Monday, April 1, 2013

Gig in London (UK): Vreid (NOR) + Solefald (NOR) + In Vain (NOR) - 4th April 2013

As you know, or as you should know, next Thursday, the 4th of April, there will be a gig in London, at the Barfly in Camden featuring three Norwegian bands: Vreid, who recently released a new album called Welcome Farewell, and who play a very good Black 'n' Roll; Solefald, who play a Post - Black Metal; and In Vain, who play Death/Black Metal and who also released a new album called Ænigma.
This will be the first of the shows of the Fire Walk With Me tour, that will happen through Europe in April. See image below for more information.
And be there!

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