Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Asofy's upcoming album "Percezione"

Italian Doom/Black Metal band Asofy will be releasing a new album on the 30th of April through Avantgarde Music called Percezione.
Thankfully we don't hear the voice a lot, because it really doesn't match anything here. The music is simply amazing, full of ambient and atmosphere, really good stuff, slow, relaxed, very post Black Metalish. But the voice is just indescribable. Very weird almost like just yelling at times and not doing any effort to follow the music.
Anyway, if you can be put up with that, then just go for it.
The album has only four tracks but making a total time of 48 minutes, since as like any other Doom Metal band the songs here are longer than 10 minutes, each of them.
Musically it could really be great, as all instruments are perfectly played and there are really catchy and memorable riffs and melodies at times, but need some more originality and less obvious and predictable stuff.
This may be the shortest review ever done by Lachryma Christi but seriously there is not much more to say.

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