Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Tsjuder's re-release "Desert Northern Hell"

Last month, Norwegian Black Metal band just re-released Desert Northern Hell through Season of Mist. This album was originally released in 2004. 
It's a very fast and heavy album, very obviously Black Metal style but also a bit noisy even though this is one of the best albums of Tsjuder.
You can find an interview with Tsjuder by Lachryma Christi here:
This re-release has the same 9 tracks and also 4 live tracks as bonus. One of them is a cover of The Gate of Nanna, originally from Beherit, a very significant song in the Black Metal scene. Many bands have covered this song but this may be one of the best covers ever made and quality is surprisingly good. Actually all live songs in this record have very good quality, very clear and easy listening. 
Desert Northern Hell is available in CD and Bonus DVD, or LP and Bonus DVD and dropcard. DVD is the Norwegian Apocalypse DVD. So this is a very good release altogether.
If you like typical Black Metal music, proper Norwegian Black Metal, go for Desert Northern Hell

Desert Northern Hell tracklist:

01. Malignant Coronation
02. Ghoul
03. Possessed
04. Lord of Swords
05. Helvete
06. Mouth of Madness
07. Unholy Paragon
08. Sacrifice
09. Morbid Lust
10. Primeval Fear (live)
11. Daemons Journey (live)
12. Beyond the Grave (live)
13. The Gate of Nanna (live)

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