Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review to Todtgelichter's upcoming album "Apnoe"

Todtgelichter, Avant-garde Black Metal band from Germany are releasing a new album in April through Code666 Records called Apnoe. For those who don't know the band, they formed in 2002 and already released three albums (and one demo and one compilation). The biggest difference between Apnoe and the previous albums is that old albums were all much heavier and more into the traditional Black Metal line. Apnoe is much more into what they are currently labeled as: Avant-garde Black Metal. You will not find the usual aggressiveness and heaviness of previous albums (even though Angst from 2010 was already less Black Metalish). This is an extremely emotive album, very powerful, very intense. Some bands want desperately to get into the trendy post metal and post rock and post this and that trend (sadly, for some that is only a trend), but some others do it naturally and it actually works out well. And this second case is the case of Todtgelichter. This is a very good piece, very strong tunes, amazing melodies, all instruments working for the same, there is no space for doubts about what they are doing here. 
Apnoe has 10 tracks and it is very hard to highlight one song or two, amazing as all of them are. Female voice suits very well (which is already a result). It's not depressive or sad or anything, even if calm, relaxed and introspective.
Artwork cover is very simple, you can have a look at it below.
So yeah, if you are into the (trend of) post metal stuff, or if you really like to give a chance to different things, give a listen to these guys, album is really very good and certainly you will not regret. It's only one month away!

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