Monday, October 22, 2012

News: Blodarv

Black Metal band from Denmark, Blodarv, are about to release their fourth album Gâst. The album is supposed to come out in early December, and will be available in two versions on Self Mutilation Services: there will be a regular CD format, and a limited edition in A5 format, with a different artwork, but both will have a 16 page booklet with lyrics.

You can listen to the song Surrounded By Dust, from the same album, on the following link:

A "Gâst", In the Bornholmsk (Burgundian) dialect of Bornholm (Danish island), is a type of a ghost demon or energy that possesses a mortal and inspires them like a muse, with visions, stories, smells, sounds, emotions and pictures. 

Gâst tracklist:

01. Indelukket
02. A Snowy Night In November
03. I Blaek Og Blod
04. Korset Paa Baalet
05. The Heart Of Art
06. Lonely Journey
07. Surrounded By Dust
08. Into The Halls Of Orion

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