Monday, October 15, 2012

Review to Phyrexia's debut album "Death on Red Wings"

Phyrexia are a six piece self described "Epic Extreme Metal" from London, UK. Playing live since 2008 only, they sound as they have played live together forever. Always very powerful, coordinated, energetic and refreshing.
Following Epic World Annihilation (EP- 2010) and Children of the Dawn (EP - 2011), finally there's their first album called Death on Red Wings. Production is very good. Phyrexia always showed they are not a traditional Black Metal band. As you will notice on this new album, they mix Black Metal with Death Metal and there is also a touch of progressiveness on it, especially on the guitar riffs. Also there is a huge amount of melody in the songs, very inspiring, and easy to listen to. Don't expect the traditional strings sound on the keyboards, but a nice old organ sound in mostly of the songs, as well as a very introspective instrumental song played on piano, called Ophelia. The voice is also a mix of varied styles in the most extreme metal genres. 
In this album you can find 10 tracks revealing the material Phyrexia have been working on in their first 4 years of existente (2007-2011). If you have seen them live you will obviously recognize some of the tracks, because they really seem to keep playing inside your head since the first time you listen to them.
Phyrexia again show the world how it is possible to be a bit more varied and still have quite a lot of followers from the Black Metal community.

Lachryma Christi takes the opportunity to repost their press material for the album:

"WE NEED YOUR HELP! The album is now available to pre-order. The money we receive from the pre-orders will go directly into funding the first edition print of the album, new shirts, etc. You can help fund our album HERE!

So what do you get in return for your help? We will personally thank you in the album sleeve - your name will be printed in ink because you were there from the start. Furthermore, the album is your ticket to our album launch show, organised by us for a date and venue tba (we're looking at late Summer). FREE Entry to our album launch!

Thanks for your support!
- Dan, Vicki, Elliot, Paul, Tom and Simon"

You can find more information and music of Phyrexia on the following websites:

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