Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with IRAE (POR)

IRAE is a one man project. This man is Vulturius, he is from Portugal, and IRAE is the result of his beliefs in Satan, his hate for human kind and his individualism. 

Sources say that the project IRAE was born in 2002. How do you see these ten years of existence in the Black Metal scene? Do you think that the public's tendencies remain the same?

Yes, musically IRAE was born in 2002 even though the idea has been following me since my early days on the scene, more specifically in September '95 when I adopted the name Vulturius and started playing bass guitar and formed my first band.
Thanks to some elements that did not pass the test rooms and many hours of discussion due to differences of ideals as lyrical or musical lifestyle, it was always like that until '98 when I joined Flagellum Dei and in 2000 when i joined Storm Legion and in 2001 as well when I joined Morte Incandescente and other projects. Then, finally, I started feeling fulfilled playing what I really liked. Besides that, I have been collecting riffs and ideas that I did not use on these same bands and over the time I learned how to play guitar by myself as well as recording and programming drums in a drum machine that I was given from a longstanding project in the 90's. When I realised, I was home creating something myself. That's how IRAE was born: an impulse born of hate and anger created by my individualism.
I do not know, have no opinion about it [public tendencies]. I only do what pleases me and I will not change it because of new trends. Fuck that. IRAE's journey is set since a long time ago. As a member of the public, it's funny to see how there are always "hypes" and "hypsters" appearing and when fever starts fading away they disappear and I'm still here doing what I always did with this band of one element.

Why a project with session musicians, and not a band?

I already had some bands and my own solo shit was missing.

Do you follow any religion such as Satanism?

I follow callings and follow my inner thoughts and not cults, I find Satan as the opponent of all other religions, freedom, strength and energy.
I want the total annihilation of mankind.

What are the bands that have been more remarkable for you over your career as a musician and as a lover of Black Metal?

I've heard and I listen a lot of stuff. Regarding Black Metal it has always been Burzum and Judas Iscariot. After those there were Emperor, when "Wrath of the Tyrant" came out, and Moonblood. There are more but now I mainly recall these.

(Photo is courtesy of Vulturius)

What's your opinion about the evolution of Black Metal underground scene in Portugal? What are the bands in your opinion that more faithfully express the spirit of Black Metal?

There are many bands and good quality but very few practice pure and genuine Black Metal because they also have other influences as a basis. Some of my favorites are Grave, Mons Veneris, Onirik, Scarificare.

What is the essence of IRAE? What are the main themes focused in the lyrics, and what is the main idea you wish to pass on?

The essence or IRAE is the essence of Satan, hate and thirst for destruction of all that man has built.

How did the idea of SPLIT with War Cult Supremacy came out? How has the public reaction been?

I know Abaddon from some time and he showed me a theme of his new project. I liked it and agreed to do it in split this year. Also made ​​a split CD with Velório and both are running very well. Had good reviews even though I don't give a shit about it. It will not change anything in the way things are.

After three releases in 2012 (a demo and two splits - please correct me if I am mistaken),do  you intend to launch some more work this year? For when a new album?

IRAE - Seven Hatred Manifestos (protape Skull Prods)
Velório  / IRAE - Deceiver's Light (CD Nekrogoat Heresy)
War Cult Supremacy / IRAE - Total Damnation (protape Signal-Rex)

It is planned to be released an edition in vinyl 12 inch and another one in CD of IRAE - To Those Who Stand... Evil Prevails, which is a pack containing the demo In The Veins of Satan and the demo Seven Hatred Manifestos.
It is also planned to be released IRAE - Ten Years of Satanic Madness. 13/14 tracks re-recorded from these first ten 10 years of existence, with the participation of the current session drummer. There are more guests such as Angel-O as bassist, Nefastus (ex-Flagellum Dei), Nocturnus Horrendus, etc.
And there is also planned to be released IRAE- Satan's Eclipse, in 7 inch.

Any message you want to leave to the readers of Lachryma Christi?

Fuck yourselves.

Latest Release:

Total Damnation (Split with War Cult Supremacy)  

You can find more information and music of IRAE on the following website:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

News: Mayhem

Five years later, Mayhem are currently working on material for new album.

