Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: Control Human Delete's upcoming album "The Prime Mover"

Dutch Industrial Black Metal band Control Human Delete are releasing a new album called The Prime Mover on the 6th of May, through Code666. This will be the second album of the band and it contains 7 tracks.
This album has been labeled as post Black Metal but for Lachryma Christi there is not much of post in there. it is properly Black Metal, with a great touch of industrial and electronic sounds. Sometimes it gets noisy, but it's a healthy noise, it's not something that bothers you, it is something that completes the songs, it's part of it and actually fits very well.
Guitars distortion couldn't sound better, it is really full and strong. 
Every song is replete of details, very interesting ones in fact. When you are listening to the album you really can notice all the little things that make the whole sound, it is really very complete.
There are two songs that are a bit different from the rest of the album, One of them is called Shapeshifting and is a lot more electronic and industrial than the others. The other one is the following track, called Earth-like Behavior, which is all more doomish and heavy. 
However, all songs have atmospheric elements, it is a very intense album, very good really. Not catchy but powerful and very emotional.

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