Thursday, May 14, 2020

Interview with Agvirre (UK)

Greetings! Today Lachryma Christi brings you an interview with a very talented Post Black Metal band from Manchester, UK.
Agvirre started as a studio project but delevoped into a band that play live too.
They started working together in 2018 but only in 2019 they shared their music with the world for the first time.
Agvirre songs speak a lot about mental problems and disappointment, among other things, but with the intention of bringing a message of hope, which is very important and different, and needed. Not only in general, but now as the pandemics is going around and some people are having a difficult time.
Frenchie gave Lachryma Christi a very interesting interview about this and other matters, so let's keep reading!

What does Agvirre mean as the name for the band? Who came up with the idea?

The name derives from the 1972 Werner Herzog movie Aguirre, The Wrath Of God, which was our original name, but we shortened it. The film stars Klaus Kinski as Aguirre, who leads a band of pilgrims on this chaotic journey to find El Dorado, the fabled city of gold. The film really struck me as it has quite a black metal aesthetic, but also it feels like a metaphor for life. We're all on this strange journey together, blindly searching for something we don't even know is real...

Online it says Agvirre started in 2018, is that correct? How did it start? Want to tell us a bit of the story?

Agvirre began as a result of a sad time in my personal life. I'd been really struggling with depression, but I felt determined not to be overcome by these feelings and focused my energy into writing songs, which would eventually be the basis for the Silence EP. Pouring my energy into something creative really helped me overcome that period of depression.

Yes we officially formed in 2018, but we didn't release any music to the public until 2019, so most of 2018 was spent writing music and assembling musicians. Me and Ricardo originally conceived Agvirre as a studio only project, but somewhere along the line of recording home demos, we felt that these songs were really special and deserved to be performed live and recorded in a proper studio.

What are your main influences?

Films in general, especially horror films... Too much music to name. Me and Ricardo work part time in a record store, and a bunch of us bring influences from all sorts of music genres, so nailing it down would be tough.

Our biggest influence comes from within... Mental health awareness and channelling the struggles of everyday life such as depression, stress, anxiety, grief, broken relationships and turning those feelings and experiences into something creative and cathartic. 

What are your lyrics usually about?

The entire lyrical concept of the Silence EP revolves around the feelings and effects of living with anxiety and depression. To be more specific, 'Muzzle & Mask' is about how people who may be feeling awful on the inside are still faced with putting on a happy face and facing their friends, families and colleagues because they might not have the courage to speak out about the woes they are really going through.

'Abandonment' is about a mixture of things; the fallout of a broken relationship, as well as feeling let down by people you cared about. Then trying to deal with the fallout once those people are gone from your life, and the pain and sad memories that can bring to you.

Maybe this will sound like a lot of doom and gloom, but our goal is to preach a message of hope. We want to connect with other people who may be struggling and let them know that no matter how much inner pain and sadness they might be going through, these feelings can be overcome and that it's okay to be going through a bad time. 

You play a very powerful post - black metal music. Was that the idea since the beginning? Is that how you define the type of music you play?

Yes I think post-black metal seems to be the most apt way to describe our sound, but we also bring in elements of post-rock, shoegaze and noise rock, we believe. We use strings, synths and spoken word samples in our music, so hopefully we add something a little different to our peers. Incorporating black metal riffs came very naturally, because me and Ricardo are such big fans of black metal. But because we also like progressive music and electronic music, it felt natural for these songs to weave in and out of different styles to hopefully make them more exciting and diverse. 

So far, you have released two singles (2019) and one EP (2020). When can we expect an album coming out?

The wheels are certainly in motion. We have quite a few new songs that we have written and recorded rough demos for and there are definitely ideas brewing for how a full length album might sound and what the lyrical themes will be about. But we aren't in a huge rush either, especially with the advent of the Corona-Virus putting our lives on hold.

Once we get the all clear and can go back out and socialise again, our plan is to get back into the swing of playing live, and then in the background we can keep refining new songs and possibly try them out in a live setting. We were all very proud and pleased with how well the Silence EP has been received, so we aren't quite ready to let go of those songs just yet. We hope we can bring them to more stages, especially in Portugal where our guitarist Ricardo is from! 

We all are, at the moment, stuck at home due to this pandemics going on. Do you do any sort of rehearsals online or so? How does this phase work for you as band?

Life is really on pause for us all. We still talk to each other almost daily, so life as a band hasn't completely stopped. I've been playing a lot of acoustic guitar and Ricardo has been working on some home demos. Our bassist David just posted our drummer Badger an electric kit so that he can keep practising from home and our violinist Robin has been recording her solo project Run Remedy from her living room.

I think the first band practice together once we get the all clear will be very special, I can't wait for that. After all this chaos, it's very important that we don't take anything for granted and that we all take more risks in life and go on more adventures. It's good to turn the bad days into something positive and creative. 

Is there any artist you would like to work or share a stage with?

Oooh that is a very tough question! I bet each of us could give you a whole list of 100 names. I've asked the whole band and here are some of our choices:

Cannibal Corpse, John Carpenter, Carpenter Brut, Converge, Enslaved, Ghost, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hidden Mothers, Cat Le Bon, Ministry, Neurosis, Panopticon, Pijn, Jo Quail, Shpongle, Wolves In the Throne Room, Hans Zimmer.

If any of these artists are reading then please drop us an email, yeah!?

