Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Nahar's recent album "The Strange Inconvenience"

French Doom/Black Metal band Nahar released a few days ago through Avantgarde Music a new album called The Strange Inconvenience. It is a very strange album and even spooky at times with very scary voices and whispers. 
The album has six tracks, all of them very atmospheric and haunting, really making you feel goosebumps at times. 
The Strange Inconvenience really is a mix of Black Metal and Doom Metal. It is really heavy and fast but at parts really doomy, really slow and even more heavy with a very dragged voice which seems to be a tortured voice full of pain, and really powerful tracks. Still, there is something more than that in this album, as it is really beautiful with very melodic riffs that keep playing in your head forever. Really emotive, intense, majestic stuff.
Just some breaks in the middle of some tracks make you get out of the trance and wake up and then it becomes hard to get into it again. It is really the only negative point in the album.
There are acoustic very interesting parts in almost every song, it is very hard to chose a remarkable song as they are not very different from each other, the whole album keeps the same line.
It is good, even if you don't know the band or the album, maybe go for it, give it a go. It's strange but good.

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