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Interview: Mysticum (NOR)

Sixteen years after releasing their album, In The Streams of Inferno, Mysticum are back! Yes, the band from Norway who inspired so many bands we all listen nowadays, the band who released the Black Magic Mushrooms song is currently working on a new album. Lachryma Christi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Prime. Keep reading, if you want to know what he has to say!

Why the name Mysticum?

At a point in time in the early nineties where our experimenting and use of different substances were at it’s high we had many good and bad experiences which got us thinking about who we were etc. The name Mysticum came to us from beyond and suited us perfectly. It also have an universal code wich is incredible strong.
Mysticum already have around 20 years (you started in 1991 right?) of existence. What can you tell about all these years? How have things been for the band?
Yes I think that was the time. We went different ways with our lives and really met into trouble managing to synch up for rehearsals, members got jobs, families etc. The last thing we did as you all know was releasing one song ‘Black Magic Mushrooms’ for the split “7 single with the Norwegian thrash metal band Audiopain. We even had problems getting synched in Sverre’s studio (Fiasco Studio) where we recorded the song. After this things slowly turned away but not totally gone because we knew that some point of time we had to release at least one album, Planet Satan.
What bands have inspired you the most?
Actually we are not inspired by any band at all, but we listened to a lot of different genres like Punk, Hardcore, Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Grind Core, Death Metal and of corpse our favorite genre Black Metal at that time.

Some sources say that Hellhammer joined you for half an year but that he left because human drummer didn't work out. Other sources say that he could actually do it. What's true in here?
It is true that we rehearsed with Hellhammer for about a half year more or less. It was hard for coming to Oslo each time we needed to rehearse and usally ended up drinking so it was not a good choice. We thought that drum machining was cooler because we had ideas that was to hard to do with live drums and decided to go back and start using drum machine again and play in a rehearsal studio we got offered in Asker. Yes, Hellhammer managed to play our songs the way they where programmed.
What is your relationship with drugs when you are composing?
We did not use drugs while composing except THC and that may have slowed things down a bit, hehehe..
So you say that "66,6% of Mysticum is hanging out and making drums for new songs." How is it going? When can we expect some new album coming out? Anything else you want to tell to your followers?
I see this interview should have been done a LONG time ago and we are sorry about that. This you got from a Facebook statement a couple of months or more back, hehe. But we are nearly done with three new songs which are totally awesome and they are in the true old Mysticum vein stick to the core. If you liked our lates song you will guaranteed like the new ones just as much.                                                                                                            It's now 16 soon 17 years since we made our album and in 2002 we released another song on a split single with Audiopain, since that time our lifes has changed a whole lot because we went different ways and met each other again sixteen years later with pretty much the same idea for composing. The music is still the same when we’re composing but as we have said before it’s now up to date with today’s technology. If we want to do some things in a different way we can’t think about that we need to please any following cult. Mysticum is not following anybody. First of all we create what We like the best and when we create music we create hell. Mysticum is about making energy in form of dark music and visuals we make music to please our self.

Welcome to Hell!

Cerastes / General
Prime Evil / Ravn
Dr. Best / Mean Malmberg

Latest releases:

In The Streams of Inferno (Full-Length 1996)

Black Magic Mushrooms / The Habit of Fear (Split with Audiopain 2003)

Lost Masters of the Universe (Compilation 2004)

You can find more information and music of Mysticum in:

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