Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Aborym's upcoming album "Dirty"

Italian Industrial Black Metal band Aborym will be releasing a new album through Agonia Records on the 28t of May. The album is called Dirty.
It contains two CDs. The first one consists of new material. The second one consists of re-releases, covers and a previously unreleased track performed by a host of guest-musicians along with fans of the band. This second CD will be available only on digipack, double gatefold LP and prior to release date only via Agonia Records on-line services.
Aborym are one of the most respected and acclaimed Industrial Black Metal bands, also a pioneer. This album is very awaited by the fans and surely they won't be disappointed as it is in fact a masterpiece. We all have been waiting for this album for three years now, and it is worth the wait.
The album combines the best of the Black Metal with the best of Industrial Metal. There is a very well done mix of these two styles.
Dirty offers you an splendid journey. It is really magnificent, superb, one can only find good words to describe it. It is weird, that is true, but once you start listening to it you get really hooked.
So to describe a bit more in detail what you can hear in Dirty, Lachryma Christi can tell you will be able to find lots of amazing details, an amazing combination of Black Metal riffs with Industrial and sometimes electronic sounds. The keyboards are simply amazing made of old school musical scales and really majestic and symphonic sounds and melodies such as the ones played with piano sound.
The voice is exceptional, there is the proper throaty Black Metal voice, and the clean voice, really touching and polished, so catchy and strong.
Everything is so full, so filled up with details and little changes and pieces that make you think how brainy all the compositions are, how clever, how special.

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