Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News: Von

Black Metal band from USA just released their debut album which is called Satanic Blood, and was recorded at Von Studios, Arizona.
Sources say that Watain gave the name to the band after they heard the song Watain from Von, on their 1992 demo with the same name.
This song was re-recorded and included on the new album, and you can listen to it on the following website:


And you can order a copy of Satanic Blood here:

Satanic Blood tracklist:

01. Jesus Stain
02. Devil Pig
03. Venien
04. Release
05. Veadtuck
06. Vennt
07. Evisc
08. Goat Christ
09. Dissection InHuman
10. Chalice of Blood
11. Blood Von
12. Christfire
13. Backskin
14. Watain
15. Blood Angel
16. Lamb
17. Satanic Blood
18. Satan (*Bonus CD Track)
19. Litanies of Von (*Bonus CD Track)

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