Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Imperium Dekadenz's recent album "Meadows of Nostalgia"

German Black Metal band Imperium Dekadenz released a new album last week called Meadows of Nostalgia, through Season of Mist.
So, to start it well (a review to an album like this could only start well anyway!), this is one of the best albums that ever reached Lachryma Christi. It's amazingly heavy, melodic, emotional, strong, genuine, beautiful, atmospheric, majestic.
It is very hard not to like this album. It has nine tracks, being the 5th track instrumental and acoustic.
It's amazing how these two men can work it out so perfectly, this is a good example of how skilled and professional they are. This is so far one of the best albums for 2013 for Lachryma Christi, even though we are only in March.
Songs are all very rhythmic and melodic, voice is just perfect and utterance is very good, understandable.
There is a calm and a pace, so hard to not follow, everything falls well in time and place, no misunderstandings. Very Black Metalish, but very catchy and full of interesting details and melodies, a bit melancholic at times, which translates well the title of the album Meadows of Nostalgia.
Guitars are very well aligned, there is a huge dose of coherency in all the songs, everything blends naturally, it is really well planned and shaped, result!
Everyone into Black Metal should definitely go for this album, it is very good, deserves to be shared as much as possible, so go for it and you will not regret!

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