Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: Dordeduh's album "Dar De Duh"

Dordeduh released their album Dar De Duh on the 28th of September 2012. For those who don't know, Dordeduh is a band born in 2009 after Hupogrammos and Sol Faur left the romanian band Negură Bunget.
They first released an EP called Valea Omului in 2010, and now they just released the new album Dar De Duh through Prophecy Productions.
Regarding artwork, it shows us a brownish nature image that looks like wood or cork with the word Dordeduh carved in the center in a circle.
Regarding music, it sounds much like Negură Bunget.
The album consists of eight tracks. These tracks explore in varied backgrounds the meaning and symbolism of the number seven. It is a very introspective album, very atmospheric, very intense and even very aggressive at parts.
It's not easy to describe it if you are not listening along to know exactly what is described here, as it sounds so improvised at times. You can't just make up your mind about what you think of this album if you listen to one song only, because every song is a different experience.
It starts with a song called Jind de Tronuri that after 2:43 minutes of dark introduction explodes into the very strong and unexpected first trip of the album, but not without in between you hear the words "Și primul dar a fost tăcere" (or close enough!) which is Romanian for "The first gift was silence".
From song to song there is always a kind of passage, dreamy, sometimes scary, spiritual, ghostly, natural, beautiful. 
E-an-na is probably the quietest song in the album, very dark and acoustic with clean voices.
Last song Dojană sounds almost like an hymn, very ritualistic and shamanic.
But the most remarkable song for Lachryma Christi in this album is Flăcărarii, the second track. It's very powerful, very strong, majestic, pure, proper pagan (or atmospheric folk) Black Metal with a touch of progressiveness. Keyboards play an essential role in here as well. Actually keyboards are present in all album, especially in unexpected passages, but it is very especial in this track.
Lachryma Christi had the pleasure of seeing Dordeduh live in the past 1st of October, and honestly speaking, doesn't work as well as listening to the studio version. Studio version is really emotional, it's not easy to keep that level live. It was a good show though.

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