Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Shining's latest album "8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd"

As probably mostly of you already know, Swedish band Shining released a new album in September, through Dark Essence Records. The album is called 8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd and is a very special one.
8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd has 6 tracks. Why is it special? Because it has re-issues that are not simply re-issues, but different versions and also because this album has guest appearances of varied vocals such as Famine, Attila Csihar, Pehr Larsson, Gaahl, Maniac and Kvarforth himself.
8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd is like a retrospective on Shining stuff which kind of brings a new perspective and a new life to the songs. It is really aggressive, dragged, suffered, dark, even obscure.
If you are a fan of Shining, get this masterpiece, it is really inspiring and introspective, makes you think. A lot. Really impressive, very good. Lachryma Christi got speechless after listening to it. It is incredibly strong and passionate. Full of emotions and anger and pain. Honestly, get it now!

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