Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Bismi Iblyss' demo "The Dark Shadow ov Al Ghargaragh"

Bismi Iblyss is a Black Metal band from Malaysia. They released their demo called The Dark Shadow ov Al Ghargaragh in 2012, which is a good work, despite the very raw quality. They would benefit much more if the quality was better.
This demo contains five tracks and they are all very fast, heavy, raw and melodic. Sounds a lot like Black Metal from the 90's, very good melodies. Voice is different though, even a bit distorted, but also a good match for this kind of sound.
There is a lot of darkness and occult stuff on the lyrics and also in the music itself, reminding good bands that don't exist anymore, sadly.
Even not knowing if the raw production was intentional, that's really the only bad point on this demo, which makes things a bit hard to understand at times.
Even after a few problems and after some changes of logo and name and lineup as well, Bismi Iblyss are here to show they deserve to be heard, and they surely do!

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