because they have some post Black Metal influences and because they are actually good. The voice is more death metal, hardcorish at times. But musically you can find the doomy bits that are so characteristic of the Post Rock and Post Black Metal stuff. Even though the "post this", "post that" are still strange definitions for any music.
Anyway, other highlights of this release: The music sounds professional. The music has quality. The production is very good. It has enough heaviness, enough brutality, enough melody,enough variety, enough a bit of everything to make it really good. Another band from Italy that is worth to check. No space for disappointment here.

Review: Dawn of Ruin's demo "Poço da Infâmia"

For those who don't know, Dawn of Ruin were not always Dawn of Ruin. They had two different names (Ekhidna and later on Tetraplegic God) and on 2007 they finally became Dawn of Ruin. And this is their first demo since then. It is called Poço da Infâmia and came out in June 2014.
It was a good surprise when Lachryma Christi heard the demo. It is quite a long one, with 8 tracks (five studio, three live). What to say about Poço da Infâmia? The band is Portuguese, and you can actually hear them singing in Portuguese which is a good thing. It may seem to be silly since Portuguese is not one of the languages people speak the most, but it is always good for any band to have at least some tracks in their own language. That is a valuable thing and doesn't happen all the time.
Well, Poço da Infâmia brings back some memories from the Black Metal that was being played in the late 90's, and which seems to have disappeared almost completely from the face of the earth, sadly. There are still some bands doing it but not as many. It was a good era. It actually reminds other Portuguese bands of that time.
Every track is quite heavy and has a bit of a raw sound. It is also very bassy, You can find fast bits, doomish bits, thrashy bits, it is quite good. Not mixed as if they don't know what there doing, but on the opposite, it is a good variety that manages to blend and become great music in the end.
You can understand they are experienced musicians, very together, loads of complicity going on. Very entertaining in a good way, very good indeed.
The only negative bit: Since the production is not at its best, the voice could be a tiny bit lower as in volume. Apart from that, it is great.

Review: Saille's upcoming album "Eldritch"

As you know, the last album of Saille, Ritu, was the number one of the top 10 Black Metal albums for Lachryma Christi in 2013. So obviously Lachryma Christi has been waiting for the new album with antecipation.
Once again, Saille will figure on the top 10, this time for 2014, with Eldritch which is coming out on the 10th of November 2014 through Code666.
Eldritch has a very impressive artwork cover, really majestic image as you have the opportunity to check below.
It has 9 tracks, all of them very powerful and full of good stuff.
It is important to mention though, that this time the factor surprise wasn't as present as before. With Ritu every song was like "oh wow!". Listening to Eldritch is still a great experiment, but not as fantastic and a bit confusing. Doesn't flow as naturally. And it is with great sadness that Lachryma Christi shares this point. But it is maybe more brutal, stronger, with more details that were not in Ritu. If you pay attention, even in the fastest drum bits you can hear very subtle "noises" and blip sounds behind everything, that make each track only more special and different.
You can hear some similarities to some things that have been being used in bands such as Vreid, or even Dimmu Borgir (yeah, two very different bands, but once you listen to the album you will understand this, as it is made of very different melodies and sounds and stuff).
But in general Eldritch is still a very original release, full of greatness. You won't regret waiting another two months to hear this. It is very compensating once you actually manage to listen the whole thing through.