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Interview to Wrong (ES) and short review to album "Memories of Sorrow"

Few weeks ago, Lachryma Christi got an e-mail from a Spanish Black Metal band called Wrong. Wrong just released their debut album in February 2013. You can also read a short review to it just on the bottom of the page, after the interview. 
Wrong are a very nice band, a two members band in fact, and they are doing really well. Read the following interview, so you can see what they have to tell about the band and the musicians involved.

Why the name Wrong as a name for a band? What is wrong for you?

Phlegeton is who created the band name and the whole concept. “Wrong” word refers to a state of incorrectness, inefficiency or error in many contexts. Which better name than "Wrong", in the midst of collective pessimism, for a black metal band that tells the worst human being in an uncertain future?

How do you manage to keep such a good work even only with
two members, and since the band is so recent? What has been your previous experience?

We are used to working together, we have done many projects. In the music of WRONG wanted something that suited the taste of both. We distribute the work by the following way: DP Rey composes stringed instruments, piano and post production arrangements and Phlegeton makes percussion, writes every lyrics and sings.
In 1998 Phlegeton started to play in Wormed as a singer. Later he participated in numerous bands and projects like Unsane Crisis, Banished from Inferno or Human Mincer. He has always loved Black Metal bands but only could to experiment with Godüs and Infernal where collaborated on drums.
DP Rey began in 1993 playing guitar in a Thrash Metal band from Madrid called Neverdie. He was there until the year 98. Then he began working at The YTriple Corporation. Despite playing guitar in these projects, has focused his career on composition and technical aspects of studio work. No previous experience in any Black Metal project. When really awakened his taste for this vanguard, was when he started working with Phlegeton for a couple of years.

Have you planned getting musicians to play live? Or have you done it already?

We thought about playing live but actually there isn’t anything scheduled. Of course we would have more musicians to perform. We are fortunate to meet the right people when the time comes.

What is the main concept behind Wrong?

WRONG focuses its concept on a post-apocalyptic and dystopian earth, where the few people that remain after a devastating earthquake in the core of the earth, struggling for survival in the most disheartening misery between death, sickness, wild clans, cannibalism and savagery, the vision of a dystopian and gray future where the worst stories of human decadence are narrated through obscure passages only for the wandering, abandoned and the wretched souls.

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

We wanted to tell short stories, like “Creepy” comics within this fatal universe where a major disaster has decimated most of the world population. The brutality and cannibalism has invaded remaining people. We've all seen these apocalyptic visions of the Earth in many previous visual works. For example, "Mad Max", "Eli's book" or "The Road".
What have been the most inspirational bands or artists for Wrong?

There are a lot of bands that influenced us by making "Memories of Sorrow", some to mention: Craft, Blut Aus Nord, ColdWorld, Svartidauði, Enslaved, Shining, Old-Ulver, Bethlehem, Leviathan, Darkthrone, Agalloch, Lifelover, Altar of Plagues, Drudkh, Lunar Aurora, Wolves in the Throne Room, Abyssic Hate, Isvind, Krallice, Hans Zimmer...

Which artist(s) would you like to work with and why?

Hans Zimmer. He inspire us to create dark, depressed and melancholic ambiances.

Does any of the members of Wrong have parallel projects?

Phlegeton is about to release "Exodromos", new album of Wormed. They also have closed many live shows during this year and other surprises.
The YTriple Corporation, a common project, will release this year "Medusa Megalopolis", its first full-length album.
We also work on our sound studio, Delta314 where "Memories of Sorrow" was mixed and mastered. We're expecting the release of two short films in which we worked. Also we're finalizing the creation of a soundtrack and sound effects for a video game. This things will be informed through our blog at
How has been the reaction of public to your album Memories of Sorrow?

The balance of acceptance has been generally positive. We have received by e-mail from sincere greetings to insults. The videos posted have many visitors, songs in bandcamp too and followers of social networks are increasing. We are happy.

Apart from the promotion to your album, what have you planned  next for Wrong on a short term?

We are in conversations with an important label that will release physical copies of “Memories of Sorrow”. Very soon will be available.
Record new songs is our preference now. We are working on a new album and a videoclip.
Anything you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview and thanks to all the people who have given us congratulations via social networks and have bought digital copy of “Memories of Sorrow”. We didn’t expect such a huge response. For those who have not heard the album can do so through the following links:

Debut album:

Memories of Sorrow (2013)

Memories of Sorrow is such a nice album, one of the best albums in 2013 for Lachryma Christi, even though the band is quite recent and even though this is their first album. It was a happy moment the first time this album played at Lachryma Christi and it has always been a pleasure to hear it. It is very melodic and melancholic but also very aggressive, bringing a bit of a sense of depression at times. Saying this in a good way. It has five tracks only, and sadly, as after it finishes you really want to hear more. It is amazing how two members only can bring so much musicality and sense and sobriety to these five songs, everyone should give a listen to Memories of Sorrow really. Hopefully they will bring us more of their good songs in the future. 

Line up:

Phegeton: Vocals and drums 
DP: Guitars, bass, piano and sound effects

You can find more information and music of Wrong in:

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