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Interview: Buio (ITA)

Today, Lachryma Christi wants to introduce you to a very peculiar one man band. This band is called Buio, and this man is called Count Morgul, and he is from Italy. Buio released the Demo I (interestingly instrumental only) and Count Morgul is currently working on Demo II already. He thinks Black Metal is not only music but also a journey, a way of living. Let's see what else he has to tell us.

What does Buio mean?

 Buio is a spell,a spirit from an ancient unknown age. Buio means "Obscurity", "Darkness", in its purest form.

Why is it only an instrumental project? Why have you not included voices on it?

"Demo I" was recorded during January to June 2012. All songs were written before this year and at the beginning I wrote also lyrics, but during realization I decided to not include vocals.
This was because my microphone was not so good and the quality was really "raw".

Your Demo I was totally issued by yourself, since the songs, to the recordings and cases for copies (apart from the artwork cover, right?) How does it feel to have your own work totally done by you? And why did you do it that way?

When I finished recording this demo, I started to decide the publishing. I usually do all by myself in my life, without no one around me, the "solitary" way.
Initially I realized an artwork (totally made by me) with trees, mist, marshes and dark tones, but when all the cases where done I chose a drawing of the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen.
I chose it because  for me it has definite meanings.The most important thing to say about my mentality is one:
Buio is a personal "essence", during recordings and realization I must be alone. Also when I write lyrics I'm alone.
The feelings are unique, bleak. That's why I do all in this way.

Still about your Demo I, why only 30 copies?

My demo is not for everyone, to understand it you must leave this plane of perception. The 30 hand numbered copies are strongly related to this concept.
I received e-mails from people who asked me to send them a copy, now, after 15 days from the printings, some of them hadn't received an answer.
The reason is simple, you might understand it from my words.

What are your main influences? Is it wrong to say Burzum is one of them?

The first influences of Buio's music are my visions transformed in music, all is ruled by this. When night arrives I usually don't sleep and I can feel the essence of darkness embracing me, my mind is within her. Also the mystical woods of my town are special for me,they are silent and obscure. Through the trees shadows and feelings combined with them. Musically my first influence is Burzum, as you said in the question...
("Det Som Engang Var", "Burzum" and "Aske"). But other (Not so marked) influences came from Forgotten Woods.

What does Black Metal mean to you? As music and as concept.

Black Metal is a form of life, a complex philosophy to understand in all its ways. For me is not only music, I can compare it with a journey.
This obscure path is here and I'm walking on it, enshrouded in my darkness. A wanderer on the steps of the ancients. But, there is another thing to say... Some have forgotten its meaning, what it was in the beginning. You can see a group of so called "poser" who plays black metal only for mood, destroying it. I wish to see them lost in this path, lost in this journey that does not belong to them. Buio is here for this.

As your songs have no lyrics, what do you mean to transmit to your followers through your songs?

Sensations of Sorrow and Hate, my songs are supposed to be listened in total darkness, alone.
Hear the notes, keep your mind silent and start your journey into total obscurity. Let Buio become your
instrument for dreams and perceptions.

You are currently working on your new demo, what can we expect of it? Will you keep it instrumental only?

My next demo is supposed to be released during the cold month of January 2013. I'm working upon the songs since June of this year and I've also included some old pieces wrote 2 and 3 years ago. I bought a new microphone and this time you can hear my voice. If you liked my first demo, check out my new production.
I will surely print only 30 or 40 copies of it, doing everything by myself, staying alone in my dungeon. Only chosen people will receive it.

How do you see the future for Buio? 

The future of Buio is releated to me, it is my essence. That's all, no other words must be used.

Any last message you want to leave?

Until now, no one has understood the essence of pure darkness, since the ancient times human race had
forgotten the meanings of this word. Let your spirits touch it...
Finally,thanks for the interview and interest!

(All photos are courtesy of Count Morgul)


"Demo I" (2012)

 There are only 30 copies of this demo. Everything was done by Count Morgul, apart from the artwork of the cover,  The copies are hand-numbered and were distributed only by special people. Last song is more clean than the others but in all of them you can expect a clear influence of Burzum. It's a very atmospheric work, very raw and very similar to what used to be done many years ago in Black Metal, but that is so rare to happen nowadays. It's an instrumental demo, but next work should have vocals. 
It should be very hard, if not impossible to get a copy of Demo I but if you like atmospheric Black Metal, very influenced by nature and dark feelings, you would like this work for sure.

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