Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Furia's latest mini-album "W melancholii"

Polish Black Metal band released in March a new album called W melancholii through Pagan Records. It is a mini-album as it consists in two songs. All together makes around 18 minutes.
It is very special, very introspective, very atmospheric and doom. You can even hear accordion at parts, which gives an even more special touch to it all. It is very relaxing, almost post Black Metal in fact, if we can put it that way.
Both songs are very "Furia style", if you know their previous releases. But W melancholii is so sober and at the same time so experimental, it's hard to come to one only word about it. It is very groovy, very modern, which is a weird word to use. Very obscure as well.
If you heard their previous stuff, you can expect this to be automatically recognizable as Furia, but very special and different, not as fast or furious or heavy as for example the previous album called Marzannie, Królowej Polski.
The only negative point about W melancholii: It will not cheer you up if you are down, or make you have happy thoughts if you are depressed. It will make you think deeply about what you are going through instead, so chose the best time to listen to it, but definitely do it.

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