Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: THAW's debut album "THAW"

Polish Experimental Black Metal band THAW just released few days ago their debut album called THAW through Avantgarde Music.
Well, Lachryma Christi has to confess that this is an AWESOME album, even though the expectations were not that high as "experimental" always makes one think "spooky, let's see". But this is really really good. Album has seven tracks, and it is a strange one, but really good. Let's say, it has a good dose of Experimentalism but not the noisy kind. Well, there is the noise, there has to be in the experimental music always, the healthy noise, the hugely distorted sounds and repetitive riffs and rhythms, but it is not the kind of thing that after a couple of songs makes you think "really can't listen to this anymore". The songs are good, the initiative is good, everything is very welcome to the ears and very pleasant to hear, to make it redundant on purpose so everyone gets it. Unexpected things happen and appear through the album, but they are pleasant surprises.
However, this is not only experimental, there is also of course the proper Black Metal side of the thing, which is also very good, let's say the vocals has an amazing voice, really perfect in every way in every song. Really nice release for a debut album of a band many of you maybe have never heard of before, unless you are Polish as in their country they are a respected and also well known band already. 
After so many compliments, maybe you will think this is an exaggeration of a review, but it is not. If you don't believe it, get the album and listen to it yourself.

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