Thursday, June 13, 2019

Helheim release video for title track of their latest album Rignir

Norwegian band Helheim released an album called Rignir recently.

They released now as well the video for the title track of the album, and you may watch it here:

Helheim will be playing live on the following events:

16 Aug: Flytten, Haugesund, Norway (with SLEGEST & ACÂRASH)
09 Nov: Unholy Congregation Pt II, De Qubus, Oudenaarde, Belgium

Abbath release title track of their upcoming album

Norwegian Black Metal band Abbath are releasing a new album on the 5th of July, called Outstrider.

They just released the third track from the same. It is the title track.

You can now listen to it here:

Serene Dark release new single of their upcoming album

Black Death Metal band from Canada, Serene Dark, will be releasing a new album later this year.

In the meanwhile, they released a single, of a song that will be on that same album.

This song is called Where Time Drawns Still, and you may watch the video for it here:

Carach Angren started their European tour on the 9th of June!

Horror Metal band Carach Angren started their Europen tour with Wolfheart, Thy Antichrist and Nevalra on the 9th of June.

You can read an interview with Carach Angren here:

Lachryma Christi will be in one of the shows in Portugal next weekend. So you may expect a review too afterwards!

United States Black Metal band Pestis Inferos release new track of debut EP

Black Metal band from United States, Pestis Inferos, are releasing their debut EP on the 24th of June called Beyhond the Veil of Light.

The EP has five tracks, and they are releasing now one of them, called Within the Darkness, I Dwell, and you can stream it here:

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Review to D Aphelium latest album Profetian om Dygden och Plikten

For those who are not aware, D Aphelium is a one man band from Sweden. This man is Daniel Seestrand. Lachryma Christi wasn't aware either, until an email was dropped on the inbox yesterday, with the album.
So this is the second album of the band. Lachryma Christi in the meanwhile had the chance to hear both, the previous one (Sprungen Ur Lust, 2017) and the most recent one, Profetian om Dygden och Plikten, that just came out in May.
Profetian om Dygden och Plikten seems to be more deep and profound. It is a very strong album, with as much of rawness as of catchiness. The songs really stay in your ears and head for a while, and when you notice, when you are doing some chores in the house, you are actually singing and whistling the melodies you have previously heard on this album.
It is quite a pleasant album to listen to.
It is difficult to tell what's the most remarkable song, since the album is all in the same line. 
It has 6 tracks of more melodic than not Black Metal. Very powerful, and besides the "normal" instruments it also has piano, which is something we still hear but not as often. And the piano is the responsible for (not only but mostly) the most melodic and melancholic melodies in the album.
Sweden is one of the countries where Black Metal is very well done and D Aphelium is a great example of this.
The cover of the album is fantastic as well, taking us to some very dark place in our imaginary.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Review to Mork recent album "Det Svarte Jut"

For those who don't know, Mork is a one man band from Norway, which released a new album on the 19th of April this year, called Det Svarte Juv.
Why is it so difficult (for me) to review this album? Because it is marvelous and extremely emotional.
First time I heard it, it jumped automatically to the top 10 best albums of 2019. No doubt. Didn't even have to listen to the whole thing to know that.
However, after each song, I was thinking "maybe this song is my favorite", but then there's other better and other even better. So much that the climax here, for Lachryma Christi is the last track, that has same name as the album, Det Svarte Jut.
Starting from the beginning, the first track has a intro of around 37 seconds of a very mysterious and spooky cello. Then it opens into some very full of rage music.
This album is different from the others of Mork. The others were also very good, but in a more raw line.
Det Svarte Juv is different. It has not only the raw and agressive side of the music, but as well the groovy bits, the more heavy and slow bits, the more catchy bits and riffs. It is full of agressiveness and also full of melody. Some of the most beautiful melodies that Lachryma Christi has heard in all these years.
There's angry dragged growling voice, but also a clean and very passionate voice.
Bass is one of of the most interesting details to pay attention to.
You can tell there's anger, there's coldness, there's pain, there's passion, and it's impossible not to feel all those emotions as well. Each time listening to this album is more pleasant than the previous one, which makes it very hard to stop and go listening to something else.
Thomas Eriksen is an extremely talented musician and you can tell he put his soul on this album.
Let's just hope future albums are like this as well!
Lachryma Christi has been delaying doing this review because it's so difficult to put all this into words. However, it's selfish not to share.
So please, listen to it. As soon as possible.