Wednesday, October 30, 2013

News: Sarkom

As you know, Dark Essence Records released recently the new album of Sarkom called Doomsday Elite. Well, now they are also releasing the first two albums of the band Aggravation of Mind and Bestial Supremacy. In fact it happened two days ago, on the 28th of October.
Originally released through Twilight Vertrieb label (which doesn't exist anymore), these albums are now almost impossible to get and will initially be available digitally, before an eventual release in CD format at an as yet unspecified date. Both will come with revised artwork, and are available from all the usual digital retailers as well as direct from Dark Essence Records at:

01. Bloodstains on the Horns
02. Embraced You Shall Be
03. Alpha – Omega
04. The Chosen One
05. Aggravation of Mind’s Syndrome
06. Inside the Memories
07. Passion for Suicide
08. Cryptic Void

1. Inferior Bleeding
2. I Call Your Name
3. Bestial Supremacy
4. Infected
5. Parallel to a Wall of Fire
6. Symbolic Revulsion
7. Artificial
8. Revival of Torment
9. Crushing the Retrospective Dominions
10. Finalizing Sovereignty

And for those who don't know, Sarkom was the first band to be confirmed for the next year’s Hammerslag Festival in February.

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