Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Aosoth's Upcoming album IV: An Arrow in Heart

Aosoth, French Black Metal band will be releasing a new album on the 16th of April called IV: An Arrow in Heart through Agonia Records. Sadly this album was a proper arrow in the heart, and not in a romantic way. Maybe expectations were just too high, or maybe this album isn't really as good as hoped.
If you are into the normal Black Metal thing with fast drums and constant irksome guitar riffs, you will certainly like this album. Same tones, similar riffs, same rhythms, same voice in all tracks. If you hear one song of the album, you will know how all the others will sound, there's nothing new to offer in here.
Maybe the track Under Nails & Fingertips is the different one as it is almost doomish but still, there is no motivation when listening to it. The track Broken Dialogue 1 has some acoustic elements, which enrich the whole thing a bit but still doesn't add anything to the album.
This has definitely been one of the hardest reviews to do as even after digging the whole album some times, there were no remarkable passages or catchy movements to highlight.
It is coming out in a month, so please listen to it, and draw your own conclusions. Don't ever let yourself be influenced by a review whether it is good or bad. Opinions will always be individual and who knows, perhaps you will find this a good album!

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