Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: Massemord's new release "A Life-giving Power of Devastation"

Massemord are a Black Metal band from Poland formed in 2000. A week ago they just released a new album called A Life-giving Power of Devastation, through Pagan Records.
This is not a traditional blast beat Black Metal thing release, it has much more variety than that. The album has 9 tracks, all very different of each other, but belonging to the same universe, it it makes sense. You recognize the music as being part of a whole, but they all have their individuality. 
All songs are quite Black Metal but with a touch of doom at times, and there is also a lot of anger and aggressiveness in the voice, even drama at times. Everything sounds very great, majestic even, really strong stuff. Not the emotional kind, but the powerful kind. Just not very musical, more experimental than musical in fact.
This has been one of the hardest reviews to do, because it is all so full of varied things coming from everywhere, that makes you feel kinda punched by so many details, it is actually hard to just define it, to describe it in words.
If you just listen to it, it ends, and it plays again, and it ends and it plays again and you feel like a hurricane has passed and you need to sit and think what was it all about. In a good way. In fact, that feeling matches the title of the album!
Give it a go, you will probably like it.

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