Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: Demonic Slaughter's latest album "Downfall"

Polish Black Metal band Demonic Slaughter released a few days ago a new album called Downfall through Pagan Records.
The album has 8 tracks, all of them very traditional as Black Metal music. It is raw, but not the raw a.k.a. of really bad quality. This has very good quality indeed, but doesn't have any extras to make it "pretty". It is what it is and it is good for that.
There is a song which is really very catchy and melodic, which is the fifth track, called Martwa cisza. Very touching melody in fact.
All the release is very similar to what was being done in the 90's. At times it is not only aggressive and fast and furious, but also depressing and cavernous. Not a bad thing, on the opposite, makes the whole album very intense and emotional.
If you like the proper Black Metal music, very traditional and inspired in the old stuff, you should definitely listen to this. There is no female voice, there are no keyboards, there is melody, catchy riffs, fast drums, not the exaggerated ultra fast rhythms and imperceptible guitars in very high pitched tones that makes you think: what the hell is this?
So yes, this is a good album, brings good memories from old Black Metal, such is the resemblance, and also brings hope for the future.

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