Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Enslaved gig in London (UK) @ The Underworld (21st March 2013)

Lachryma Christi went to see Enslaved at The Underworld in Camden, London, UK, on the 21st of March. Pictures are nothing special, since they were taken with a mobile phone, as in a last minute decision, from a bad spot, and it was thanks to a tall friend, otherwise there wouldn't be pictures at all. Actually the initial plan didn't include pictures. Next gig will have better pictures though. This is a promise.
Well, it's the third time Lachryma Christi has the pleasure to see Enslaved live, and even though they always keep their mood and their thing the shows are always different, meaning it always feels better every time you see them. 
So the venue was very packed (it was actually sold out!), let's say it was very hard to find a spot where the band could actually be "seen", even though the sound was good in any area of the venue. After jumping from here to there and after being punched quite a few times, the best spot was near the exit, no matter how weird this sounds.
Enslaved brought us a night of very good memories, old and new. They played many songs of RITTIIR, but they also played old stuff like Isa, to mention one example. Everyone was very happy and cheerful from the musicians to the public, not even one of their most expected songs was dismissed. Enslaved is one of the most respected bands in the Black Metal music since a long time ago, and still the vibes are always good, and there is always a very good sense of humor. This time, Grutle Kjellson making jokes about Blackadder and singing a song of it, making everyone laugh. If you are familiar with British comedy series you know what it is all about. 
Anyway, surely no one went home disappointed. If you are a fan of old Enslaved stuff, there was old stuff. If you are a fan of the new album, there were many songs of the new album too, so no excuses. Sound was good, as said before vibes were good, songs choice was good, so let's just hope next time everything is even better!

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