Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Old Forest's latest album "Tales of the Sussex Weald"

For those who don't know, Old Forest are a British Black Metal band formed in 1998. After releasing their first album they disappeared for seven years. Then they decided to reform, and to release something which was supposed to be a trilogy of 3 EPs, but in the meanwhile it became a full-length of 13 tracks, called Tales of the Sussex Weald, which explores the stories and legends of Sussex region. It was released through British label Death to Music Productions.
Artwork cover shows us something like a mask of a mythical character and the background is all in red. It's a very catchy image, and it has a 8 page bootleg. All the look of it is very interesting. You can have a look at the cover on the image below.
If it already looks promising, wait until you hear it. It is a very good album, very rich with majestic compositions and additional amazing elements.
Tales of the Sussex Weald sounds a lot like old stuff from the 90's that rarely appear nowadays, sadly. Everything is very full, pleasant, with a very strong presence, reminding us of Emperor and even old Bathory at times.
It is mainly Black Metal, but also has sort of rock passages, and a very Burzumish guitar line in all the album. Keyboards are also present and also very varied but atmospheric at the same time.
The all album  is very motivating and inspiring, very expressive, very emotional and profound, everyone should give a go to this guys and listen to them carefully as they have a lot to offer.
You can download the album on the link below, but Lachryma Christi suggests you to buy it.

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