Necrobutcher was interviewed on Total Rock Radio and he made it clear that they are actually working on new material but that it may take a while until it comes out, as the members of Mayhem have side projects, so they keep being busy and it's hard to get the right inspiration.

Still, sounds like they are having a blast at the moment, and all we can do is wait and see! 

Sadly, Mayhem's website is under construction, but you can always read more about them here:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News: Gorgoroth

From today on you should expect news at Lachryma Christi webzine, and not only interviews and reviews.

So to start with, news came out that Infernus fired Pest from Gorgoroth. Pest will not even sing on their tour in Latin America, being replaced as a vocalist by Hoest of Taake since September.
As for next album, Atterigner, of the band Triumfall will handle the task as vocalist.

Read more in:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview with ABIGOR (AUT)

ABIGOR. The Black Metal band from Austria that don't play live. The band that stopped giving interviews a while ago. Lachryma Christi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Peter Kubik. Being one of the most appreciated bands by Black Metal followers all around the world and with almost 20 years of existence, they still play their Black Metal "straight to the bone". 

Starting with a cliché question, but not less important than any of the others: Is the name Abigor related to Abigor the demon of war?

It is. ABIGOR is the demon of war, suitable for our art since 1993.

After almost 20 years of career, how do Abigor see the blackmetal scene around the world? Are there any improvements?

None of us is involved with the so-called “scene” anymore. We’ve a few contact around the world, but mainly our personal life, religious believes and what we create with ABIGOR is of importance. 
Of course there’ve been improvements, mainly from the early 90’s to 2000 was an enormous increase. Now days the entire genre is dying, just a download system of pure mp3 sounds and superficial internet based info-systems, just it’s doomed to fail in my opinion. 
Even a few die-hard fans and collectors still buy and love exquisite releases, but 90% are part of the mass consumer society that gives a shit on Satanic art and it’s true meaning. That’s how I see the “scene”, this is the cold truth.

 Do you really follow Satanism?

Yes. It’s a religious believe, deeply rooted to the Underworld and magic.

What are the main inspirations for your music in general?

ABIGOR is Black-Metal straight to the bone, therefore it’s all highly inspired by the satanic concept and the worship for Him. Black-Metal is the musical aspect of our believes, there’re different sources of inspiration in that case at least.

 How do you see the black metal scene in Austria properly?

As said, none of us is really involved with the scene anymore. I know a few of the “old” bands, but that’s it.

Are any of Abigor members working actively on any side projects at the moment?


What does the corpsepaint mean for you?

Corpsepaint is a transformation, the awakening of the demon within. Sometimes we use/used it for the mental transformation, but time changes, individuals grow, mentally any physically, the demon still lives within us, with or without corpsepaint.

How does the songwriting process happen in Abigor?

It’s the chaos-theory. I write songs/riffs/parts/loops, TT writes some stuff, then there’re edits, changes, reconstructions, new versions. Each of does what he wants, whenever he wants, we work separated, from time to time we change files or meet, and then the song rises, that’s the secret behind it.

Why the decision of spliting up after 10 years? There are a few versions of the story, hard to know exactly what happened...

TT’s departure somewhere from 2000-2004 was a reason for it, the rising problems with NAPALM at this time, my personal decision of ending it all up too. Different reasons that fucked me up to the wrong time, that was the reason for it. There’ve been time for a split, time for a break, nothing I regret at least.

 What do Abigor think of internet role in black metal? Do you think people still keep buying many records?

The sell rates are falling into the nowhere, all other stories are lies. People download songs they like, in fucked up YouTube quality, or the steal it from other download platforms. No one cares about an entire album; the concept behind it, the product as entire piece of art (music/message/layout), as said, our world is so superficial, but we should see the advantage behind that, it’ll sooner all collapse and fall into the void.

What was the album that gave more pleasure to record?

Seen from my point of view it’s was “Time…”, even it was completely misunderstood, but it’s the record that offers the most dark, and most complex songs we ever did. It’s a difficult records that needs time, but it offers so fucking much.

What can Abigor followers expect in the near future?

I don’t know, new ideas are finished, we’re looking for a new label too, nothing is fixed yet.

