Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Code's upcoming album "Augur Nox"

British band Code are releasing a new album called Augur Nox trough Agonia Records in November.
Lachryma Christi is impressed with this work, in a very good way. Good stuff. Awesome melodies, so majestic, so strong, so big.
It is definitely quite heavy, quite Black Metalish, but also very progressive.
Can't really describe this album as Black Metal only, but it mixes bits of Black Metal with the post Black Metal and Avant Garde thing and the progressive metal.
Voice is almost as clean as dragged and throaty, really good, really expressive and emotional.
It is a good journey, good and full of feeling and experiments, so try and listen to it, it will be a good travel.
Hard to find this kind of music, especially when it is so good.
There are too many bands trying to play a different Black Metal and doing it in an horrible way, but Code are thankfully not included in those. They are really good and this album is the proof.
Sadly you can't end your Monday evening with this good surprise, but it is a short wait now, on the 19th of November it should come out and you can see for yourselves!

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