Saturday, April 27, 2013

News: Massemord

You can now stream the new album of Massemord called A Life-giving Power of Devastation that just came out through Pagan Records on the 12th of April on the following link:,massemord---a-life-giving-power-of-devastation,687.html

Please find a review by Lachryma Christi for the same here:

A Life-giving Power of Devastation tracklist:

01. A Devastation Giving Power of Life
02. The Deity of Ferocity
03. Towards Divine Anticlimax
04. Trophy of Wasted Breath
05. Piercing Ailing Heart of Humanity
06. We All Shall Die Miserable Death
07. A Horror To Come
08. The Stoning Malignant
09. Water of Life

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