Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review to Tomorrowillbeworse's latest album "Down the Road of Nothing "

Recently some post-Black Metal album from a british band just was dropped in Lachryma Christi's inbox. The band is called Tomorrowillbeworse and the album is called Down the Road of Nothing. It came out last month through Depressive Illusions Records.
Seems like the post rock and post Black Metal scenes are developing and growing quite a lot. This album is not that obvious though, it still carries many influences and elements of Black Metal, not being that much post after all.
Down the Road of Nothing has nice tracks, all of them very Black Metalish whether this was the purpose of the band or not. 
You can expect the normal blastbeats so characteristic of Black Metal and extreme music in general. You can also expect the throaty dragged and furious voice, and you can expect cavernous guitar riffs. The biggest difference between this and a normal Black Metal work is that this one is much more bassy, more melodic, and with many acoustic elements mixed and well blended. It is good, calm, relaxed, doomish at times, easy to get into, the kind of thing you listen to at any time and in any situation and when the CD is over you play it again. There is an intro, short one, with ambient/noise sounds you never figure out what they are, but it suits as introduction for the album itself. 
It is very chilled out besides the fast Black Metal rhythms that come frequently, it's pleasant, also groovy at times, good for the mind and for the soul.

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