Anything you want to add that could be of interest to fans of Abigor and of black metal in general?

Check out  for the only official infos.

P.K. - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
T.T. - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
A.R. - Vocals

Latest release:

Quintessence (2012)

You can find more information and music of Abigor on:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Interview with Endstille (GER)

War. That's the watchword for Endstille, the German Black Metal band who claim to play “Ugly, aggressive black metal with the fire speed of a MG42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery” and who, after years, managed to get rid of the "right-winged band" label. They are currently working on their new album, which is supposed to be released in 2013.  Keep reading, if you are interested in reading the last interview answered by Mayhemic Destructor.

This has been, so far, the hardest research Lachryma Christi ever did about a band. Why is it so hard to find information about Endstille?

Wow, is it? I don’t know why it’s so hard to find some information. Probably this is due to the language. I think most information about us you’ll find is in German…

How did Endstille start?

Endstille was founded in December 2000. Cruor and Iblis were from the Band Octoria, and L.Wachtfels and me from TAUTHR. So we founded the Band Endstille. It was L.Wachtfels’ idea to name the Band Endstille.

Could you explain a bit better the “Ugly, aggressive black metal with the fire speed of a MG42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery” concept?

When we started we had, and still have, a conceptual background in war. The question rose how to describe our own music. Finally we had the idea with the fire rate/speed of the MG42 and the power of heavy ship artillery. I think it describes our music perfectly!

From your point of view, what else can we find in your lyrics, besides war?

A lot of personal things and some stuff about religion, I think. But in the end, every song has to do with any kind of “war”.

How hard as it been to convince people that you don’t follow any right-extreme tendencies?

Well, this took years. Especially in Germany the people are really getting suspicious when you have an artwork based on war themes… Well, for these peoples we just had to be right-winged. After many discussions and clear statements by now everybody knows, that we are not a political band for sure.

What is your favorite release of Endstille?

For me it is “Dominanz” and the last one “Infektion 1813”.

How do you see the black metal scene nowadays, especially with influence of internet and everything?

What kind of scene? There is a scene? I don’t care about this “scene shit”. We do what we want and do belong to a scene. I don’t belong to a scene. But there are some really good bands, and lot of shit. But this is my personal point of view.

What are your musical influences?

Hmmm…. I think bands like Celtic Frost, Voivod, old Gorgoroth, old Katatonia…

What was your most enjoyable gig so far? Wacken 2009 was pretty good!

There were a lot of fantastic shows. Dresden 2007 with Totenmond was a blast! And yes, again Wacken 2009 was a really good show.

What are the plans for Endstille for the near future?

Right now we are working on new material for a new CD, hopefully to be released in 2013… surprise, surprise… But we also want to play lot of live shows in Europe and hopefully again in Central America. We will see!

Zingultus - Vocals (Agitator)
Mayhemic Destructor - Drums (Artillerie)
Cruor - Bass (Bombenhagel)
Lars Wachtfels - Guitars (Sturmgeschütz)

Latest release:

Infektion 1813 (2011)

You can find more information and music of Endstille on:

Special thanks to Gunnar Sauermann and to Season of Mist 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Interview with Abgott (UK)

Abgott started their course in Italy, and are now based in London, UK. Playing a very technical and progressive Black Metal, they have released their latest album in 2009, Godfather in Black. They will be playing their exclusive gig for the year 2012, by Halloween, on the 27th of October in London. So if you are a fan, don't miss it. Lachryma Christi had the opportunity to interview Agamoth about these and other subjects.

Not wanting to lack on creativity, where did the name Abgott come from?

Abgott comes from the German term for: Idol, but also it has several different meanings:
Serpent or variation in the family of Vipers, Absence of God, Gods that has been dethroned , i.e. Wotan/Odin was considered an Abgott when the Christianity was spread across the German borders. Ab- stands for negation / Gott stands for God... so it has a large spectrum of meanings.

How did the band start?