Agvirre is a different band, that brought some fresh air to this industry. This fresh air was much needed. What do you have to say to people starting bands right now?

Thank you very much that's a really lovely thing to say! We encourage everyone to get out there and start a band, especially once this pandemic is over. If you play an instrument or have always wanted to, now is the time to learn and make something happen. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us and your followers?

We would absolutely love to come and play Portugal as soon as we can! Thank you for this wonderful interview and we just want everyone to stay safe, healthy and hygienic. Follow the government guidelines. If you are struggling with your own mental health, please reach out to a loved one, or consult a mental health professional or even just drop us an email. You are not alone.

Check more info about Agvuirre here:

And if you are in any of the bands that they would like to play with, please reach out, send them a message! ;)

Photo credit: Christian Manthey

Thursday, January 30, 2020

News: Nero or the Fall of Rome: Album release date and official teaser 2020

Inspired by the ancient roman history, neronian age and old school metal, the Italian doom/black/epic act Nero or the Fall of Rome has completed the work on the first album. ‘Beneath the Swaying Fronds of Elysian Fields’ will be released 27th April 2020 via Naturmacht Productions.
Here you find the album teaser:
Band and Label links:
Naturmacht Productions:
Naturmacht Productions Shop:

Review to Agvirre debut EP Silence

Long time no see, that's true! Busy times, professionally. However, still find the time every now and then.
Today, what does Lachryma Christi bring you? The review for the debut EP of Manchester act Agvirre, called Silence, which came out on the 24th of January.
So, what do we have here? We have a group of very talented people who play magnific music. And man, this was an awesome surprise.
They say they are a post-black metal band, but in my humble opinion, there's not much of post in there. There are a lot of other influences and you can even listen to violins in there, and very catchy bits, but it still sounds as black metal to me.
Instrumentally, there is a mix of black metal music and vocals, with synths, also  with some classical influences.
Silence has three songs. I like to listen to the stuff before I read any description about it. When I heard the first track (which is full of undescribable voices and sounds), I thought: this must be what someone very confused and disturbed and desperate must feel inside their minds.
Turns out that Silence is about struggling with mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, etc. So looks like these lads just did their job perfectly.
The other tracks are more melodic, longer, full of emotional melodic music, as well as very angry and fast blackened metal music, and very disturbed and disturbing (in a good way) also blackened vocals.
The synths and the strings add the perfect amount of catchiness as well as drama and obviously more pain. There were times I wanted to cry my emotions out while listening to it, because it is so bloody good. Very introspective and emotional (I know I'm repeating myself). Brings everything out.
Give it a go.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Review to Hecate Enthroned + Grievance + Invoke @ RCA Lisbon (PT)

On the 25th of October, Lachryma Christi went to see this great show.
Was a very good night in fact.
So to start with, first band who played was Invoke. Invoke is a Portuguese Black Metal band which Lachryma Christi has seen live before (you may find the review on the archives of this page) in the beginning of the year.

Sadly, this time, the show was a lot shorter and the sound wasn't as great. Was a bit too muffled, which made it difficult to understand the music properly. There were some line up changes recently, so Lachryma Christi was very curious to see the band playing again but with the new line up. But the sound didn't help.
Hopefully next time will be better. Was still a good time and although the place wasn't full, it seemed like everyone had a good time.

After Invoke it was the turn of Grievance. It was a good surprise. Lachryma Christi hasn't heard them before, not even at home, and it was a good show. Sound quality was better when they played. So they played a very traditional old school black metal with the rawness that it implies. Their looks were cliche, but appropriate.

The singer had a corpse paint that reminded Euronymous' one and guitarist had a corpse paint that reminded Abbath's one. There were lots of spikes and the singer even had nail spikes as we used to see more in the olden days.

There was a lot of feel. The lyrics were mostly in Portuguese (as far as I could understand) and there were people singing along.
It was a very interesting show, one of those we don't see that often anymore, especially in Portugal, and it is a band to follow for the future. If you haven't heard yet, give it a go.

Then came the headliners, Hecate Enthroned, Black Metal band from UK.

This was the most awaited band of the night. Many of us have known Hecate Enthroned for around 20 years, but without the chance to see them live.
The show started with the intro and first song of their most recent album, Embrace of the Godless Aeon, and then was followed by other new and also old songs.

When I say old, I mean classic. It was a very emotional show, with everyone singing, and the band seemed to be pleased as well. Not only for the reaction of the public, but also for the fact of being there. After all, it took too long for this show to happen.

They mentioned that the show in Lisbon was one of the highlights of the tour, and that is also something that the crowd obviously enjoys to hear. So everyone was happy and pleased in the end.

It was a great night. I just feel sorry that I haven't seen Hecate Enthroned before, but it was worth the wait!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

KVÖL release exclusive song on Halloween

Black Metal band KVÖL are releasing a new exclusive track today, Halloween day.  It is called The Aleph and you can listen to it here:

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rotting Christ just started an European tour with Moonspell

Greek black metal band Rotting Christ just started on the 24th of October an European tour with the Portuguese band Moonspell.

You can check the dates below:

Gaerea stream new live video for song Whispers

Black Metal band Gaerea just released a new  live video for the song Whispers, and you can watch it here:

For those who don't know, Gaerea signed with Season of Mist recently.

The band is starting a new European tour soon. You can find the dates below: