Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Gehenna's upcoming album "Unravel"

So 8 years later Norwegian Black Metal band Gehenna are finally releasing a new album. It will come out in the next few days, October 14th worldwide (October 11th G/A and Norway).
The album is called Unravel and is full of hate. Really aggressive. It has 8 tracks, all of them really strong and angry, even doomish at times, really dragged and furious.
Even though this is a Black Metal album, don't expect any extremely fast rhythms or catchy guitar riffs full of melancholic melodies, that is just not going to happen all the time. Unravel is much more dark and heavy and if you are expecting something really traditional you won't probably understand this album. It is really powerful and full of blackness in every detail of each song.
So basically, this Gehenna were a great acquisition for Indie Recordings and this is a great album from a great band. If you are one of those who have been waiting since 2005, just go for it, it is good and you will certainly like it. Hopefully next time Gehenna won't leave us waiting for such a long time and more works like this will come!
Also important to mention, the artwork cover. It is simply amazing, have a look at it below!


  1. I agree with the review and, damn, how I love the production !!!
    I received it this morning and I just can't get enough ! There are sick parts in each and every songs... Especially the slowest ones.
    Definitely worth the long wait !!!