1997, it started in an abandoned Slaughter house in South Italy. Since early nineties, I was in contact with several ppl of the extreme scene, back then, given I had my little distro, so I used to exchange cassettes, demos and the early cds... till I started receiving, what later was going to be defined as Black Metal and my appreciation of Metal got new dimensions. Abgott started with no much pretensions nor expectation, but for rebellion. Of course as anything, in a remote country, the project wasn’t working there so, after recording a demo few splits and a debut album, I moved to London, in 2001, and here is where I found far more fortune, so I released 3 albums “Fizala”, “Artefact of Madness” and “Godfather in Black”, alongside with several compilations and lots of tours.

What does fascinate you the most about black metal? What do you dislike the most about it?

I guess I can answer both the questions at once, by saying: I used to love its extremism and mostly the fact that anyone could play it the way they felt it and wanted, without being judged or condemned if you would not sound like "this" or "that" band... obviously, we all know that it did not stay that way for too long, till it turned into something of public domain... hence, everyone started to copy "this" or "that" band, losing entirely the meaning that was hidden behind it, in the first place. 

Since you have lived and experienced the black metal scene in Italy, how do you describe it?

It used to be truly bad and it went from bad to worst, bands are clones of clones of the early 90's Scandinavian bands. Totally lack of personality and with an ego bigger then the planet itself. Hence, they price themselves to sound like "true" BM bands, because they are "like this or that band"...

(Photo by Ester Segarra)

There have been quite a few changes in Abgott line up through the time. Can you tell us a bit of the story?

Simple, I work with musicians that are valid, until they are committed to work with the project and mostly I work with ppl that do not waste my time... once a musician starts to juggle around and waste time, I fire the person and get in someone more committed, with a fresh sound and with a much better attitude, so who is left behind, means he is not worthy.
Obviously there are exceptions, Robin Graves worked on the project for 2 years, but then he had family commitments that took all his time available for music I was obviously sad to see him going, as he is insanely good, but hey, family is family. Same with bassist Daemoon, he was a soldier, back in Italy. He kept leaving the country to come and play with Abgott, a truly committed warrior and an outstanding musician as well, but eventually they found out what was going on and definitely the Army (being catholic based) did not like to see him to play in, what looked like a Satanic band, so he got Court Martial with arrests and then fired... Italy sucks! That was the end of Daemoon. For the rest, they either were sessions or ppl that lost their will to carry on.

How did "Fizala" come out so experimental and unconventional? What were your main influences by then?

I take this occasion to finally EXPLAIN to the entire world that:
this album is NOT based on H.P.Lovecraft at all... In fact up to that point I have never even read a story written from Lovecraft... 
The Album is based on Alaister Crowley, TOTALLY, ENTIRELY, ECUMENICALLY!!!!
Back then I was obsessed with Crowley (I guess I still am) reading about his cult and his studies of the Necronomicon,I went to search for this Tome and I found it book in a Occult specialised Roman bookshop called Eterea. The book it is said to be the originally translated version of the original version "stashed" in the Vatican City Library... written in Constantinopolis by Pissarius... I did read, loved it and used part of the text in the record...
Hence the album was so "experimental" to reflect the need of a musical translation of ancient rituals into music!
another curiosity about this record is that despite the crazy key and time signatures, constant changes of tempos and atmospheres, subliminal messages spread around the album, the hidden tracks, the Italian, Sumerian and English languages mixed together and all the backwards writing (which I was inspired to use by Impaled Nazarene), my aim was to give ppl a cold, unsettling and unnerving feeling while listening to it, well... mission accomplished, most of the feedbacks were:"dude your album gave me nightmares, last night..."
Last but not least:
The reviews for this album back then were horrible (not that I have ever cared about it as i barely look at my albums reviews)... but truly anything horrible to say about an album, well was said about this one... hahaha
Guess what:
just five years down the line a revamp of the album has seen it turning into a "milestone" of extreme metal and a uber progressive record that pushed the boundaries beyond extreme...
Bringing the record to be sought as a classic...
Pay back time I guess.
Musically, I wasn't truly inspired by anything in particular, all I remember listening at that point was Grand Declaration Of War - Mayhem, but nothing more, so maybe I got influenced here and there by that album, but not a major statement to be sure it was an influence. I have always been on single minded track an I have never relied onto any other band or other ppl sound to give life to mine. I like unicity and surely Abgott is unique. 

What are the bands that have influenced you the most?

