Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Riul Doamnei's recently released EP "A Christmas Carol"

This is one of the most special releases Lachryma Christi ever reviewed. Italian Symphonic Black Metal band Riul Doamnei released, after a turbulent period, an EP with one track, called A Christmas Carol.
You can watch the official video for this eleven movements track here:

This track is based on Charles Dickens' classic novel and features singer Cadaveria.  
So if you know the story, its easier for you to get into the whole haunting thing and the Christmas ghosts. Otherwise, you will probably find it a bit harder to understand it, but surely you will get there. And while you don't, you can just appreciate the resplendent and regal work these boys can do!
This is a masterpiece, really very different from anything any band of the kind had done. Very symphonic, atmospheric, touchy, melodious, vivid and deep. You may find it a bit Cradle of Filthish at times, especially in the voice, but there is nothing wrong with that. 
There are many spooky noises in the middle, many dragged voices, many acoustic guitars and sounds, all very perfectly combined, a very good work really. Christmas is long gone but it is never too late to listen to this release!

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