Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Ewigkeit's latest album "Back to Beyond"

Last August, British Black Metal band Ewigkeit released a new album. After waiting 8 years for a new album, we can now feel delighted with this new album called Back to Beyond.
It has 8 tracks and is one of the best albums for 2013 for Lachryma Christi. It is really full, really emotional, goosebumps everywhere really.
It is really melodic, has a throaty and dragged voice but also a clean voice singing amazing beautiful catchy melodies. Really, in two words: very good!
It's not everyday that Lachryma Christi is surprised by amazing stuff like this, it is really good to know that Britain still has good artists like Ewigkeit. For those who don't know, Ewigkeit is a one man band. Well, Mr. Fog should be proud of what he did here, because this is truly amazing.
If you like experimental Black Metal with melodies and pretty stuff, this is for you. No regrets, that's a promise. So go for it, it deserves to be heard, loved and shared.
Artwork cover is great, really "hot" and full of feelings.

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