Not a specific bands to be honest. I liked albums, tho if I have to specifically point out at BM albums:
Darkthrone - Transylvanin Hunger
Mayhem - Live in Leipzig 
Satyricon - Nemesis Divina
Emperor - Nightside Eclipse
Immortal - Blizzard Beast
Burzum - Burzum
I have never being interested in anything but albums, I do not care about bands or who is the band member... whatever.
Beside the Scandinavian Scene, I liked and still like the Metal Scene in general, so not a specific band can be called upon being the main influence.

What was your most remarkable show so far? Why?

All of them! Because every show is important, every show has got an audience and the audience matters and needs to be respected! 

What is the concept behing the "Godfather in Black?" How did the public react to the album?

Godfather in Black is autobiographical in many aspects. It has element of my past, it has element of my family businesses, it has close views on religions, and also, yes, it has element of observations on the subject of Mafia as on the subject of how anything can be a 'Godfather in Black': a priest, the prime minister, the local boss, your employer, your mother or father, yourself, your friend/enemy. What is it a Mafia? an illegal organization only? Who's the Godfather? Al Pacino or Marlone Brando? No! You have got the Godfather in yourself and around yourself!
Another aspect that has led me to discuss it as an open concept in my album and is due to the fact that I am tired of hearing Norwegians speaking of Black Metal Mafia! Mafia is not a Scandinavian thing! They use this term without realising what it does really mean, besides, Mafia hates Metal as it is a matter of disgrace and dishonour of impurity and is made of horrendous noises! If you are a Mafia Man Of Honour you repudiate Metal! As For example the Religious world considers Metal a disgrace and a loss of values.
The reaction has been great as usual. The album is nearly sold out and Abgott did not even promote the album as much as it should have done. We did not tour it as usual, we only did several festivals around UK. The results have been outstanding and Abgott truly does appreciate all the support and care it has received from the audience, promoters and media.

Are you happy with how british black metal community received Abgott?

Yes. British will always be British. With some of them all you get is "one day they like you the day after they don't as they get into something else", it is perfectly normal. Of course, there will always be revelry, but that is human... as i said billion time, please bring on your revelry, it is a pleasure to compete.

When can we expect a new release of Abgott? What's in store?

Before the end of this year we are due to release a new album and so it shall be. Expect a new direction (again) new line up, new approach, extreme and mental as usual.

Your Halloween show on the 27th October 2012 in Nambucca - London is exclusive for this year. Why? When can we expect to see Abgott live after that?

Yes, it is exclusive, because that will be the only chance for anyone that truly wants to see the band live. I do not like to saturate the scene, as way too many bands do and then end up with disinterest from the crowed. Abgott will play live more, indeed, but not in London. We have requests abroad and they are well promoted, well organized and far more interesting, then having to play, several time, the same few remaining decent venues in a city that has taken away all the good venues. Obviously, we will do a lot in UK, but not in London.

What do you think new bands should keep in mind along their journey? What is your advice?

Stop pretending to be "big" and "rockstar" cause you are definitely not, specially from a day to another. It takes hard work and a lot of commitment to reach certain stages of abilities and being recognised as such. Keep away from groupies, keep away from drugs and stop pretending making money with your music. Be real and honest with yourself as much as with the crowed and eventually you will achieve your dream. 
Dream Big, but keep your feet on the ground and work your ass off to achieve it! Be yourself and believe in yourself, before others start to believe in you.

Latest release:

Godfather in Black (2009)

Godfather in Black, the latest album released by Abgott, came out in 2009 by Helvete and Hate. 
Abgott always revealed us a Black Metal with a very throaty voice and a strong touch of progressiveness and technicality, which always distinguished them from any traditional black metal band. These tendencies are much more intense in Godfather in Black, where from times to times melody seems to fade into speedy drums and more skillful guitar riffs.
Release is composed by 15 tracks. All the album follows the same line, although interrupted by instrumental interludes. Intro is particularly obscure played in an awesome pipe organ sound. You can expect an  improvement in production, as well as a lovely dark  vampyric artwork. 

You can find more information and music of Abgott on: (under re construction)

Special thanks to Agamoth and to Dayal Patterson