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Interview with Archaic Winter (USA)

Archaic Winter are a Black Death Metal  band based in the USA, although their singer is from Peru. They released this year their second album called Esoteric Doors through Warhell Records.
This is a two member band and both Greg Maupin and Luis Landeo participated on Lachryma Christi's interview. Let's see what they have to say.

 Why Archaic Winter as a name? What do you want to tell the world through that name? How did the band started?

Greg Maupin: The band started as a solo “studio” project. I wanted to play music that is much different than the music I play in my other bands. The band is a combination of words that represents my interests. I love old and ancient things and ways of life. I love the time in man’s history before technology evolved into what it is today and that is where the word “Archaic” comes from. And winter is my favorite time of the year. So, the name became Archaic Winter.

How has your journey been? You have been around since 2006, how do you see your progress?

Greg Maupin: Well, the journey has been good. Not a lot to mention really.

How does the composing process work for you?

Greg Maupin: I write all the music, one riff at a time. I then send the song to Luis and he writes the lyrics. I mix and master everything.

Luis Landeo: Yeah, I write the lyrics.

What are your lyrics about?

Luis Landeo: Lyrics are about dark things, some about: Armaggedon, others about Black Magic, the devil, alchemy, the antichrist. I took inspiration in the things i can read and i know for own experiences. I like work my lyrics like a storyteller to help Archaic Winter have more compenetration with our listeners. A good example about it are my lyrics: “Hails To Baphomet”, “I am The New Antichrist”, “Ophiucus (Sign Of Evil)” and “Left Hand Path”.
“Hails To Baphomet”: Is about a wizard make a deal with satan in a rite in the evil midnight.
“I am The New Antichrist”: This is my favourite one, but is about the megalomaniacal personality of the antichrist, a real pretty sick story.
“Ophiucus (Sign Of Evil)”: Is a lyric about an alchemist waiting have the power and secrets to find: The Philosopher Stone, and well is a complete story with dark situations.
“Left Hand Path”: This lyric is about a hidden society, is about wizard lives in our society but we don’t know about them, but they are there (laughs), they have deals with demons to find the eternal wisdom.

All my lyrics are horror stories to our Black Death Metal, and I like work of  this way.

Does any of the members have any side project?

Greg Maupin: I am also in a band called Agony Divine. I do not consider it a side project. It is a band that I was in before Archaic Winter. But we never recorded a full length but hopefully we will record our first album this coming year.

Where do you get the inspiration?

Luis Landeo: Like I said before I take inspiration in dark situations things are involve in darkness, horror stories. For example I take inspiration reading books like: The Byble, ancient grimoires, southamerican horror stories, old movies and some experiences of the reality involve my city, I am not saying my city: Piura, is a city of wizards but is an esoteric place, a lot people are involve in magical arts of some way but is ok because if you read Peruvian history you will find north Peruvian cultures like: Mochicas, Chimus and Vicus, was very involve in dark magical rites many of this rites was bloody rites (red magic). But the Peruvian black magic is a mix of pre Hispanic rites mixed with African and European rites of magic, but this is for a long conversation you know. But remember the inspiration always came from dark sides of our sick minds (laughs)

 What are your favourite artists?

Greg Maupin: I am an old school guy. I love bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Dio, Immortal, Celtic Frost, Coroner and many others.

Luis Landeo: My favorite bands are: Immortal, Behexen, Negator, Ektomorf, Chimaira, Nuclear Desecration, Dawn Of Azazel, Anal Vomit, Carnage Of Children, Mortem, Morbid Angel, Arkhon Infaustus, Lamb Of God, Soulfly, Vlad, Metallica, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Darkthrone, Papa Roach, Sybreed, Vader, Unblessed, Iron Maiden, Chimaira, Dissection, Rotting Christ, 1349, Belzec, Undercroft, Deicide and the sexy girl was singer in Cerebral Bore: Simone Pluijmers (she is so hot!!!).

How has the reaction of the public been to your recent album Esoteric Doors?

Luis Landeo: It was great, first was released in Italian label: Warhell Records, the reaction was great we got a lot good reviews and people bought our album and we got a lot downloads, so we feel us great with it, we hope release a new album or Ep and maybe play in live in the future.

What else would you like to add to this interview? Any message to your fans?

Luis Landeo: Guys keep the flame of Metal, fight for your dreams, never give up, listen: Archaic Winter music, very soon we will have more surprises for you, and thats all for now!!!

Greg Maupin: Many thanks to everyone for the support. Please check us out and feel free to contact us. Don't ever give up and stay metal for life!

Line up:

Greg Maupin - Drum programming, Guitars, Bass (2006-present)
Luis Landeo - Vocals (2012-present)

Latest release:

Esoteric Doors (2013)

You can find more information and music of Archaic Winter in:

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