Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Vreid gig in London (UK) @ Barfly (4th April 2013)

Lachryma Christi went recenlty to see Vreid at the Barfly in London (UK). For technical reasons there are no pictures on this review as there won't be pictures on the review of Endstille gig, unless you readers had taken some and want to see them posted here. 
Vreid were being supported by In Vain and Solefald, all Norwegian bands. 
Just to make clear that In Vain and Solefald have not gone unnoticed, even though the main focus of this post  is Vreid, Lachryma Christi would like to add in short words that In Vain were really nice to see live, very lively, catchy songs, old stuff and new stuff, everything very pleasant to hear even if you are not a fan, nice melodies, and sound was really good not noisy or confusing or anything like that. Solefald were even more lively than In Vain, completely different kind of thing, even "funny", but seemed to be a bit out of place compared to In Vain and Vreid styles, even though many people were there on purpose to see Solefald only really. 
Vreid were really good, much better than the previous gig in the end of 2012 at the Underworld in Camden, even though that gig was remarkable as it was a really special one. There was now at the Barfly a better choice of songs, the band seemed to be more solid and sober and strong. Maybe Welcome Farewell is actually one of the best albums to see played live, it works really well! It was really one of the best gigs Lachryma Christi has seen in the last times, very cheerful, full of good moments, just felt a bit short. When they finished playing it felt like it was just too soon and a too short gig. The only negative thing about this gig, which has nothing to do with the band performance, is that it was on a weekday, which was the reason why the venue wasn't packed maybe. Barfly is not a bad venue, it's easy to get there, so this is the only reason to justify why there were not more people to see Vreid, as they are a really good band, a gig of Vreid is always a very rocky and heavy and powerful one, and they had had much more public in other gigs before in London. 
Well, to make a summary, Lachryma Christi brought good memories and thoughts home in the end of the night. Good times!

As said before, if you want to see your pics (or even videos) of this gig posted here, just send an e-mail to 

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